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    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    This thread is now officially Marvel vs Training Mode: Fate of Two Theories. Stop scrubbing out and go to fucking tournaments already. Wolverine IS dumb. Learn to fucking play you retards.
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    8 Wayrun movie club

    Here's a little gift from me (and Akira Kurosawa). Rashomon entered the japanese public domain a few years ago and is now freely available on the internet, you can watch it in stream here: It's a really incredible movie, so you should just go...
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    Fuck this shit, got a busted 360 from a friend who couldn't fix it (turns out he was just lazy and forgot to check the heatsink for thermal paste/malfunctions and that was the problem), cost me $40 to fix. I'm now enjoying laggy ass fighting games again. It feels good to rage at scrubs after a...
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    Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    So, I'm tired of playing randoms. If anyone feels like making me rage at the shitty online, feel free to add me. I'm currently 4th lord so make it what you want to make of it. PSN ID is eagerbottomboi
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    The battle of big swords

    Pay yo bills Vints!
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    Top 5 Books of all time!

    Time to nerd up this shit: Frank Herbert's Dune Ender's Game/Ender's Shadow (both are equally as good and are set in the same universe so yeah, technicality but fuck off) Snowcrash (this is actually a really "shit" novel when you first read it, it's standard cyberpunk stuff and even the main...
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    Well looks like my computer is finally dead...

    I'm a big fan of Lian Li's SFF Micro-ATX cases like this one. They're incredibly simple to move about due to being just the perfect size between portability and actually having space in them for higher end hardware. Motherboards are more universal, since they all pretty much do the same stuff up...
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    Your favorite Metal Bands

    I'm honestly more a fan of stuff like this: Finntroll: Ayreon: Cannibal Corpse: Demons & Wizards: And of course all the oldies/greaties like Pantera, Megadeth, Anthrax and the likes, but those go without saying really.
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    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    ITT: Scrubs thinking MK2 was any good and hoping that MK9 will achieve its "greatness" again. (I'd rather play this: than this: )
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    Alice The Madness Returns

    To be quite frank, I'm pretty sure anyone who says American McGee's Alice was a great game never played it. Did it have great atmosphere and awesome graphics back then? Fuck yes it did. Did it have anything else? No. It was a mediocre platformer that relied on shoddy controls and about a hundred...
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    League of Legends

    I'm just going to drop this here. Ninja edit, part deux:
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    Pick a game for me to play on stream!

    Genghis John forgot to mention the most important thing of the oldschool Fallout games. You can punch rats in the dick in them. Punch. Rats. In the dick. I rest my case.
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    Android Awesomeness Thread!

    My old 1st gen (or is it 1.5?) HTC Magic+ is pretty old, but whatever it manages to run fine for now. Will definitely upgrade to an Incredible or a Nexus One in the near future tho. Definitive list of must-have apps: DolphinbrowserHD (best goddamn browser you can get, although updating it is...
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    World Series-Texas vs San Fran

    Predictions: About 5 people will watch this since both teams suck.