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Discussion in 'Yoshimitsu' started by neorussell, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Akromiloud

    Akromiloud [01] Neophyte

    I've been doing some training and it seems that JF FC1K has 100% recover. Are you saying that i should use it as a tech trap ? Because it looks like all of Yoshi's tech traps start with useless moves (4B, 3B+K, 9B+K...), making FC1K useless too.

    Considering that 4A JF string doesnt recover a lot, you will often lose the oportunity to go for a deathcopter trap which is kinda awesome, so I don't find it worth it.

    I really want to use those moves, but if their only purpose is to kill steps, 7_8_9K does it just fine...
  2. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    Slow down your a:B+K for a bit and then try to do MCF with the same speed. It won't come out. You'll get 2A. If you doing the slide fast enough using the shoulder buttons that you get MCF then you will also be going fast enough to get Parting Thrust. Try doing Parting Thrust slower, it still comes out but MCF won't. I was messing with it yesterday cause I kept getting Poison Breath using my PS3 controller so I tried to break it down to figure out why. I can confirm though that when doing MCF, you don't have to hit A at the exact moment you hit 2 you just have to hit it quickly before any movement starts.
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  3. HajimeOwari

    HajimeOwari [11] Champion

    Don't use FC 1K as a tech trap. Use it to punish rolling opponents when using 3B is dangerous. For example, Natsu can punish 3B on block with A:6 (JF). So, after a FC 3K, 2K combo, you can use FC 1KKKK as an alternative to 3B to punish Natsu for rolling.

    4B and 3B+K force crouch. As far as I know, 4B is great for dropping their guard meter. I haven't tested 3B+K yet, but I wouldn't call it useless.

    9B+KK is insanely useful when used properly. It jumps lows, mid-high horizontals and poking verticals (think Xiba). It also punishes sleepers a lot harder then 3B or FC 1K can.
  4. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    Not to mention that holding K for DGF every now and again sets up your mix-ups. []
  5. KayumerA

    KayumerA [03] Disciple

    IMFC slide is definitely quicker than Parting. By a small margin. Also there was a point yesterday in training where id get about 8 at most IMFC's in a row, and then id lose my flow again. I def worked out that the 2 input isn't pressed at the same time but there is definitely some incredibly tight timing on when you have to press 2 before A. Man this move is hard to do on demand though.... but im not giving up.

    EDIT: ugh i thought i was starting to get the 2 and A timing down for it..... but i lose consistency often. The timing on that is so strict, im pretty sure im either getting the timing wrong or my controller doesnt responed properly. This is getting fustratng cuz i want to be able to pull this of on demand and not just luckily manage to wing it in training. I want to be able to combo with this in an actual match and not be too afraid of using it. I know not much advice can be given except practice more but, man i wish there was some kinda insightful tip someone could give.
  6. Manjitou

    Manjitou [08] Mercenary

    My strategy seems to work 95% of the time for me :p. Add me on PSN... I think I've cracked the code.
  7. LogicBomb

    LogicBomb No Goals

    Hey folks, just joined after lurking forever so this is my first post.

    I'm most comfortable with the Xbox pad, so here's my setup.
    Standard for the most part.
    A,B,K,G all in their normal spots.
    LB -> A+K
    LT -> B+G
    RB-> A
    RT-> B+K

    This allows me to easily slide my index finger from RB to RT for Parting Thrust, while still keeping my colored buttons standard.

    Hope it helps.
  8. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    Welcome to 8WR!

    As a pad player I’ve been struggling on finding a setup that gives me reliable access to all of Yoshi’s tools. May I ask, with this setup, how do you perform BEs and CEs? With RB+RT? Do you hit A+B on the face, or with RB+B?
  9. thematrix1

    thematrix1 [08] Mercenary

    i'm too old school... arcade style... 4 buttons & the joystick... no mapping here. i have yet to pull of a:B+K in SCV but ill get there.
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  10. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    I figured I'd chime in here. I have
    Square- A
    Triangle- B
    Circle- K
    Cross- G
    R1- A+G
    R2- A+B

    To do a:B+K I just slide my finger from A to no button command as if I was trying to do a just frame slide input and then quickly piano L1 just as I'm doing it. I can get it at least 80 percent the time. Got the idea from how I slide my finger over Guard rather than pressing it for jG.
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  11. NoodleHead

    NoodleHead [02] Apprentice

    I also did not map the buttons when I do it. However I use both hands to perform the move. left hand tap A, right hand press B+K.
  12. thematrix1

    thematrix1 [08] Mercenary

    @NoodleHead I did the exact same thing last nite, using 2 hand on the buttons. And I was successful 70% of the time. Hopefully I can get it done the regular way at some point but this will do for now
  13. Mitsuyoshi

    Mitsuyoshi [09] Warrior

    In my short time with the game I can definitely say that it's tighter, but it's not impossible. Pad warrior here. I'm actually using the same exact button configuration as I did all throughout Soulcalibur IV, although my method of doing a:B+K has changed a bit.

