Top Player, Richard "WingZero" Warren Passes Away at 27

Yesterday, the Soulcalibur community, and the FGC lost one of their own. Larry "ShinBlanka" Dixon recently reported on Facebook that WingZero died of natural causes early yesterday morning; he was 27. WingZero has been a member of the Atlanta Fighting Game Community for many years; but he exploded onto the zeitgeist of the Soulcalibur community when he got second place at NEC in 2005.
Larry "ShinBlank" Dixon said:
The FGC is in mourning of a great player and even better person, as Richard Warren “WingZero” has passed away today due to natural causes. He was a part of the Elite Tekken and Soul Calibur crew in Atlanta (East Point Dojo/crib), and was for years known as the best Nina (Tekken 4, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2) in America as well as one of the top Soul Calibur players in the world.

Richard was such a humble person, to be so good at his craft, and he was willing to help anyone that was willing to learn the games he mastered. He good nature and positive outlook on gaming was a breath of fresh air. His presence as a gamer, but more importantly as a person, will be missed in the Georgia FGC. A moment of silence for my dude Richard Warren AKA “WingZero”. God bless your family as our thoughts and prayers will be with you and those you love. We’ll see you in that East Point dojo in the sky!

RIP homie!
WingZero has since placed at many tournaments, including Final Round and multiple different Major League Gaming events. Its always sad when the FGC loses a life; even more tragic when they are so young. Feel free to leave your condolences and share your stories with those he left behind.


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This is horrible news. My condolences goes out to his family and close friends.

Was always a really cool guy, fellow Kilik player, one of the very best. He'll definitely be missed. RIP man.
Man that sucks. I wish I could be more poetic but my first response was just a gasped "no", and I can't really think of anything more honest than that. I didn't know him that well but he was always friendly, we'd had a few conversations over the years and I remember him being an upbeat and funny guy. He was one of the people who often liked my posts here and he died so young. Maaaan that's just depressing. So long man, god bless, rest in peace and I'll miss you.

If anyone in his family should happen to see this, my condolences. I lost my father a year ago. I know what you're going through can't be easy, it's probably harder when it's unexpected. I'll say a prayer for him, it's all I can really do.
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What? I cant even express how sad it is to lose a fellow player/friend suddenly. RIP. I'm sorry for your loss ATL Please say something nice at the funeral for all of us.
The Soul Calibur Community, Past and Present, is really hurting right now. Wing was Extremely Humble and Extremely Skilled. You just dont get that in competitors these days. The Legend Will Never Die
I never knew much about Wing Zero, but I feel compelled to say that his legend won't die. I can't say anything upbeat except I promise you won't be forgotten.

Pardon the cheesy SC talk, but I do mean every word.
Just as a guy thats a SC tourney fan, I have enjoyed WingZeros matches and always thought of him as one of the greats. Today is a truly sad day. But his memory will not be forgotten, rather celebrated as the great guy that he was.

RIP homes. You and your family will be in my familys prayers tonight.
Man, that's depressing. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guys :(

May he rest in peace.