Turn Your Voice Into The New Game.

I would like to start by saying Happy New Years! I hope that people are excited about the news and just want to move forward and put this gig into gears. I need to hear your thoughts on a concentrated level about the new game coming out. With that said, lets use this particular room for discussion of what you the fans / competitors / organizers / moderators / admins want in this new game.

Try your best to keep me informed as I will be working hard to really ensure that the voice of the community is heard. Everyone deserves a chance to speak their mind on things, my role here is to make sure that your message doesn't fall on dead ears.

Stay on topic : What would make the next SC game GREAT. details details details... Take care everyone.

FilthieRich (www.twitter.com/filthierich) (www.facebook.com/soulcalibur)
Since this is just my dogmatic statements, I'll bite.

Team battles would be great. All those single play stuff from SCIII or SCII would be nice(Survival, fun stages, etc).
Since there's Soul Critical finish, why not add an element of surprise? Like the soul charge (from SCII or SCIII) with the cost of sapping away some of the soul gauge for a little more to worry about when fighting. Story needs to be done to the bone. I don't like half done stories without proper explanations(looking at you SCIV). Like what happened to Hwang, EdgeMaster, Olcadan, etc or what not. Would think of more, but I'll let everyone else discuss since I don't have much to say.
Talking about changing the game mechanics can be difficult because we can't know what direction the creators want to take. But I would like if they don't use SC4 forward step, or rushin step. It's way too fast they're was nothing wrong with the old one.
Of course I would like the return of guard retreat and guard advance as well. I like that parrys can wall splat you on a wall, I don't like that they drop you to the floor.

Things in Tekken that were in SC2...bring these back.
Wall Jumps into attacks.
While landing moves.
Cancels, or the various canceling of moves, adds a lot to game play.
And launchers into juggles. SC used to have juggles where did they all go?

A new feature I would like to see in SC4, is 4 player vs.
That is 4 people 2 vs 2 online or offline, in one match with 4 controllers. I hope we can use the switch feature in some serious vs.

Also instead of having one universal input for critical finishers, can we get actual inputs. And maybe getting CF doesn't mean instant death but, like 60% damage or something.
Make the return of Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Critical Finish Guard Breaks.

Perhaps have the option for tag team battles like the ones in Tower of Lost Souls in Soul Calibur IV single player but instead in multiplayer matches.

Perhaps have Critical Finishes be different in terms of winning a round versus winning the whole match.

In other words, have a special input for a Critical Finish that ends the match; although, it must be a somewhat complicated input to perform the move and end the match.

Also, maybe mark the return of Ocladan sort of like Tekken's Mokujin.
Tell Odashima to bring the movelist back to where they should! SC4 was great (besides a few issues), but what made me angry the most was how badly they dumbed the movelist down. I keep bringing this up on other threads (sorry!), but for my girl Xianghua as an example -- everyone knows how broken she was in the past couple of games; but aside from VC, the moves that made her ridiculously strong were the over-powered 3B and Great Wall. Those were thankfully toned down to reasonable levels in SC4, but many of her faints, combo finishers, and other fun-to-use moves were taken away that had NOTHING to do with her being imbalanced. This made her feel like a much weaker, much less fun, oversimplified character. Thankfully, additions like her SXS stance made her feel somewhat like her old, proper self...

It really hurts most for characters who are not strong -- taking away options for the (misplaced) sake of 'n00b simplicity' makes the situation even more difficult for them. There are better ways to accomplish the same thing, such as a good, VF4-like training mode, that shows people how to properly play the game. Broken Destiny does this, from what I understand, but a more fun, to-the-point method of a training mode would be even better

Also the online code -- we all know it needs work. It seems really slow, but I have to say to be fair, the lobbies are really well done. I think SC4 lobbies set the standard for games like SSF4

Last, and probably biggest change needed (at least on my mind right now) is the guard frames. Guard frames in SC4 make it much too difficult to punish mistakes, ESPECIALLY online (because of how slow it is). This is why spammers are such a big problem in this game -- characters, such as Sophie can mash on BBBBBBBB all day, and you have to take unnecessary risks to properly punish and beat it into your opponents head that hitting one button for an entire round is a bad idea. I think that's why SC frustrates some people. There are also ALOT of moves where it is negative frames on [EDIT: hit/counter hit]. I don't understand why I have to be punished for guessing right......

