What character buffs/nerfs would YOU like to see?


[10] Knight

Fixed Bugs:
22B whiff fixes
Fix bA mid being able to be ducked (Patroklos).
IND K whiff issues sorted, should be force block on all characters if they just stand there..
Viola CE vs. SDGF.
IND teleport in mirror matches on infinite stage.

Move Buffs:
22B make safer (-9/10)
66A/66A BE not step-able, more range (ever so slightly).
Make 22K faster or keep same speed but mid.
44b:B to become B6 (like Mitsu). More range on it as well. (can still do 44bB to cancel UB).
A+B faster (maybe i30/33 from i40, still reactable.. just not so fecking react-able that it's useless).
SDGF K from anywhere, not having to be stop first.
IND A safer on guard (-12 from -19), neutral on hit.
Provide safer low mix-up option from FLE (A or K).

Less dmg on rainbow drop -5dmg (it already reverse ring outs, and even with -5 it would still be quite damaging).
66A BE less safe on JG (counter-act non-step-able buff).

Nice to have:
Non-random 4A+K, back to time based.

So all in all - fix bugs/issues, make some tools more useful - make some stuff more safe and give him a slightly better chance at fighting ranged opponents. Only slight adjustment on the range so he still would play pretty much the same but will be slightly more able to keep up pressure in open play.


[14] Master
B+K damage 50 -> 10
Reduce 44A BE second hit damage 20 -> 15
Remove back grab infinite

A+B BE launch higher to allow a combo or give her a new BE to compensate
Make 66K BE guaranteed if 66K hits (the noncharged verseion)
Add hit confirm to 11_77AB
Change 4B+K to dodge verticals and NOT do B+K afterwards. Allow Viola to do anything she wants after a successful 4B+K
Make SET 2A+B useful

Wishful thinking:
Increase her range in general. Plz. She has t-rex arms. Ty


[08] Mercenary
I would like to describe Hilde of my dreams

- Make her CE give RO near the edge. Remove damage scaling if near the wall
- After her A+G BE throw - give her a chance to RO with followed move, e.g. make 6K be i16 to make such RO possible
- 66B is MID
- 3K and 66K pokes unpunishable even on JG (-12)
- give her K moves chargable properties. e.g. C3K - debugger with combo follow-up or gives RO forward, hits grounded
- remove her slow BB with spear and give her normal BB with sword like Pyrrha, Pat has
- Make her 2B animation and properties of WR B
- Give her a vertical long range debugger like Nigtmare`s 1A
- some justframe stuff - e.g. a:B or B:a to be i10 punish or launcher
or C3B:A for more damage
- A+B to be i22 (now i25)
- make her 4B like Mitsu has
- 22B to be i25 and TC during all animation
- make her 4 level charges to be 6-7 seconds, but nerf damage for C4B

- fix hitbox glithches that make her throws and 3K wiff when opponent Sidesteps (voldo, pat)


[14] Master
I would like to describe Hilde of my dreams

- Give her one of the most threatening mid screen moves in the game
- Make her ringout capability with her back to the wall even dumber
- Lets give her pat 66B only faster so i can kill backstep at disadvantage
- 100% safe moves
- Unnecessary
- Give her one of the best BBs in the game
- why
- Debugger?
- Make guard punishment on the stupidity of Natsu so not only does she have absurd range she can punish near anything on JG
or C3B:A for more damage (lets buff one of the best whiff punishers in the game okay)
- Why
- Again, lets make her tools the cream of the crop in all types, best punishes, best zoning, best backstep move
-Lets make 22B an even more dumb move
- Lets give her legitimate unblockable pressure

- Lets make her perfect 100% safe moves also track perfectly 100%

You know I don't think shes good enough, her 66A needs to be like aeon's imo, she needs a tira 236K BE style low (meterless of course!) an Ezio 2K would REALLY help too.

Party Wolf

Xiba Nerfs

AAK changed from :H::H::M: to :H::H::H:
3BK changed from -12 to -18
4B start up changed from i26 to i36
22B recovery changed so that BT B+K will not connect
kB changed to -14
2B+K changed to -14
44AA changed to -16
REM B changed to -16
Take away 6AK NCC

Xiba Buffs

K damage increased from 14 to 15


[14] Master
I would really love it if Omega had a good back step killer. Something like Pyrrha's 6B+K
6K is cool but not the best range. I would also like for DNS B to combo more easily with NS/DNS A. You can do it but it's tricky.

I would love it if Leixia had more feints.


[10] Knight
I would really love it if Omega had a good back step killer. Something like Pyrrha's 6B+K
6K is cool but not the best range. I would also like for DNS B to combo more easily with NS/DNS A. You can do it but it's tricky.

I would love it if Leixia had more feints.
Back step killer? Her stabs?


[14] Master
I would really love it if Omega had a good back step killer. Something like Pyrrha's 6B+K
Most consistent backstep killer would probably be DNS B, but there's also 6K, DNS A (followup can whiff at tip range), 66A, 66B (though a little slow), 4A, 66A+B. If they're backstepping then attacking without confirming a whiff, 66B+K series should stop that.

