Guest Character DLC

Which Guest Characters would you want for DLC?

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Considering Project Soul's improved involvement with the game and our interests, the idea of even more guest characters released as DLC is even likelier.

What are your own choices?


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XIII-2 comes out on the same day as SCV. If PS allowed for Lightning or Serah as DLC, it would probably be like a promotion for XIII-2. Dunno what terms PS and Square Enix are on, but meh. I can dream.


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Well there are a few that I would like but can't think of right now (sick as a dog) but of the choices i'll say Lightning cause i'm a big FF fan and she is cooler then everyone up there xD and especially with her FFXIII-2 look she'd fit in perfectly


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Frank West. NOT because he's covered wars; goddammit old meme is old. Because he could have a whole bunch of cool moves and weapon sets.
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Wonderin how the DJ controls are. Lots of kick combs like in Tekken, but X isn't a kick button in SCV like in Tekken so would you have to keep pressing O or what? Wonder if they'll just be combinations of A, B, K, etc


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I'm not a fan of the character, but I voted Bayonetta, simply because she was originally supposed to be the guest on SCV. Though, I wouldn't mind Dante since he was supposed to be a guest as well in SCIII.


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Was she really? >.>

Apparently the creator of Bayonetta designed Tira and Ivy's 2p as well as Leixia's 1p and stated that Bayonetta was supposed to be the guest. But due to graphical errors, they went with Unbisoft's idea by including Ezio instead.