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    Eating Cajun food? No wait... that's soylent green XP.
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    How do you play your Nightmare?

    By telling him a really sad story of my dying daughter, forcing him to give up his last gold coin, then I snicker to myself.
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    At least let the unborn child have a few moments of peace in the womb before offering advice to destroy her social life for the future... Jesus XD. Also, get hand insurance... because when any women asks to hold your hand when going to labor, your palm will look as knotted up as a pretzel...
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    Is It Wrong?

    I don't see anything wrong with this picture. I mean, the dude on the computer is wearing headphones... it's not like he's going to hear the "first-class porno" going on behind him if he's listening to heavy metal while blogging on 4chan XD.
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    The iPad... Love and Hate...

    I'm still waiting for my iRan... shoes that download music, e-books, and porn. Because whenever I run, I want to listen to System of a Down while watching Housewives Gone Wild amist reading "To Kill a Mockingbird". But seriously though, what will Steve Jobs think of next?
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    I'm going to name my kids nightmare and siegfried

    As long as you don't name any of your children Voldo, you'll be fine! I'm serious, don't even consider this as one of their middle names either, because as soon as one classmate in your children's class finds out about the Soul Calibur series (since as we all know, children today are...
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    Why it's best to put marriage before sex

    Jesus, IvyFanBoy, it's a miracle that you aren't hired as Hugh Hefner's personal sex therapist... you would make a fortune!
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    American Idol Thread

    Yo dog, American Idol is cool, dog, cuz you know, dog, that ending your sentence with the word 'dog' makes you cool, dog. Hell, I call my pet dogs dogs... I'm sorry, why is Simon Cowell leaving and not the overly annoying Randy Jackson. Jesus, I would rather have two Paula Abduls on the show...
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    Awful Soul Calibur Cosplay

    Check out that gut on Tira o_O ---> This one isn't bad, I just put it here because of the speech bubbles XD. I win... give me my cookie, NAOH!! >:D
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    Jokes, anyone?

    More dirty/sexist jokes from Google search: Two women friends had gone out for a Girls Night Out, and had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the cocktails. Incredibly drunk and walking home they suddenly realized they both needed to pee. They were very near a graveyard and one of them...
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    Random Post Thread

    Welcome! Whattyeru buyin'? Whattyeru sellin'? Come back anytime!
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    Jokes, anyone?

    Madnis and Fly has got me beat. Let's see... what can glorious Google provide for me?! (Being unoriginal this time) XP What happens when a Jew with an erection walks into a wall? He breaks his nose. A manager at a credit union hired a new blonde secretary. He showed her the ropes of...
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    Faulty Xbox ruins Halo

    My God, are people still playing this game?! *runs for the hills*
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    Jokes, anyone?

    A Chinese man, a Mexican man, and an American man are all deciding what to throw off a clip over a town that they are currently residing. The Chinese man throws a wok, the Mexican man throws a pinata, and the American man throws a land mine. Later that day, the Chinese man goes home, only to...