I would also like for DNS B to combo more easily with NS/DNS A. You can do it but it's tricky.
You can only do it when they get hit by DNS A after its first active frame. Can't say I know that many reliable setups for it. But tbh, for an i18 horizontal with such an amazing TC and very little blockstun, it already does a ridiculous amount of damage so it really shouldn't be buffed imo.

Only thing I'd ask for is 22K to be available from neutral, like Sophitia's old 3K... Or, y'know, just bring back double TAS B for half-life, lol.
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[13] Hero


- 3B damage from 20 up to 26
---> every other generic 3B-launcher d0es more damage except Viola's 3B (but then again she gets more combo damage) and Jolly Tira's (but she has Gloomy 3B)
---> many of her combos would benefit from that e.g. 4K 3B from 26 to 32, 44A 3B from 34 to 40, 3B 3B+K from 41 to 47, 3B CE from 77 to 83 (and 83dmg for a full meter combo off a standard launcher is still a lot weaker than what others can do)

- FC 3B damage back to pre-patch (from 26 up to 30)
---> What was the sense in nerfing that move anyway?

- Remove the weird scaling of WR B BE on non-whiffing opponents

- Slightly increased RO-potential on her B-throw

- Make CH 1A ~ AA BE connect on everyone at closerange

- Make 3B+KK a non-techable knockdown, so that 3B+KK by itself is a forced block.

- 22K on hit from +0 to +1/2.


- Remove hitbox issues of Leixia

- Remove weird tracking on certain moves (e.g. sometimes 66B tracks completely to her left)

Just my opinion, the 3B-buff would be essential and already be enough for me. It would help her a lot by closing the damage gap between her and (almost) the whole rest of the character roster a little bit without making her combos too strong. She'd still be one of the weakest characters in terms of damage.


A Soul in the Purgatory
Siegfried Buffs:

- Hellsweep returns, -5 on block, knockdown on hit, stun on counter hit.
- Brave Edge hellsweep that launches forward for agA combos / ringout
- 66B tracks 100%, can cancel into SCH mid-spin
- Dropkick is unblockable
- agA input changed to 4A to prevent unfair dropped inputs
- His close range game needs an improvement, so make 3KKB a hit confirmable NC
- Debugger
- To improve his gimped mobility, give him a wave dash and a Ha-ha step (HMPH-HMPH step)
- 236B is now a mid, i25 horizontal
- Add charge moves - (4) ~ 6B is an ice Sonic Boom
- K+G now summons his persona and paralyzes your opponent on hit
- Guns. Give him guns.
- 디쓰 씨이트 이쓰 리터르탣
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[11] Champion
First hit of AA has pushback largely reduced
First hit of BB has pushback largely reduced
6B range extended slightly
6B startup reduced by one frame?

Yep that's it sorry for srs answer

Vice Hannyabal

[09] Warrior
Some raph buffs i would like to see:

6BB damage increase
WR 3B damage increase
Make his 33A his 3A
His CE should RO. Nobody knows why it does not


[13] Hero
Make 4KB as damaging as Mitsurugi's. 4KB is way more important to Yoshi's game, yet he gets a weak version of it. 4KB/44KB: damage 44/46 -> 52/54

4K is too unsafe. Decrease recovery time, but not blockstun because that would make 4KB unsteppable. -14 -> -12

Make his 66A+B and it input variants -2 on block from -6. That's what Mitsu's is.

Less pushback on AA and BB so they can be used effectively at their tip range.

Make the 1A series +2 on hit. That's not enough to make it a good move, but it'll at least be usable.

Give him back his Mitsu 6A, the -2 on block tracking high poke. Or change his current 6A to be -2 on block and +8 on hit or something to compensate for the lack of range and back-turned vulnerability.

Decrease damage incurred from 4B+K teleport from 24 to 12. There's no reason you should get hit so hard for doing this move.

Give 100% tracking to a:B+K to make it a strong compliment to iMCF.

Decrease pushback on CH 1B+K to make combos more consistent and usable. Slightly increase the pushback on block.

Increase launch height of CH 3B+K so it's easier to CH confirm. Give it a fatter hitbox to differentiate it from 4B and 1B+K.

Increase damage of 2A+BB. It should do more than a normal BB, and both hits won't even connect at tip range. Decrease pushback on hit of 2A+B. Increase damage from 18, 14 to 21, 21. Remember Mitsu's 2A+B is -2 on block and does 28 damage.

Increase damage of 2K from 12. His FC K is 16 damage anyway.

22A should really be a safe low, what is this move good for?

So yeah lots of minor things but everything feels so lacking and neglected compared to Mitsurugi or some other characters. It's like the guy in charge of Yoshimitsu was balancing him around SCIV power levels. In many key moves he does less damage in SCV than SCIV, whereas everyone else got damage increases. All short range characters got increased range but Yoshi remained mostly the same. And SCV's system makes 33B and iFC 3K less usable (if you can't guard out of movement, you can't crouch out of movement). All the changes I suggested wouldn't even affect how much he struggles in a lot of matchups, but I think buffing general strength while keeping the same asymmetry would be best.

Ah well. Yoshimitsu still somehow wins. Why do you think that is, 8WR?