Fanart Friday: Lay on, Macduff Edition
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Since this Fanart Friday results are after the announcement of Ezio, some people decided to include him in the fanart... thats fine; I expected as much. This marks the end of the Fanart Friday series. We've received lots of fanart over the past few months, some interesting, some disturbing; but we're glad to have them all.

All prizes will be sent out at the end of the last poll.
(which can be found after the break).
Fanart Friday: Concept Box Art Edition!
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We got a few entries for the previous topic, and some people decided to take it in interesting directions. This week's topic is much more relevant to Soulcalibur 5. Concept Box Art! At the moment, Namco has yet to reveal the box art, nor the release date for SC5. So now you'll be able to send in your own box art ideas... As usual, be as creative as you want.
Extended rules and selections poll from last week are after the break.
Fanart Friday: Modern Day Edition!
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We didn't get many entries for the prior Fanart Friday, so I extended it for two weeks... and we still didn't get too many entries. That's okay, it wasn't a topic I expected to appeal to many users. So this week will have a much broader appeal!

This week's topic is simple... Soulcalibur characters in present day! Just like Zasalamel's ending in Soulcalibur 4; what would your favorite characters look like if they were alive today? Be as creative as you want.
Extended rules and selections poll from last week are after the break.
Fanart Friday: Custom Stages Edition!
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Well last week was a mistake. This was an awful, awful idea; and any of you who participated in it should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. These are not good, and I already regret ever doing this! You people are sick!

Hopefully this week's topic will give us a reprieve from you nasty people. Its a lot simpler: custom stages. Come up with some stage design; whether you want to be ornate and come up with a setting, or be as simple as possible and come up with a mechanic is up to you.
Extended rules and selections poll from last week are after the break.
Fanart Friday: Gender Bender Edition
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We actually didn't get a lot of submissions for last week's Swimsuit Edition of Fanart Friday. What's the problem? Was the topic too "pervy" for Soul Calibur's obviously high brow stature and community? Well moving on...

This week's topic actually ups the perv factor; but in a different way. The topic: gender bending. Draw a Soul Calibur character, but in the opposite sex. Naturally, only official Soul Calibur characters will be accepted.
Extended rules and selections poll from last week are after the break.
Fanart Friday: Swimsuit Edition!
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It's labor day weekend here in the United States, and what does that mean? Well naturally, the unofficial end of summer. So in honor of that inevitable end, and the upcoming equinox, this week's contest will be the swimsuit edition! This week, only official Soul Calibur characters will be accepted.

Last week's submissions have been gathered up; a lot of people submitted a large number of entries. I took what I considered the 2 best from each submission and added it to the list. Some people also submitted customization of existing Soul Calibur characters; I have decided not to include those submissions and instead that will be a topic of a future week.
Extended rules and selections poll from last week are after the break.
Fanart Friday: Create-a-Soul Edition
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So last week was our first Fanart Friday; and I didn't explain the rules too well... my fault. Last week was supposed to be an emphasis on custom weapons; but a lot of people sent in create-a-soul characters instead. So I will only be posting entries which show a higher emphasis on the character's weapons themselves and this week will be all about Create-a-Soul characters...

If you send in a create-a-soul last week, resend your entry this week. Multiple entries will be permitted, however if we get too many entries, I will have to limit the number of entries per person and select the ones I think are the best. Also, try to include all your entries in a single submission. Remember, submit your entries using the "Contact Us" form; do not post your entries as a comment. Also, while the Soul Calibur series is rated "mature" with "sexual situations", we can not accept any entries with blatant nudity.

Moving on, I have selected 30 of the best entries from the past week... There is also a poll where users can vote on their favorites; the winner receives a limited Project Soul T-Shirt! Images embedded after the break.
Fanart Friday: Custom Weapons Edition
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Didn't get a chance to make it out to Comic-Con/EVO2K this year? Then chances are you didn't get your hands on Namco-Bandai's official Soul Calibur V t-shirt. But that's okay, you get another chance! Namco-Bandai Games is teaming up with 8WayRun.Com to run a series of weekly fanart contests!

So here's what we're gonna do... Every Friday, we will be announcing a new "fanart theme", and participants will have the week to mail in. The next week, we will announce a new theme, and also put up the previous entries in a vote. The winners each week will recieve an official Soul Calibur V t-shirt; and possibly whatever odds-and-ends surprises we decide to throw in.

This week's theme? Custom Weapons! You have a new weapon idea? Draw something and send it in... Entries will be voted on by the community; so you don't necessarily have to be a great artist, just be creative! When submitting your entries, DO NOT attach them as a comment; instead...