Voldo Movelist Discussion and Analysis


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Post here to discuss aspect of Voldo's movelist, including his Critical Edge, Brave Edges and normal moves (and their properties and strengths and weaknesses).​


This town needs an enema
Good find. This thread is for the discussion of his moves (if it tech crouches, tech jumps, practical applications, ect...). Which we are unable to do right now. I'll leave this post here because it will give people a good idea of what to expect.


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So I was playing SC V at NEC and the one thing I noticed most about Voldo (I only got to play 6 or 7 matches, and I don't play on stick (which we were all forced too) so my findings were, understandably, limited)

but one thing that was very noticable to me was that CR is no longer guard cancellable. You can do 214 to cancel forward CR into backwards (not blindstance, just moving backwards) CR, but ultimately once you initiate CR you are forced to either do a move or wait for the lengthy animation to end.

Though, as has been noted/seen before, his new CR B (what was CR B in SC4, aka the bullshit slide, is now CR A+B) is CR cancellable. This allows you to cancel A+B (what was 2A+B in SC4) into CR, do CR B, and cancel that into another CR B for constant mixup pressure.

A+B~CR B also does immense damage on counterhit.

Other things I noticed, and again, I'm aware a lot of this is known but I want to post it here in this thread

-Voldo's flying dive attack can only be done via full crouch 3A+B, as CR A+B is now the bullshit slide

-1K in blindstance launches unless you hold it, just like front turn 1K

-both versions of 1A from SC 4 (front turned and blindstance) are now 2A+B in their respsective stances.

-What was blindstance A+B (the auto-GI, or FACE!!! as it was known around here) is now blindstance B+K

-3A from front turned seems safer, but cannot confirm that at the moment

-FT 1A is now a very fast low that transitions into blindstance

-A+K evades are still in (did not try the hold versions to see if they still transition into stance, but I'm assuming they do for the time being)

-FT CR K now does what was Voldo's WR K in SC4. I did his old CR K a few times (but not from CR stance) but I'm not 100% sure how I did it. I think it might have been 214 K, or it might just have been 4K

-BS CR K is now what used to be BS 44k in SC4

-What was BS 66K is now BS 44K in SC4

He still has his FT 44A+K unblockable, but I don't know if it's the same input ( I saw somebody else do it). I'm hesitant to state that it has the same input, however, as Idlemind (who had a chance to play SC V far more than most) stated that he played most of the characters available (though he did not play Voldo) and he found that not one of the characters he used had any moves that used A+K as an input. That being said, they may have just left Voldo some of his stance or evade A+K options and removed or remapped his attack options that used A+K

And here is a list of moves that I no longer believe are in the game, though I could be wrong. I just know that I haven't seen them in videos and, at the very least, were not using the same inputs as before (listing them by their inputs in SC4): BS 44A, BS B+K, A+B.

I'm a little sad to see all of those moves go. BS 44A was an amazing whiff punisher in SC 4, providing 85+ damage, and counterhit BS B+K provided Voldo his highest damage combos in SC 4 (though the move was exceptionally linear and tricky to land properly).

The things that really got to me, though, were the lack of FT A+B and his inability to guard cancel Caliostro Rush. Combined, those two moves/options made up a solid 25-35% of my Voldo offense in 4. We're all going to have a lot of adjustment to do in SC 4, but Voldo is still looking very solid.

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I also played some Voldo in SC V and contributed a little to the above. My other thoughts on this guy:

Voldo is very safe. Not as many of his moves leave him at the unbelievable + frames he had in SC IV (some are still there, though so don't worry) but I didn't get punished often on block, and I tried some risky BS.

Voldo's BB is much faster in this game than SCIV. I never viewed Voldo as a character where BB was very important because he has so many high-damage options, but it is nice to have a fast BB.

I had great difficulty performing BS 1K from SCIV, and I know how to play on stick, and once I landed it it launched even with me holding K.

I couldn't find a fast way into landfish, because 4K is a different move (I can't remember the input from SC3, but it is one of those moves). I also couldn't find BS 4KA.

The range of Voldo's BS 66A+G command grab is EXTREMELY short, I whiffed this about a hundred times because I wanted to see bloody drill (IT DOES A LOT OF DAMAGE) and got smacked around for it, even as my claws clipped through the other player. Voldo has to be dancing on them club-style in BS for you to land this one.

