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    Git up in There! Amy Combos!

    Nope, we're beating our heads against the wall but it looks like Amy has NO combos. Better switch characters.
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    Git up in There! Amy Combos!

    Unfortunately, all these stuns are shakable, and 9A+B after is 3BA is techable to one side (can't remember offhand). Not a combo, but it would work nicely against people who don't shake well, even though they should and will at higher levels.
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    List of quotes in Soul Calibur 4

    Amy says: - The truth of the matter, are weak. (Win) - Words of a loser are meaningless... (Win) - Perfect... (Last round perfect) she also makes the most awkard pose ever that looks horrible. - Pathetic... (Critical Finish)
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    Which guy rather date Ivy?

    I chose Raph. I can imagine them going to some europhillic indie bar together and rubbing against some other free-loving, plaid-wearing, pale-faced hipsters and thinking they're special. Voldo might be there too if he wasn't an old man.
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    Weapons you wish were in Soul Calibur

    They need a drunk fighter, who fights with a sock full of pennies. /win
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    School and work have been raping my soul-gauge! I havn't been able to come out at all, but I...

    School and work have been raping my soul-gauge! I havn't been able to come out at all, but I want to!
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    Residential queers

    At least in New York, queer is not the politically correct way to say it. Etymologically, queer signifies deviance, synonymous with 'weird.' 'Gay' has much more 'joyous' and 'vibrant' roots, if you will. If I heard someone say I was queer, my first reaction would actually be, 'are you f-ing...
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    Manliest Characters

    I can't believe no one has correctly mentioned Ivy. It's not like her chest is real.
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    Just Frame List

    Amy: -6:6B -236K:A (that's it!)
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    SCIV: Amy Vs

    Asura -I'm pretty sure 66A gets past Kilik's Asura because of the delay. -You can B+K the second and third hits I think -Bait him into using it, block it, and get your Juggle. Its very unsafe. -Sidestep
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    Amy stuns shake/nonshake

    Use the shakable stuns to continue momentum and give immediate mixups. Mix-ups I do after them -- 6B+K on hit: -FC 1B -FC 3B -Throw if they are consistent shakers WR B: -33B and followups -2B+K, FC 1B -Throw if they are consistent shakers. *No one EVER blocks 2B+K after WR B Note: Try...
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    SCIV: Amy Strategies and Setups

    2B+K, 66A+B is not guaranteed, I don't think. 2B+K, FC 1B is. After 2B+K hold 1 and mash B, should work every time. I get a LOT of damage from 2B+K, FC 1B. All of Amy's mids are super good, and most people with be very careful about ducking into them when she is at advantage. BT B+K, 1KA...
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    [New York City, NY] Afraid of a Little Fire????

    Are there any games tonight? Need to see how my Amy is doing. P.S. I'm the skinny white guy who came with a friend (Seb, Taki) a few weeks ago to Papy's and played Amy.
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    1.03 Tier List Discussion (aka Argument)

    This is my impression of Amy. How good is their punishing game? What's they're fastest punisher? -Amy's fastest punisher is 6BB at i11. It starts a mix-up right away with 236BB or 236, 2B+K (In my case). Her punishing speed is great. How many frames do they need to punish for a...
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    Team Crooked Jester September Soulcalibur IV Monthly Results

    [9/6/2008] Team Crooked Jester Soul Calibur 4 Monthly Results! I had a lot of fun last night--first tournament for me. Learned a lot and will definitely come back. main shout-outs to: kPc and JMoney for Amy tips NeoOutlaw for teaching me never to whiff Hori for having such a good...