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From any part of the editor, press <<start>> on XBOX, or <<options>> on PS4, <<variable>> on PC. This will bring up the context menu that lets you access the viewing screen, mock battle, and music settings, and this menu now also includes three toggles for turning damage to equipment (high, mid, and low) on and off.


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"Adjustments were made primary to behaviour that hindered intentional mindgames. Hitboxes for vertical attacks were adjusted to make them easier to evade with an 8-way run, and instances in which horizontal attacks could be evaded by moving to the side were reduced, among other changes".

All praise Lord Okubo! No more verizontals!

Rusted Blade

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Ah I've got it, thanks.
No problemo. ;)

Ah I see. Will boot up ps4 later to see if the patch is live. Unless anyone can confirm they already got it?
2.21 live on all systems, though regions may very well vary.

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Some interesting biography of Setsuka from the official SC6 website. Confirms that Setsuka is half-Portuguese, half Japanese