Tira Frame Data


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Doing more testing now and it seems 33K and 99K have different properties on hit. 99K pushes the opponent farther away than 33K but you still get only +2 with either.


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can you tell me the frames for Tira's 11A? cuz on hit i can side step just about anything besides some of Amy's foolishness


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Major update to her stuff in the wiki done by yours truly. I have so earned rest. Expect the rest soon peeps.


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you are kind of a tira god.
Um.....well thanks heh. But I'm no one special. Tidus_Crescent has tourney experience. Maybe one day my name will actually get some props and respect.

Thanks mikosu kun =) well done

something is fishy with JS WS A. Very fishy
Nice catch Johnny mon. Here's the corrected info I just tested for.

JS WS A (-15/-2/-2)
GS WS A (-10/0/0)

EDIT: Since all my data is in the wiki now I won't be updating my post on the first page. Man that took forever but enjoy fellow Tira lovers.


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Hay betches, Mikosu just posted lots of ish in Tira's wiki. Go see it, weep for UD A, and thank Mikosu for his hard work.


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Great news guys! I never checked 6K's data post-patch. They're both different on block! JS 6K = -11, GS 6K = -9. Sum1 edit that into the wiki plz.

Also add in
JS 33_66_99A's data: -20, -7, -7
That both 4Ks are 16 damage
In both 88K's notes paste this: TC [11-24]
In BF 66K under SC put 14

Thanks in advance to whoever handles this.


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Difference ins 6K is common knowledge miko kun :p Amy gets 6BB. Vints had data up for those differences in frame data on cf


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More info for sum1 to add to the wiki plz.

GS 3kA = i18
JS 66A TC [13-18]
JS 33_99A TC [14-19]
GS 66K TJ [10-19]
JS and GS 1A TC [22-??]
JS and GS 7B = -7 on hit
ALL WS Bs and JUMP Bs are -16 on block
JS 44AB = -3 on both hit and CH

Thanks again in advance.


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Just tested for the block data on every1's favorite move. A+K is -3 on block in both moods. The forcing crouch just makes it sexy. Imagine that. Good frames on a bad move.


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Is 22K really -10? I can always step off it. And I <3 it's TC.

Maybe I'll try my hand at this fancy "testing" of yours.


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Yea nuuqulur it's really that bad but does have a bit of pushback. I just found another surprise tho. 4A+B/[A+B]'s SG damage is actually 24.6. Even better than that 4[A+B]'s frames on block aren't +15. They're +17!