    My face buttons are default, but L1 is B+K, L2 is B+G, R1 is A+K and R2 is A+B+K.
  14. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    What kind of controller are you using? Joystick or pad? What pad? I can't do it on a dual shock for crap maybe 40% but I can do it around 90% on an Xbox controller. Also there is some weird thing where Parting Thrust comes out as Poison Breath pretty regularly, but it NEVER happens to me on Xbox. It's odd. I don't even bother using Yoshi on PS3 for those reasons, I just use Astaroth. No dexterity required haha!! If you're using a joystick, in some ways it's harder, in others it's easier. Imagine strumming a guitar really fast.... I brace my index finger with my thumb and slide across using my nail from A to B and I'm getting the swing of it pretty well. On an Xbox pad where I am strongest, I have A and B swapped as well as K and G and I placed my finger to the right of A (which is Y) and slide across it sharply to B (which is X). Don't bother trying to press onto the A, you'll stay there for too many frames. Press beside it and slide right through it. Hope that helps.
  15. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    This is a video I made for 4 but it still applies.

  16. KayumerA

    KayumerA [03] Disciple

    hmm ill try moving my fingers around a bit then. I use a Ps3 controller. And i have my R1 set to A and my R2 set to B+K. thats what i use to get parting thrust down, which i have no problem getting when i want. I just add the 2 for IMFC which does work but its hard
  17. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    The timing for MCF is significantly tighter than the timing for Parting Thrust and the situations you would use MCF are ones were going into a stance accidentally would be very bad.

    I used to use a Logitech Wireless Precision in a similar manner with decent success on PS3. I style have a few if you can't find one. You could have it to be honest. I have too many controllers. I want to know if the Cross Battle Adapter 2.2 has cleaned up the minor latency that made MCF impossible. I'd buy one just to use my Xbox controller on PS3. Once you do the dpad fix, it's hands down the best controller.
  18. rudeb0y

    rudeb0y [10] Knight

    I can iMCF in training roughly 50-60% - however this hasn't transitioned into my play just yet. I messed around with different button setups on a TE - actually having (xbox TE btw) A as A, B as K, X as B and Y as G seems a really natural fit for a:B+K; the thumb is naturally aligned for that slide in this configuration without the need for a B+K bind. It was a lot of re-learning where guard was though so I gave up. So i've gone back to 3 attacks on top with A as G and B as B+K. This is good for parting thrust - but I can't do iMCF reliably with the same slide, i'm better sliding actual 2aB on top, even though it doesn't feel quite natural.

    Maybe it's me, but this bind also wreaks havoc with my fingers! The thumb is much more comfortable for sliding and if i'm going to be spending hours on the game I want to be comfortable at all times!

    Debating whether to stick with it, or adjust the binds again. If I go back to the original setup and swap B and K around, aB also becomes more natural (sideways not vertical). It would be a lot of re-training but worth it if it really is more natural movement all round?

    Luckily i've only really looked into Yoshi so far (can't choose a secondary, who else do you guys play as?) so it might not take long, I imagine if you play more chars though this rebind/learning would be more difficult.

    With regards 4AAAAA, it's tricky but not impossible. Not tried the others yet, want to get this reliable. What I'm trying to do in training is:
    - Put TV on mute.
    - Trying to feel the rhythm of the button presses and stick movements. Do not try to use visual queues. Doing this I find the stick hitting neutral, with the first two AAs, almost (if I can describe it) - goes 'clickety click, clickety click'
    - You should start to notice in your head, as you play it over and over, when you are missing it and when you are hitting it. It's almost like you can pick up on the subtleness of the timing better (at least in my head..)
    - Counting the buttons at first also helps not to over-press etc.
    - Practice 4AA, until you have that 90+%. If you can't start you can't finish. Once that is down, practice 4AAA, etc.
    - I also tried binding two A buttons, because tapping a rhythm with more than one when there is a change it it can be easier at first. Might work for you... something to try? Obviously get it down on one button when you have the timing.
    - When you start to get it.. add game sound..
    - keep practicing.. every time you win a round use the spare few seconds to fit one of these moves in..

    As for SDGF B:B - this is just visual queue practice I find because the landing is so telegraphed. Don't get me wrong it's a rhythm as well (i'm call thing this one - 'clockety..........clock!') but he sumersaults x amount of times which you can see, etc. The only thing I would say is that you can do it at range easily precisely because of this but when you hit someone the animations are sometimes harder to see, so practice both at range and hitting people with 1K, 8A and doing it from there.

    Wow.. didn't realise I had put so much thought into it - anyway, hopefully helps someone.
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  19. KayumerA

    KayumerA [03] Disciple

    Nice idea ill try this.

    Ill definitely try that step by step approach, sounds like a great idea.
    Also the binding idea you mentioned is perfect for me as i already have an extra A button set specifically for using yoshimitsu. (not that i use anyone else atm anyway).

    Thanks for the tips bro.
  20. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    I have A binded to R1 for iMCF so I actually use that for the 4A series. I can get it almost 50% or above now and I have a little bit of technique for it. I start it with flicking R1 in the very center of the button to the right and then flicking the very right corner of the R1 button in a very rhythmic fashion. All the hits are the same after the first one.


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