Oh, and please, no more Hilde DOOM combo shenanigans.....the LAST thing this community needs is another fiasco like THAT

Thanks, Filthie, for taking time out to paying attention to the fans and (hopefully) allowing the development team to have an eye into what the fans think. This wouldve been unthinkable around two years ago! I'll just say, watch with a discerning eye as to what information is good or not (example: "JUS MAKE IT ONLY LIKE SC2 ALL OVER AGAIN", like they've been saying on other forums, is an example of bad advice, I think)
I know in a game like this, story is sort of a back-seat thing since it -is- a fighting game. But hey, I started playing SC on the Gamecube because of Link. Yeah, I know, silly excuse but ever since then, I have loved the game. The split endings in SC 3 was a great idea, one that kept you on your toes and made you pay attention during cut-scenes. I would love to see something like that. Or better yet, mix it with Tower of Souls. For instance:

Accomplish a certain task in battle with characters and get Ending A

Win more fights then you lose for a 'Good' Ending

Lose more fights then you win for a 'Bad' Ending

Never Lose for the 'Best' Ending

Replay value on that alone would keep me coming back just to see every possible path a story could take. There are some characters that weren't need in SC4, like Shura and the other artist-based characters. They were just rehashed CaS that managed to get a plot. Even the voices are the same. Oh and no shameless plugs, please UNLESS they are truly relevant. Kratos made far more sense than Star Wars characters, but really? Lloyd? I love ToS but--Lloyd?

Oh and the part where you can put male armor on females and visa-versa from Broken Destiny? Yeah, let's keep that around too, if you please~
Keep em Rolling!!
feel free to go nuts with details. It helps justify your opinions which could then turn into facts. I'm all for working hard to make sure that the community have influence in the development of this game!

If you guys EVER need to reach me just hit me up on twitter.
Please let people playtest a beta or something of the sorts so we don't get a buggy game, and you guys don't have to spend time slaving away on patches.
Absolutely they should focus on making the game more balanced. At least bring Talim back to SC2 levels.

If I had to ask for a specific move, I'd ask to bring back Kilik's Legendary rush/cancel.
Make the game more fun (not that it isnt already) but just try out more things.
Critical Finishes were AWESOME!!! Thats a great direction.
Another one would be the Soul Charge Cancels that are seen in the Extra Mode of SC4. You guys could maybe play around with that?
Point is, the majority of the people like the old games better because the old games were alot more freer. SC2 standing out more than 1 and 3. You flew around in that game and did whatever you wanted. If you could keep how lightweight the characters felt in that game, while keeping the same step system as SC4, and tweaked the damage a bit, you guys would be going in a great direction.
Oh and please make sure all characters can compete. SC4 hit the nail on head, and all characters can compete, but we don't want a repeat of 3 or anything worse. SC4's issue wasn't balance at all, and Talim probably doesnt need the exact same 33A she had in SC2, its just the community doesn't want to see something too crazy like Hilde doom combo again.

PS - Character interaction for VS. Mode wouldn't hurt either. Fan service ftw =)
Hey filthierich,

These are some of my suggestions that I would like you guys to at least read them and take into consideration

1) First, what I think about online rooms.
- There should be a visible timer that starts as soon as one player is ready. Many times waiting in rooms without having a visual signal can become desperating and can leads to rage kicks.
- It would be ideal if you can enter a room and start watching the current match. In Dead or Alive 4 this was possible. In SSFIV, if you join when players are selecting characters you have to wait a little, but then you are able to watch as soon as the game starts. If this is not possible a resolution then: if a round has started you will begin watching when the next round starts?
- When you are watching a fight, pressing the start button should have options like mute players, and even invite players right there if there are room slots available. No need to wait until you are back on the lobby because if you take a little in pressing ready they kick you out of the room.
- Another option when pressing start as an expectator is to give up your turn to the next player automatically. Say you are watching a fight and you are needed elsewhere for a moment and you don't want to get kicked out of the room for making them wait, you press start and select the option to give your turn to the next person in the queue.

