Soulcalibur V coming as a Digital Download!

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Namco just announced today that Soulcalibur V will be coming as a digital download to both Playstation Network and Xbox Live this Tuesday on April 23. Though this shouldn't really matter since everyone reading this message on this website should already have a copy of the game!

The game will be available at a discounted price at $19.99. So if you haven't picked it up yet, this would be a great time to do so... especially if you don't have it for both consoles. In Europe as well, there will be a "Legendary Edition" for 29.99 which features the game and all available DLC.
SOULCALIBUR™V is coming to Xbox® Live Games on Demand and PlayStation®Store!

The latest entry in the premier weapons-based head-to-head fighting series continues with the epic struggle of warriors in search for the legendary Soul Swords.

SOULCALIBUR™V will be available for 19.99€/19.99$ in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Australasia for download on April 23rd, 2013 on Xbox® LIVE Games on Demand.
It will be available on the PlayStation®Network for 19.99€/19.99$, on April 23rd for North America and on April 24th for Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Australasia.
In addition to the stand-alone version of SoulCalibur V is coming to Xbox® LIVE Games on Demand and via the PlayStation®Network, an exclusive SOULCALIBUR™V: Legendary Edition will also be available for download in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia for download for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system for 29.99€.

The Legendary Edition includes the full game, plus the additional character Dampierre and the downloadable costumes and armor sets.
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Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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They call it legendary edition, lol.

Perfect example of the inflationary use of the word legendary.

Also the download for the "legandary edition "is 29,99 Euros in Europe according to the FB page. You get dampierre who everyone got free here anyway since Namco handed out hundreds of codes and some shitty costumes.

Did i mention the standard game is only 19 Euros on amazon? Physical copy? So its only 10 Euros more expensive than the real copy. Jesus. BUT YEAH DAMPIERRE. Good deal.

Legendary mindblowing.
you say 'acknowledge'... But I see 'spit on'. Strange... Well look how this is turning out too... Somehow I told you so just doesn't quite say it.
What's the hypest, best match I could show my friends in the hope to tempt them to buy this game?

Preferably not a ghetto cam.
Well, my cam isn't totally unghetto, but go into the Media section and look up the matches from Final Round; specifically, kAb vs RTD, or RTD vs Mateo.
so SCV with all DLCs, Dampierre and Armor sets will be not in North American as a digital download? aww, man! i like Armor sets since one of them is a dual color (White Knight)
i would sooooo love a vita version..... i would add it to my fighting game cololeccion on my vita mk9,blaze blue, mvc3, Doa5 and guilty gear on its way
I've been wanting a Vita version for a long time since I'm mostly never home. I could travel all I want and still kick ass :p

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