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Discussion in 'α Patroklos' started by BrewtusBibulus, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Maxou

    Maxou [11] Champion

    Left side tech makes the JF O JF O just much harder. That's why you always need to train with Left Side tech on with Alpha.
    On little hitboxes (Pyrrha, Viola, etc..) timing is very strict. You can have another version of 44B+K BE 214~3B:B JF O that is combo and makes 81 dmg but doesn't combo with another JF O if you're too late.
    But still IIRC, 44B+K 214~3B:B JF O JF O it can't be teched. Even with Pyrrha. Timing is very hard though, so I prefer 44B+K BE JFO JFO.
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  2. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    Oh, ok.
  3. Woahhzz

    Woahhzz [09] Warrior

    Yeah, been doing testing last night since Ring said it should be guaranteed. I got it to work but at tip/near tip range of 1B:B x2, 2143 B:B, twister x2 wouldn't connect. Dunno if it's character specific but I was testing on aPat.

    And the 44B+K BE thing is credits to Obi :P
  4. Woahhzz

    Woahhzz [09] Warrior

    I'm might change my handle cause people keep spelling my name wrong. Maybe aWoahhzz might be easier.
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  5. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    I think this will probably work on epople with fatter/longer hitboxes (i.e. Asta and Raph).

    Btw, has anyone found a way to make the 2A BE consistent in the A+G, 8A+BB, 2A BE, JFT combo? Vs. smaller females, I mean. I thought the 4~8A+B technique would work, but with Omega set to left tech I cannot seem to get this to work. This is even really random vs. Natsu: in training it connects all the time (the 2A BE), but often times in matches it whiffs. No idea what I'm not isolating, but something weird is going on with this combo.
  6. Eji1700

    Eji1700 [09] Warrior

    Not sure i'm testing this right, but-
    3B Counterhit-
    8A+B, B, BT B+K:B= 81/82 dmg meterless.

    If i'm not screwing something up in training mode that's a hell of a lot better than what's currently listed.

    After more testing it's, at the very least, affected by the same left tech issue that occurs during the A grab combo.

    Oh and b4k4- I can't get it vs omega at all either. At the moment i'm just treating it as too risky and sticking to leaving the meter out of the combo.
  7. XxRainism

    XxRainism [05] Battler

    If you're in range double AG:B ~ 2aA+B+K ~ JF Sakura twister. If you don't have the meter for 2aA+B+K then yea, you might want to choose a different combo. It's a combo you should use if you can AG:B multiple times - like on point accurate never miss or, you've just lost free damage.

    Depending on wall angles after guard break go for 1B:B:B setups or, if you can't use that then 22_88BA.
  8. Synraii

    Synraii [14] Master

    My preferred post-guard crush combo:

    2143A+B, 2363B, 2143B:B, JF Twister, JF Twister.

    0 Meter used, 114 dmg. (Clean hits give more and are very likely to occur)
    Can be edited to give subsequent wall combo.
    Sick RO potential.
    Builds 1 stock of meter by itself.
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  9. Maxou

    Maxou [11] Champion

    Post GC combo :
    214~3A+B, 2363B JFO JFO.

    Keep it simple.

    If you have BE : 214~3A+B 2363B 2A BE JFO
  10. Destinizish

    Destinizish Now Sleep Forever

    So I just started playing him after spending all my time on Viola.

    Why in the hell did they lower the execution barrier SO MUCH for Patsuka? Like really, 1B:B 1B:B 44B+K 214~3B:B JFO JFO took like no time to get at least 75% of the time.

    It's like they made the character stupidly broken good, then made him easier. I almost feel ashamed for playing him right now. :(

    In other news -

    NH 33B 66A+B forces them to block a 66A+B or eat it OTG (catches all directions). Since 66A+B breaks so fast, this is golden if they're red and you land a 33B.

    Also 44A+B 8A+B B 2A BE 8A+B B is a cool 120. I can't imagine actually landing 44A+B this time around though. :(
  11. Destinizish

    Destinizish Now Sleep Forever

    Right so after a bit more testing:

    His aGI works like it did last time. (Albeit more useful, the frames for it seem better, and regular GIs cost meter now). Once you hit level 4, you can revert to all other levels of aGI by holding directions:

    A+B[4] =launch
    A+B[2] =neck slash
    A+B[6] =level 1 6B looking thing.
    A+B[8] =B+K series

    What does this have to do with combos? Well - his neck slash is still his best option as you can still combo B+K series after it. Not only that, though, you can also follow up with 66B.