2) Like somebody said, some cutscenes and endings from past games feel incomplete or don't make too much sense - maybe they do in Japan but not so much abroad. Have the dialogues read by foreigners, and ask them if what they are reading makes sense or what piece of information is missing that would help them understand what is going on.

3) Personally, I would like to have an option to save replays like SSFIV. I would enhance it further by applying some features of DOA4: being able to pause the action, rotate the camera, choose any angle from which to watch the fight, rewind, fast forward, jump to the next round.

4) I would like for theater mode to return, being able to watch all cutscenes and endings you have unlocked. I would also like to see the weapon demonstrations and the VOICE feature too to hear the characters' quotes.

5) How about a cinema mode where you can make characters do actions? You remember that video Algol's bad day? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WkOiXJZxzM
Or that Voldo doing that Michael Jackson dance video. Imagine how much easier it would be to do videos like that if you could make a simple list that plays out actions: 8-way run -up, down, right, left, etc; how many steps; move list action; etc.
I don't know if it sounds like a lot of work, I am just thinking it's a good idea to foment users to create fanart, to expand the image of the brand and pique other gamers' interest in the game.

6) A tutorial mode that really teaches you how to play your character would be very appreciated. There are still people who don't get what is or why they should perform a Just Frame move.

7) In training mode, when you are browsing through your move list and you want to practice a move from the list, make it so that you can practice it on the spot. In previous games, you saw the auto-play, you had to get out of all the menus and proceeded to practice. If you wanted to check the move again or looked for other moves, you had to go through menus again. Reduce the number of steps, simply it. In fact, Virtua Fighter 5 training mode was like this I think, it was easy to go through your move list and practice the move shown right there without dealing with menus. You could also lock a move so you could practice it for as long as you want without the moveset changing to the next move.

8) Please write that blu-ray disc with lots of redundant data to minimize the PS3 install size, like uncharted. And if possible use that morphological anti-aliasing the Saboteur used on the PS3 version. This is has nothing to do with being a fanboy, I just think PS3 owners would like their version to the best it can be.

9) Please, ask the developers to please not use copy-protected save files on the PS3 version. That makes it impossible to backup your data on a USB stick (the reason why I haven't gotten Bayonetta yet). Please watch how over 7,000 people have voted against copy protection
Please, tell me you will at least let headquarters know of this particular situation, filthierich.

10) Costumes. I don't a lot of people mind DLC costumes as long as they are not already inside the disc. I would like to see many costumes already available. DOA4 had like 10 different costumes. Personally, I would like it if the previous costumes from past games were available, even if they are just variations. Some people prefer Ivy's SC3 costume, some the SC2 costume, I don't think that bowtie in SC4 was cute or fitting. Have also the previous second and third costumes like Taki's SC3 costume, Ivy's SC2 costume available. Show that you can give more value than the other fighting games.
Now, if you want to make NEW DLC costumes to sell, that is completely fine and fair. I just saw a lot of people had issues with Mortal Kombat 9 charging for "classic" costumes, and wouldn't like to see SC5 pulling something like that. I am fine with buying something new.

Thanks for listening filthierich, hope to hear some news soon.

edit: Iam just gonna paste here my other suggestions
11) please don't nerf the girls' bounciness heheh. I think the models are fine, but perhaps the faces could use some work. Ivy looked a little manly in the face, maybe it was the chin lol. Just a little fine tune to make the characters looks even better!

Speaking of configuring buttons I agree with David Sirlin, it's best to press on your controller the button you want to use instead of scrolling through the options. Japanese developers keep doing this I don't know why.

Gallery mode should have a lot of official artwork, sketches, etc. People like to see that kind of stuff.

A way to upload videos to youtube or facebook? Perhaps a way to save a video to a USB drive so that you can upload it to wherever you wish.

Please keep the online trophies/achievements to a minimum. SSFIV has so many trophies online, and a lot of them requires so many steps it's overkill.

In training mode, an option to select a specific move for the CPU to practice would be great.

I would like to see also more taunts, maybe like 10 or so taunts with user suggestions. Lost Planet 2 had many taunts and many of them were suggested by users, they even did some videos for the developers to see:

So maybe namco can get fans involved in this as well (We know you have great developers but they can't think of everything). I would suggest taunts or actions that go from taunting, scoffing or plain laughing at the opponent, as well as showing respect or indifference to the opponent.

