Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread


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@DanteSC3 Do you have any speculation on which weapons Setsuka, Hwang and Yun-Seong could get this time around?

I imagine that Setsuka will be revealed in the next 1-2 months and released on month 3-4. Rinse and repeat for Yun and then maybe Hwang is saved for a Season 3.

What fascinates me though is the allocation of weapons. Would Setsuka get some of AlphaPat's weapons? Would Hwang and Yun-Seong mix and match weapons from SC4 and then they have to remodel old weapons from the PS2 titles SC2 or SC3?


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Why Dante?? why not me, I hate you.. :sc2yun2:
I didn't mean any offense! I thought you cared more about creation outfit pieces not swords....

Though I will say Yun-Seong is obviously more likely because he will come with a SC4 outfit as part of his package. Hwang has nothing for them to bundle him with.


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Nah, ignore the drama, but if you see a few previous pages, she and I have a conversation about possible Setsuka, Hwang & Yunseong weapons here..
  1. Blue Thunder
  2. Falchion or Po Shan
  3. Qing Long or Machete
  4. New or Xiao Lian
  5. New or Lei Yan
  6. Dragon Sword
  7. New or Bonebreaker
  1. White Storm
  2. White Storm 2P (renamed)
  3. Ramdao
  4. New or Khanjar or Dragon Sword
  5. Giant Butcher Knife
  6. Cheng Ying
  7. New or Joke weapon
  • Qing Long used by Hwang have a design different from Xianghua's Qing Long.
  • Machete suits it Hwang, but looks like Makhaira.
  • Xiao Lian and Lei Yan has some similarities.
  • Po Shan and Bonebreaker has a lot of anime design and if you take a look they are putting more realistic weapons since SC V.
  • Khanjar suits it Yun Seong a lot, but he could get a new weapon.
  • Dragon Sword was originally from Hwang, returned as Yun Seong's weapon in SC IV/BD.
  • It would be funny Hwang to use Han Guang while Yun Seong use Cheng Ying.
I don't think we can get Qing Long back for the boys, since Leixia claimed it and it got its redesign, and Xianghua kept it. I know there's a dao design for it, but even Xianghua used the dao design back in SoulCalibur II (when it was called Qi Xing Sword), meaning that the two designs are indeed one in the same, as far as the identity of the sword is concerned. No, it wouldn't be the first time that two people in the same game had the same weapon, but the same weapon in a different form is something that has historically been reserved for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

I did neglect to mention White Storm's 2p design, though, didn't consider they'd add that, but they probably could/would, better that than having him wield a giant ear of corn. With these things in mind, I'd say it would probably be:
  1. Blue Thunder
  2. Blue Storm
  3. Po Shan
  4. Falchion
  5. Lei Yan or Machete
  6. Blue Qilin or Assassin Blade
  7. Xiao Lian or Han Guang
  1. White Storm
  2. White Storm 2p (Emerald Squall?)
  3. Dragon Sword
  4. Giant Butcher Knife
  5. Ramdao
  6. Khanjar
  7. Kopis or Cheng Ying
LisaK I think that if Yun-seong can have Dragon Sword, then Hwang can have Po Shan. They have similar enough designs, with Po Shan having the blue coloration, while Dragon Sword has the red coloration. Hwang having a trend of blue weapons and Yun-seong having a trend of red weapons is something that definitely appeals to their images. You did bring up an amusing point that the two could possibly have the invisible-type swords as their last weapon, as another parallel between the two. I would also find it mildly amusing if Hwang took Blue Qilin from Leixia as a revenge for her family taking the Qing Long, and Hwang's blue theme would make it fitting, along with him having the more jian looking weapons compared to Yun-seong.
Edit: Added alternatives for Lei Yan and Blue Qilin.
Setsuka (Me and Weshookhands)

  • Most Setsuka weapons have the same design of Ugetsu Kageuchi by changing only the sticker that is the case with Ugetsu Shinuchi and Sword Umbrella or a slight difference in the sword stem like Suitou and Yakou.
  • I would rather sacrifice these 3 weapons and give Setsuka two new weapons with a unique design and give to her one of αPatroklos weapon, preferably Hidden Bamboo or Hidden Sword.
  • Sword Umbrella is basically a low budget Iaitō, maybe it begin sacrified, but they always put a generic weapon like 'Death Scythe' / 'Circular Sword' and rename for something more attractive 'Harvest' / 'Steel on Steel'.
  • I noticed that they brought a SC 3 weapon that was missing in SC 4, in case Setsuka would be Shiranamigasumi, so I added her to the list replacing Yakou & Suitou.
Option AOption B
  1. Ugetsu Kageuchi
  2. Ridicule
  3. Shiranamigasumi
  4. Sword Umbrella
  5. Hidden Bamboo
  6. New Weapon
  7. New Weapon
  1. Ugetsu Kageuchi
  2. Suitou
  3. Ridicule
  4. Shiranamigasumi or Yakou
  5. Hidden Bamboo or Sword Umbrella
  6. New Weapon
  7. New Weapon

Honestly, I think they'll go the same route as with everybody else's weapons, which would be CAS-able variety. My prediction would be:

1. Ugetsu Kageuchi
2. Ridicule
3. Medival-looking umbrella and sword (maybe with a sword handle like Alpha Pat's Entelechia), but perhaps this slot is already taken by Ridicule
4. Modern-looking umbrella and sword (probably some kind of Bond-style sword cane and a regular umbrella)
5. Goth-looking umbrella and sword (might opt for the lizard joke weapon from SCIV or make the umbrella look like the skin between the fingers of a bat)
6. Chinese-looking umbrella and sword (like some variation on the sword fittings and paper, maybe borrowing from Alpha Pat's Hidden Fang)
7. SCIV Soul Calibur umbrella and sword (as it's the most CAS-able of her assets - and properly built, unlike the other utterly hideous low-polygon models from SCIII and SCIV)

I'm afraid they'll not bring Shiranamigasumi back (loved the spiral pattern). Also, I thinks it's highly unlikely that they will remove the umbrella from any of her weapons. Just imagine all of her umbrella moves and winposes with just a scabbard. Would look very weird imo...
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Looks more like a Yoshimitsu stage to me I guess.

Even so in III Taki and Mi-Na could have switched stages around I guess. Mi-Na tends to get some weird stage choices. Since when was she a tomb raider and then a pirate?

That aside other than a daytime Orstreinsburg and a lava Kunpateku stage would be nice.


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I will be a bit assblasted if they add Hwang before Yun-seong but be lazy and give Hwang a suite of Yun-seong weapons from SC4.

Please pray that they are mostly unique! I don’t want a Cass/sophitia mix and match situation with weapons...

Yuns weapons belong to him!


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the character select screen is truly whatever they feel like placing the characters. Why would Setsuka and Yun/Hwang be on the evil side?