Overall, it is more difficult to stay in BS in SCV because the majority of his moves there turn you back around. FT is pretty good, and you get great damage from BS, but I found myself working my way into BS only to turn right around again. I enjoyed him though, Voldo is very fun in five.


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Oh, Chuck, I didn't post this because, using Stick, I wasn't 100% sure what input I was actually doing, but Voldo definitely still has SC IV's FT 44A move, the one that transitions into Landfish.

Don't quote me on this but it felt like the input for it was just 4A (as opposed to 44A) and I noticed it went into Landfish even without holding the A.

When I was in Landfish, it felt largely the same as it was in IV.

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Yeah, that move list was great when I saw it but everything I read flew out the window when I finally got my hand on the game and went crazy. I don't have a very internet-capable phone either so it was next-to-impossible for me to check things between matches.


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Thanks for the link, Jayshadow. Seems I was way off with the input for SC IV 44A. Apparently that's 66A now, not 4A like I thought I remembered.

Still, looking at that movelist, I still don't see SC IV's FT A+B anywhere. Sadface


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Sporko, drop the FT off when you're explaining moves for Voldo that must be done while he is facing forward. It's already common knowledge that when someone reads A+B or FC 3B that they must be done while Voldo is facing forward. Seeing FT would only confuse people as I've confused this with MCFT from reading your posts.


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Fair enough, I just figured that seeing as how we're already comparing one game's inputs to another, it'd be good to be as precise as possible. If people are finding it confusing, though, I'll refrain.


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Im not sure if it was the tv lag, the stick I didnt know how to play on, or the new animation but does his new BB feel a lot slower?


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I don't know. Chuck says it felt much faster, you say it felt slower. It felt pretty much the same to me.


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Im not sure if it was the tv lag, the stick I didnt know how to play on, or the new animation but is his new BB feel a lot slower?
This is what I was thinking was going to be the case with Voldo's BB in SC5. It looks exactly like it did in SC2 and SC3 and they were something like i17 in those games. They were terrible BB's and were very rarely used in high level play. Now, if they made the speed compareable to his SC4 BB then that's a great thing, but from what I saw in the vids, it looks to be about the same.

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Im not sure if it was the tv lag, the stick I didnt know how to play on, or the new animation but is his new BB feel a lot slower?
There was absolutely lag on the TV far to the left, and I never played on the TV far to the right. That BB felt extremely fast to me, I was pressuring decently with it.


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The CR change might take getting used to ~ I'm just glad his movelist reduction isn't as severe as so many other characters, because at the moment he seems the most intact. Thanks for all the feedback and info from NEC, wish I could have been there.


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Yeah, not being able to block during CR kind of sucks. I really hope that changes.


Got a chance to play a few matches and I determined that he was very fun. Here are a few thoughts in addition to what you guys already covered. I actually had to rewrite this cuz I accidently deleted it sigh

-SCIV BS 22A is now BS 2A (like 90% sure)

- Voldo can virtually run backwards in BS

-new two hit string BS 66B,K stays in BS, maybe be able to delay?

-SCIV 44[B ] is now [B+K]

-1a is good, low transitions into BS. Decent after a shakeable 3A CH.

-BS1A is still there just now BS1A anymore (not sure what input is)

-BS B+K is also still there, not sure but I believe input is BS 6B or something

-SCIV LF A+K is now LF K

-GI into a CE is universal tech with everyone now

-however executing Voldos CE too slow (236,236A+B+K) will put you in CR which is now an unblockable state. be careful

-in this build I played his 1[B ] on grounded opponent scoops pickup still picked up.

-I also couldnt find A+B. perhaps it comes out as an BE for instance......(see next)

-SCIII 6B,B is still there in the form of a BE. I believe the input is 6B~A+B+K

-MC A+B is still there and seems to come back down to the ground faster i guess

-MC B+K is still there (yah) but has almost no range when FTMC. I forgot to try out the BE version if its even there. MCFT_MCHT B+K~A+B+K

-the old BS 4B,B series seems good just dont do the third move on block, spinning trident. The trailer shows a nice way to punish it HERE

-BBB is back, not sure what the conditions are but i think the third B comes out on counterhit maybe? i think i executed it on an opponent that wasnt BT, not sure

if i remember anything ill post up