I'd really like to see Nightmare being a very competitive character. He is supposed to be very powerful, come on.

I also think having a stage per character is good. I dunno, I liked the stages in SC4, except Distant Marsh and that one where you fight Nightmare that I remember right now. Nightmare could use a more creepy looking stage.
As for new characters, I wanted to suggest maybe another super kunoichi from Taki's clan but have her use a kusarigama (short range, fast long range attacks). Maybe the weapon also has a fragment of Soul Edge. She was not prepared to accompany Taki yet on her quest to destroy Soul Edge, but now that she has completed her training she is ready, etc., etc.

Invite Helena Taylor, Bayonetta's voice actress, to do some voice work.

1) Please don't nerf the current level of sexiness: Ivy's, Sophitia's, and Taki's proportions and outfits are fine in my opinion, and I welcome them, and I am sure I am not the only one. Same thing with the physics.

2) I don't get what's the big deal about not wanting to edit a 1P costume, if you don't like it don't do it to your character. Who is seriously offended that I put cat ears on 1P Mitsurugi? It's a video game.

3) I like Critical Finishes, but I think some of them could be more badass. Like Nightmare uppercuts you and then he stabs the ground and a ball of energy comes out wasn't too thrilling. How about from his mid-section mouth comes out a a ball of energy with the souls of those Nightmare has devoured and sends them to attack the opponent in rapid succession and finally he takes your soul in a cruel way. All this while transported to some kind of underworld.

EDIT 2: English voice actors for Tira, Cervantes, SC3 Siegfried, SC3 Ivy must return for awesomeness.
If they do actually take our voices into consideration, I want the character customization to be boat loaded with cool stuff. Soul Calibur III had a lot of cool gear and Soul Calibur IV really didn't have that much of a selection which was a let down. Also If we can only create 50 characters could they bring back the "Blade Master Class" or whatever it was called that would be cool even if they don't bring Olcadon back, even though they should because It doesn't make sense to me why fighters always release new characters and get rid of older characters especially now with blu-ray discs, no excuses. But, I have to say my biggest gripe of all was the fact that you could'nt create a class with the Starwars characters on IV especially with Star Killer's awesome moveset. It would be cool to bring back the older exclusives atleast Spawn and Heihachi or however it's spelled as well as the Starwars characters and enable character creation to be able to use their classes in order to make your own character with awesome movesets like theirs. Finally, Soul Calibur III's Story was amazing I loved that! Moving your character on a board and attacking who you want when you want was awesome as well as taking over the castles and forts and finding secrets from battlin certain people and the leveling up of your character was cool too. SCIII had a lot of replay value to me, the only thing I hated about that game was the data corruption issue haha. Soul Calibur IV really let me down in the character creation aspect so i'm in hopes for Soul Calibur V! Also a release date would be cool haha!
As far as straight moves go- I think you should do exactly what Vincent and DC suggested. A closed beta with the better tourney players would be great. There are people out there who want buffs on things that don't need it, and those that want nerfs on things that aren't as bad as they think. Some people even have agendas against characters that they consider bad matchups, and all in all, you'll probably get bad advice if you just open up balance talks to the whole community.

As far as regular suggestions go:

Bring back Hwang, Li Long, and all the rest of the characters many of us fell in love with who just disappeared out of nowhere.

Let us save replays. All the fighting games this gen are allowing this, and it's an incredibly awesome feature.

A team battle mode would be pretty fun. Going through the tower of souls in 4 was pretty interesting with the character switch feature, having a versus mode with this could be a lot of fun too.

Work on a fun single player. Much of the non-competitive fanbase was disappointed with 4, simply because its single player was lackluster at best. In 3, you had plenty of options for single player. In 4, you have the tower, which is just a battle grind with a team mechanic that eventually becomes repetitive, and a story mode that has giant walls of text at the beginning, goes into a 6 battle grind, and suddenly is over with a cutscene that rarely makes much sense.
Okay... here is my advice... something I've said many times.
Jaxel said:
A single move can best FAST, POWERFUL, RANGED or SAFE; pick only two for a single move, no more, no less.
This single theory can make a more balanced game than any fighting game ever created, but no one follows it. Yes, there are other properties for a move, such as evasion and auto-GI (could be considered part of safety) and guard crushing (could be considered part of powerful). But those are simply additional modifiers. The important thing is the economics of balance I have created with this simple statement. If a move is fast and powerful, it should have short range and be unsafe. If a move is powerful and ranged, it should be slow and unsafe. If a move is ranged and safe, it should be slow and weak... etc.