    A+B[2] aGI B+K62B44B+K combos for 86 as opposed to the normal 82 from A+B8.

    A+B[2] aGI 3B bA - 76ish damage

    A+B[2] aGI 66B 44 8A+B B 2A BE 8A+B B - 106 damage

    Yep, you can get 22 more damage for the cost of one BE, and it's 106 damage off an aGI.
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  12. FruNya

    FruNya [05] Battler

    3В, 2аВЕ, 8А+ВВ, 2аВЕ, 8А+ВВ, 2аВЕ, 8А+ВВ, 2аВЕ, 8А+ВВ, JFT - 217dmg %)
  13. Maxou

    Maxou [11] Champion

    ^Isn't garanteed
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  14. SwickHobo

    SwickHobo [01] Neophyte

    Will Edit as i find more.

    11_77B, 8A+BB, 2aBE, 8A+B, 2143aB - 110(120 with JFT) dmg 1/2 bar
    (can also alternate between 8A+BB and 2aBE and empty your bar for a god combo, rather then finish with a tornado. Sadly this does not work on most females, beware.)

    2A+B, 22_88BA -50 dmg
    a lot easier to do then a JF tornado for only 4 less damage. Can also follow up with a 8A+BB, JFT to catch rollers and is safe on block (just the 8A+BB)

    22_88A,A, 8A+BB, JFT- 75dmg

    3b, 2aBE, 8A+BB, 2aBE, 8A+BB- Tornado- 133dmg 1 Bar
    only works on female chars. prolly short males 2 but havent tested it.
  15. Thavaro

    Thavaro [01] Neophyte

    Almost positive the one in bold can be teched. In fact I was under the assumption almost every 2aBE, 8a+bb can be teched.
  16. SwickHobo

    SwickHobo [01] Neophyte

    maybe they can i'm just playing around online trying new things and no1 has yet, outta about 50 matches. but most people are clueless so you might be right.
  17. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    22_88AA, 8A+BB is not guaranteed. This only leads to a tech trap. Guaranteed damage options off of 22_88AA include:


    That's pretty much it. The 8A+BB will only connect if the opponent doesn't Ukemi.

    As for 2A BE -> 8A+BB in combos, it's complicated. The opponent can Ukemi after the 2A BE, BUT, the 8A+BB will still hit them while they try to roll, and catches all tech directions. If they DON'T Ukemi, 8A+BB will relaunch them, allowing for another 2A BE, 8A+BB (spacing dependent) or a JFT.

    This is why Maxou said FruNya's combo was not guaranteed: the opponent can easily Ukemi out of the 2A BE, 8A+BB loop. They'll still get caught by the 8A+BB if they Ukemi, but it won't relaunch to keep the combo going.
  18. Eji1700

    Eji1700 [09] Warrior

    8A+B, B is tricky which is kinda why i'd like someone to test the combo i posted.

    3B CH, 8A+B, B, BT B+K:B

    I can do this against people online but as always they rarely ukemi, and I can't figure out a way to set it up in training mode. Normally i'd just record the CPU doing it and test myself, but the counterhit only property makes it a pain to test. The only thing i found so far is it's got the same left tech issue vs small females, but that seems to be it's only downside.
  19. Reidrum

    Reidrum [06] Combatant

    Haven't seen this mentioned, so I figure I'll say it.

    Against nightmare, this works 100% of the time. Using the buffered 4 trick, it might work against others, but without it it works against nightmare. Everyone else gets a Back Turned B+K instead of 2A BE for the second one.

    A+G, 8A+BB, 2A BE, 8A+BB, 2A BE, 8A+BB, 2A BE, 8A+BB, 2A BE, 8A+BB, Sakura twister.

    Does around 200 damage.

    UPDATE: The 4 buffer makes it work against Pyrrha, so I assume everyone. However, you have to buffer it just the right distance or else it just doesn't work.

    Does 214 damage.
  20. b4k4

    b4k4 [06] Combatant

    You need to turn on Ukemi settings in your training mode. Go to 2P settings -> Control Settings -> Ukemi Settings, and set it to RIGHT.

    Now try your "combo". It's not going to work.

    Next person to post 2A BE, 8A+BB loops as a "combo" is getting their posts deleted. I wouldn't be so pissed about this if I hadn't explained exactly why this loop does not work three posts up in the thread.

    Seriously. Look up.
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