@maximilian_ Breaks Down the Latest Famitsu Article

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Maximilian Dood reports the newest information that was learned from yesterday's Famitsu article about SoulCalibur VI. Motohiro Okubo talks to Famitsu about returning mechanics and the goals the development team has for the gameplay. Max also speculates what guest characters may be coming into the game. Check out Max's reaction to the news in the video below!

SoulCalibur Concept Art by Passion Republic

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Passion Republic is a company that creates concept arts for popular video games such as Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat X, and Batman Arkham Knight. You can see some of their pieces on their website which will be linked at the bottom. If you own Mortal Kombat X, then you may have noticed that some of these concept arts are featured as unlockables in the Krypt.

These images could potentially be official designs for potential characters in the next SoulCalibur installment. Enjoy the gallery!

SDCC SoulCalibur Talk Summary

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As most of you probably know by now, the "BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Fighting Games 2016" panel has recently taken place at San Diego Comic-Con. There was no stream for this event, but thanks to Twitter we have some information about what was discussed. Below you can see the tweets from a twitter user who was present at the event.

I currently have no other details from this panel, but if you were present at the event, then feel free to post in the comments and I will add it to the OP. The takeaway is that if you want a new SoulCalibur, then you should make sure to spam the SoulCalibur Facebook group to express your interest.

Hoshino silenced by Namco? News from Harada

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As most of you may know by now, Hoshino (@hoshino_calibur), who is the director of the Soulcalibur series as of 2013, has not been actively communicating with other users on Twitter. It is currently a Soulcalibur news station and not the voice or thoughts of the director himself. We generally see Twitter accounts for both game news and for the leading director when we take a look at other fighting games.

Why is Soulcalibur so different in comparison? Katsuhiro Harada (@Harada_TEKKEN), the director of the TEKKEN series, had this to say on Twitter yesterday in reply to a comment aimed at him.
Click here to see tweets.

Guide: New Calendar and Event System!

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A couple of days ago, I disabled our old event management system here on Some of you noticed, most of you didn't. The reason for disabling our event system was that I was working on a new one! There were several issues with our old one... mostly that it was poorly programmed.

This new version aims to fix many of the issues with the old one, as well as add several new features. This post is not only an announcement of the new system, but also a guide on how to use several of the new features.

New SOULCALIBUR Title at E3? *EDIT: Hah! Nope

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The rumor mills are spinning! With the Facebook Popularity Poll ending last week, people have been wondering if Namco was about to unveil a new SOULCALIBUR title this year at E3. After all, Lost Swords is over a year old now, and was single player only. A new mothership SOULCALIBUR title tends to come out every 3-4 years, so now would be the time to get this party started.

While E3 opens to the public on Tuesday, the event actually begins for the press on Sunday. With the Microsoft keynote airing on Monday morning, and Sony during the evening, we could know the details within the next few days. So be sure to stick to 8WAYRUN to hear the news; as we will try our best to keep you all updated with the relevant information.

In the meantime, lets talk. What do you want out of a new SOULCALIBUR game? What are your expectations? New characters? Guest Characters? A complete reboot to bring back the older characters?

Soul Calibur V: USA Tier List(s)

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It's been exactly 3 years, 4 months and 7 days from today's date since the release of Soul Calibur V. That being said, I feel it's been a substantial amount of time to try and formulate a tier list. Before we dive in, there's a few things we need to lay out when in discussion on tier lists.

Firstly, it's damn near impossible to create a solid, 100% accurate tier list. Reasons vary from things like region, the game's life-span, knowledge, and the fact that not everyone will agree on one tier list. I think it's important to honor this notion and get several tier list's from distinguished community member's rather than a group effort on an absolute tier placement.

When we see a tier list, there's always going to be a debate in which a lot of people will partake in, "flame wars." This is not the intentions of this article, so please keep discussion civil. It's also important to note that all the tier lists' in this article are opinions. Whether or not you want to deem it...​

Project Soul wants to know your favorite characters!

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Early this morning, the SoulCalibur Facebook page opened a poll to see who are the fan favorite characters in the series. The list seemed to have every playable SoulCalibur character in the list to choose from. The only ones I didn't see when I was skimming were the bonus characters introduced in SCIII and SCIV.

Considering that the vote includes Lost Swords character, then it is safe to say that this is for a future SoulCalibur VI character roster. Please note that this is not a confirmation for a SoulCalibur VI. It is only speculation on my part. If you would like to have your voice to be heard, then you should get on your Facebook account and follow the directions in the spoiler below.

Fan-made SOUL EDGE 2 Game Demo/Beta!

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A fellow member of 8WAYRUN @saki has been working tirelessly for the past few months on a fan-made version of SOUL EDGE 2. The game is based on the very popular M.U.G.E.N. platform, so naturally its a 2D, 6 button fighter. But this isn't just some simple M.U.G.E.N. mod; he's customized everything, down to the menus and the music.

Since this is the first public version of the game, only a few characters are currently available: Cervantes, Mitsurugi, Taki, Sophitia, Siegfried, Nightmare, Ivy, Astaroth, Seong Mi-Na, Jin Kazama (Tekken) and Saber (Fate). There are also seven iconic Soulcalibur stages recreated in 2D form. Saki informs us that not all characters are complete (only 4 characters even have throws), and that this is strictly a beta.
Screenshots and download information after the break.

Top Player, Richard "WingZero" Warren Passes Away at 27

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Yesterday, the Soulcalibur community, and the FGC lost one of their own. Larry "ShinBlanka" Dixon recently reported on Facebook that WingZero died of natural causes early yesterday morning; he was 27. WingZero has been a member of the Atlanta Fighting Game Community for many years; but he exploded onto the zeitgeist of the Soulcalibur community when he got second place at NEC in 2005.
Larry "ShinBlank" Dixon said:
The FGC is in mourning of a great player and even better person, as Richard Warren “WingZero” has passed away today due to natural causes. He was a part of the Elite Tekken and Soul Calibur crew in Atlanta (East Point Dojo/crib), and was for years known as the best Nina (Tekken 4, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2) in America as well as one of the top Soul Calibur players in the world.

Richard was such a humble person, to be so good at his craft, and he was willing to help anyone that was willing to learn the games he mastered. He good nature and positive outlook on gaming was a breath of fresh air. His presence as a gamer, but more importantly as a person, will be missed in the Georgia FGC. A moment of silence for my dude Richard Warren AKA “WingZero”. God bless your family as our thoughts and prayers will be with you and those you love. We’ll see you in that East Point dojo in the sky!

RIP homie!
WingZero has since placed at many tournaments, including Final Round and multiple different Major League Gaming events. Its always sad when the FGC loses a life; even more tragic when they are so young. Feel free to leave your condolences and share your stories with those he left behind.