more moves and cancels
The thing I liked most about Soulcalibur 2 was the freedom of the movelist; yes you mainly only used 10-20 of your characters moves, but the other moves were there. If you wanted to, you could use them. Not to mention, almost every move in the game was cancel-able. In SC4 you see certain characters playing exactly the same way, no matter who is playing it. In SC2, you could see varying styles within a single character from different regions.

more couch multiplayer options
While the majority of random players will ask for more single player options, I have to ask for more multiplayer options. Single player only lasts so long. But with multiplayer, you can add things like team battle, which adds a TON of re-playability. Here on Team Crooked Jester, we used to do Chess Team Battle. We would bring out a chess board and characters to all the pieces (weaker pieces had less health); when a conflict happened, we played it in game.

online conquest mode
In the arcade edition of SC2, there was something called "Conquest", it was reserved for a single arcade and wasn't online. Basically, anyone who came to the arcade could compete for one of three nations until one of the nations completely took over and declared victory. Then the game would restart. Not for tournament players, but for random players it was a lot of fun.

The influence from Tekken can not be understated. SC4 has a lot of long winded juggles ranging from 6 to 10 hits; its the reason why Hilde's Doom Combo even exists. Soulcalibur has never been a juggle heavy game, so it doesn't need to be taking this step towards Tekken territory. When you launched someone in Soulcalibur 2, you got at most 2 more hits before the opponent had a chance to play again. Yes, people like juggling, but getting juggled yourself is not fun. All you can do is sit back and wait for the juggle to finish.

the story needs to make sense...
SC3 and SC4 were unique from the rest of the SC series in the fact that their stories were NOT GOOD. While they were similar to most other fighting games, in that each character had their own unique ending, it was not how previous iterations worked. In previous SC games, it was not about which ending was true; ALL endings were true. It was about in which ORDER did the endings take place. Every ending intertwined together to create a grand story, a story that was both rich and interesting; this was lost in SC3 and SC4.

more options for the tournament scene
These are options that were available in SC2, but not in later games... The ability to turn off specific settings in the VS screen. You could turn off stage select, and health (soul) select. In tournaments, we always play random stage and stay at default health, so these settings are not needed. Sometimes someone changes their health by accident, or a new to tournaments player shows up and starts selecting the stage.

transferable character edits
I don't know how feasible this is; but people like to make edits to their characters, its one of the biggest draws to Soulcalibur. Then how come we can't take our edits with us? We could do it in SC3, where you could bring a memory card with you and select your outfit directly from it on the character select screen. It would be nice if we could do the same thing with USB thumb drives in the next game.

random select character needs to return
A character like Charade or Edgemaster would be awesome.
Story, balance in character (rock), a bigger/more free moveset, and the return of previous characters are things a lot of us agree on. I just have a few things that I would like to see. They may seem minor, but I think they would be very important.

A soul crush bar instead of a jewel only - maybe a little smaller bar under your health bar? When a player is flashing red it's really hard to tell when exactly you are about to get soul crushed/when you can soul crush your opponent. That will add a little more depth in the soul crush area.

The return of a moving soul charge - This was an awesome addition and I never understood why it was removed in SC2. Maybe the use of it would lower your soul crush bar (or specific characters weapons in special mode could increase your soul crush meter)?

Movements to be faster - One thing that always made me enjoy Soul Calibur over other 3d fighting games was the speed. However, the speed in Soul Calibur 4 decreased. An increase in speed would add a deeper technical aspect.

The appearance of Bangoo - Seriously, why has Bangoo been looked over for so long?! He's been there since the beginning, I think the introduction of him would be a nice addition, maybe a Native American hatchet type fighting style.

An Action-rpg type story mode - This was done in Tekken, but I think it would be better in Soul Calibur. Soul Calibur has more freedom of movement than Tekken so I think this would be awesome. So similar to Wii's Soul Calibur Legends, but you use a controller and not frantically swinging the wii stick.

