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    [MATCH-UP] Talim

    I could certainly use some assistance here. She has to be close and pesky, I need to be far and meticulous. She can eat me up if she gets too close.
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    Why am I getting throw-broken so much?

    I've had sessions where I couldn't land a single throw on an opponent. This isn't like Tekken where you can watch an animation and know what to do break. A and B throws start up the same, how can someone guess that so accurately? Am I missing something about throws?
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    My first impressions on SoulCalibur II HD Online

    This is a very dubious port. I don't even know why I bought it (WITH REAL MONEY; Microsoft's online XBL Marketplace still hasn't been upgraded to use your wallet so I accidentally paid using my PayPal account instead of my oodles of banked currency). I heard all your complaints before I got it...
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    My first impressions on SoulCalibur II HD Online

    If I'm to make an off-the-cuff guess, maybe the absence of Japanese voices is due to Daisuke Gouri's Heihachi...maybe. His estate legally owns his voice so if his estate refused to license his voice posthumously, then maybe they just abandoned the whole idea.
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    My first impressions on SoulCalibur II HD Online

    From the very start I suspected this was going to happen for some reason. It just seemed like one of those things that was bound to be dropped and here we are.
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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    They shoulda tapped Sega for netcode advice since they were already working together on the game. VF5:FS runs pretty well online.
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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    Preliminary reports suggest that the netplay is el-crappo. Not good.
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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    Actually, scratch what I said. This is just for a CEO-sponsored mini-event that happens next week. I guess if people show up and play they'll keep it onboard for future events. Seems doubtful, though...I don't think everyone out there knows what we know about the game...
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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    You guys hear this game made the cut for CEO 2012? ... Even though SC5 didn't...
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    Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

    I haven't played it but it's really my fault...I haven't forgotten about it...just forgotten to play it.
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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Unlimited

    Can you handle a Mishima? On that note, I'd like some Angel combos (but only ones she can do by herself; I still don't have the competency to pull off Tag Assaults well).
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    Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Ace Attorney 5) [3DS]

    Aside from the fact that it's coming for sure? No. But that might be due to the fact we don't have a Japanese release date either... It was just announced back in January. This is the first real info to surface on the game. Anyway...PEOPLE ON 8WR LIKE ACE ATTORNEY!
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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    I still think my Tekken Facebook group removed me for mentioning I was going to play DoA5.
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    It's "Classic HD Port Announcement" Day! (MvC and NiGHTS)

    Two (technically three) HD ports scheduled for dropage this fall: NiGHTS: Into Dreams... Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins The first one is the Sega Saturn classic, revived for the current generation of consoles (and Steam). Will launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam in the...
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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    I dunno man...if Sarah Bryant was a hit and now Rig is real, the only no-shows left would be Pai and Mila (boss?). If this was just a bunch of returning characters I might be inclined to agree that it's not sufficient but we're talking new faces here (characters we wouldn't be able to expect...