CONFIRMED: Raphael and Cervantes playable at Melbourne eSports Open

A series of pictures have been going around on Facebook for the past hour, claiming to have been taken at the Melbourne eSports Open today. These two pictures were posted by @Borgieman on the SOULCALIBUR Competitive Players Facebook group. Namco Bandai has not confirmed either of these two characters.

Both Cervantes and Raphael were part of the leak from three months ago, which also included Azwel. We have no other confirmation on the validity of these pictures; but we will update this post throughout the weekend if more media and pictures come from him!


Update: Another member of 8WAYRUN, @Eclair is also at MEO, and has given his confirmation with a video!


Update 2: well as it turns out, Namco accidentally set up the wrong build of the game at MEO. These characters were not supposed to be revealed today. Videos have been taken down. Unfortunately for them though, you can't stuff the genie back in the bottle.
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Jason Axelrod


I'm convinced this leak is legit.

If I'm wrong, then... oops. But whatevs. I still think it's for real and I AM SO HYPED!!!
There is also another, Creation/CAS spot seen here, it seems more real than fake. And assuming, this is the final build with the last 4 white dots reserved for the Season Pass characters.
picture looks legit. Don't recall those pictures anywhere else in previous games. Raphael has glasses in that picture. Pretty sure he never had glasses?

Besides, we all expect those 2 anyways. I was already convinced before all these leaks.
I think the two remaining white dots (above Xianghua and below Cervantes) will be the remaining “base roster” and I get the impression the two bottom circles will go to another screen for DLC characters. Who knows. Maybe they have extra characters that use the regular or similar styles that haven’t been mentioned. In SC3 Chronicles of the sword I don’t remember any announcements on the website about the extra characters.

Can’t wait for October 19. Lol. Requested a week off work to play this game.
Three questions for the Cervantes player:

Does he still have iGDR?

Can he do FC A+B guard break with BBBB or is the execution more similar to SC5?

Regarding the 2nd question, is his animation for that move exactly like in previous SC iterations (1-4) or is more like SC5's?
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