I also would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the introduction of a character that used a double bladed staff, similar to Wei Yan on the Dynasty Warriors series. That would rock!

Aside from these additions, things I would like to see return:

An indication that you pull off a just frame - The flash addition to jf's was pretty cool, I wouldn't mind seeing this again, or another indication that you pulled off a just frame.

Create a Soul - I know it may seem cheesy, but the addition of armor mix-ups was a pretty nice addition. But this time, leave out the armor breaking this time. There's nothing better than seeing the addition of someone's nice custom design only to find a disturbing fusion victoria secret lingerie under that plated mail.
bring back moves from past games and fill those input blanks for some characters. (e.g. setsuka's 33A input from SC3 was replaced with her regular 66A move, which is kinda pointless).

the ToS had treasure boxes you could open by completing tasks or you could simply buy the CaS parts you liked. i personally would like a story mode similar to the edgemaster mode from Soul Blade/Edge where you really had to EARN weapons (or in SC5, maybe even special CaS parts or costumes from past games) as a reward instead of buying them with money you got along the way with little effort. Also, i particularly liked the miniature tasks you had to fulfill in that mode like "beat your opponent using kicks only" etc. these should be character-specific.

an example for Ivy would be "beat your opponent while exclusively remaining in whip state etc", for cervi it would be "beat your opponent by only employing gun attacks/flying attacks etc"...--> huge replay value and it also helps/forces you to learn certain aspects of your specific character. the tower of soul only had general, unspecific tasks that wouldn't let you take advantage of each character's characteristics, so you'd barely use some of the chars who were not able to fulfill the tasks. change that and bring back some kind of edgemaster mode!

concerning the weapon models in SC4: some of them look ridiculous. most of them, other than 1P and 2P and ultimate/fun weapons, being ports from SC3... this should not happen in a next generation game! the worst example would be Setsuka's octagon umbrellas that didn't have different textures for the inner and the outer part of the weapon. please fix this and take your time in designing and modelling each charcters outfits and weaponry. this is also true for ported CaS parts.

new weapons:
Iron Fan (folding fan or japanese Gunbai fan)

Chinese Hookswords (starting at 2:10)

Mandarin Duck Axes/Knives:

LARGE chinese broadsword:

these are unique weapon styles that either haven't been portraited often (if at all) or rather inappropriately (e.g. Mortal Kombat). especially the hookswords are interesting since they enable to fight at various ranges, as can be seen from the video clips.

also: FIX TRACKING and unnecessary whiffs.

UPDATE: please revive this guy from your concept art books:

he could use his puppet for biting, punching, clouting, the puppet could be wielding weapons itself or the character could use the puppet as a whole for slashing!
One weapon/style I'd like to see introduced in Calibur universe is three-sectional staff (well, PAL version of SoulBlade kinda had that).

I agree about Bangoo, it would be great to have him as a playable character. Also it'd be nice to see Hwang and Edge Master again.

I would also love to have more cancellable moves and bigger movesets (if possible).

And please, not too many small arenas like that seesaw in SC4.

Some sort of Calibur tutorial would be nice. That could help to get some people to appreciate the system a bit more.

Aaand that's about it, of course I'm hoping for balance and minimal amount of bugs and random whiffs and all that jizz
while i would agree with most of everyone's posts, I'd Like to keep it short and simple.

Take the best aspects of every soul calibur game and implement them into this game.

Sc1: Music, stages
SC2: Cancallable moves, unique soul-charging, unique movelists
SC3: Combo system, Speed
Sc4: Soul gauge system (deterred SC2's turtling gameplay)

Of course there's more, but i believe those are my key points. However, if the SG system could be tweaked it'll be a better system overall. Because a massive overhaul really isn't nescessary.

It's really hard to determine what's the "perfect" SG style of play because of course the character's style of play is different.

JF's should be rewarding for performance, not punishment. They should also have a more strict timeframe instead of a "mashing" timeframe. Grant it, people here (TX players) do say i make JF's look easy, but there should be some REQUIRED practice just to get the timing down. Not a few hours of practice and the player can perfect the frame.

Oh, and a character wielding a Double-Saber would be nice :)

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