CONFIRMED: Raphael and Cervantes playable at Melbourne eSports Open

A series of pictures have been going around on Facebook for the past hour, claiming to have been taken at the Melbourne eSports Open today. These two pictures were posted by @Borgieman on the SOULCALIBUR Competitive Players Facebook group. Namco Bandai has not confirmed either of these two characters.

Both Cervantes and Raphael were part of the leak from three months ago, which also included Azwel. We have no other confirmation on the validity of these pictures; but we will update this post throughout the weekend if more media and pictures come from him!


Update: Another member of 8WAYRUN, @Eclair is also at MEO, and has given his confirmation with a video!


Update 2: well as it turns out, Namco accidentally set up the wrong build of the game at MEO. These characters were not supposed to be revealed today. Videos have been taken down. Unfortunately for them though, you can't stuff the genie back in the bottle.
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Jason Axelrod


Wow got home from vacation and this is the news I get great! About Raph's design it certainly was not what I was expecting but it looks cool. Also curious about the glasses and why he has them. Are they more than just glasses? Maybe part of his origin story before sc2? Well I guess I'll have to find out come October 19th.
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@Eclair what about the stage select screen? Are there more stages than what we saw at the E3 build?

This is the E3 build btw:
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All stages were available, Kunpaektu Shrine and Astral Chaos were the other stages.

@Eclair @Borgieman I understand you can't show the footage but do you still have it for your own eyes? can you speak about it from what you can see, regarding characters we haven't seen gameplay of yet?
I am in the process of doing a write up for both Voldo and Azwel, I believe Eclair has done one for Talim. I am convincing another one of the exhibitors to do one for Seung Mina and Raphael.
My boy is back, guess I'm committed to SC6. :-D The glasses look more like a minimalist masquerade mask to me, kinda like the ones on his P2 costume in 3 & 4. He looks more human in these images, so perhaps the vampire/malfested thing is being rolled back.