FreeMeal's SoulCalibur 6 Creations (with some SC5, perhaps)


[13] Hero
@Herr-Krieg Thanks! He's from the manga of the same name. There was a push in the 90's with 2 US produced live-action movies.

@MistaKoo Thanks very much. Lars was tough as well.

@Z3R01 Unfortunately, I'll be away from my PS3 for a while, so I'm afraid I won't be able to make him in SC5.

@WindupSkeleton Yeah both characters from Slay The Spire got requested. Glad both you and the requesters seem happy with them.

Things should improve now that I have my precious Wide-Opening Gloves to work with. A great deal of versatility. Now if only I can get an actual belt so I can cut off the bottoms of some tops cleanly...