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    Interesting, thanks a lot. It's too bad they don't really explain what's up with Kilik in the present day, but I guess this describes the last night they saw each other a.k.a. the night Xiba was conceived.

    Thanks for the relationship chart stuff, too. So Marienbard might be the reason Raphael learns about Soul Calibur in his SCIV profile? The official translation of that profile had said he learned of it from "creatures of the dark", so maybe that meant Marienbard.
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    Here's pretty much everything from the last part of the "1st character" part of the book which is about primary characters who are not in SC5.

    IMG_0278.jpg IMG_0277.jpg IMG_0279.jpg IMG_0281.jpg IMG_0282.jpg IMG_0283.jpg IMG_0284.jpg IMG_0287.jpg IMG_0288.jpg IMG_0289.jpg IMG_0290.jpg IMG_0291.jpg IMG_0294.jpg IMG_0295.jpg IMG_0296.jpg IMG_0297.jpg IMG_0298.jpg IMG_0299.jpg IMG_0300.jpg IMG_0301.jpg IMG_0302.jpg IMG_0303.jpg IMG_0304.jpg IMG_0306.jpg IMG_0307.jpg IMG_0309.jpg IMG_0310.jpg
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    I'd really like to hear the part about Li Long and Chie. Also Taki.

    Wait, so Edgemaster is Xianghua's father?

    On another note, anyone think it's ultimately stupid they released this art book in Japanese, for an audience that doesn't even really like Soul Calibur, (compared to the American audience, where it's more popular)?
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    kong is. The dude who sired xianglian. Which is the chick that Kilik wanted before he killed her. So he settled for her younger sister.
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    Nah kilik loved xianglian as a sister. But I don't think he knows that x is her sister...so he subconciously wants to fuck his sister.

    This is some star wars esque bullshit going down here
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    I always knew Xianghua had a going on but I didn't know she got it like that. Where do I sign up to hook up with X?
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    That and being married. Sad that she misses both Kilik and Xiba, although it's glad to know she visits Xiba but did she at least tell him about who his dad is, let alone knowing he has a sister?
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    No problem, glad to help. And yeah, it's likely she's that one "creature of the dark", I considered that possibility too (only thing that bothers me is Raph's first storymode chapter, but that's a minor nuisance)

    Saved!! Thanks again for the help, very much appreciated! I'm already looking forward for these ones, Night Terror looks like a very promising one already.

    Heard and noted. Once the ones I'm currently doing are done, they are next. :sc1tak1:

    As far as I know, nothing seems to indicate she has told Xiba anything, not even that she's his mother. His profile seems to be the most clear about it, as she's not listed at all and Kong is just his "fatherly figure and teacher" rather than grandfather.
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    I really love this story, but the fact that fans have to go to these lengths just to find out the most basic aspects of these characters? It's bullshit.

    Keep translating, by the way. Splendid work.
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    That sucks how X can't just say that she is his mother and how this is all a secret of a secret. I just wished that there were some way to bring some actual closure with this.
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    Same here.... =/
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    Closure? What are you talking about, this is Soulcalibur: The Alexandra's Misfortune. no one gives a shit about the other characters anyway.
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    Don't worry, its a game. Getting sucked into another dimension can do anything lol. For all we know in 6 they could be spit back out age regressed so they'd "fit" again.
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    Man, the Pistol and Axe & Crossbow would have been awesome styles to include in Soul Calibur!
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    I like Dampierre's gang. They totally need to have their own game where they try to pull heists and stuff like that.
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    And Patroklos will be hot on their trail, with Damp. and co having to evade him at every turn! Will they succeed, or will they fall to the price of justice?
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    I don't like how they remade Gisele. She was a tomboy in her previous design, no need to make her look like some weird Amy/Ivy lovechild now... and after losing the eyepatch, this character has lost her entire appeal, at least to me.

    However, seeing as the guest characters' movesets are recycled into new characters later on, I wouldn't be surprised if Gisele joined the main cast somehow.
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    Le Bello's gang is one of many interesting background characters who ought to get playable. I'd personally like to see a Geki done right (arm-blade and kodachi and no lightning stuff)

    Anyway, here's my third contribution for the topic:

    Pyrrha Note: "Cursed blood flowing through her body"
    The body of Pyrrha's mother, Sophitia, was once struck with fragments of the evil sword upon Soul Edge's destruction, but one fragment was impossible to remove and was left alone. That piece was buried close to her heart, and she could die from damage to the heart if attempted to remove.

    That piece of the cursed sword continued to emit evil energy within Sophitia. 3 years later, Sophitia gave birth to her child Pyrrha. Having undertaken all the evil energy flowing in her mother's body, Pyrrha was born as a child with a powerful evil aura.

    The fragment of the cursed sword increases in power by devouring the souls of opponents killed by Pyrrha. Forced by Tira, Pyrrha has already claimed the souls of others several times. Now Pyrrha's body, whenever a destructive emotion flares up, is corrupted by an overflowing of evil energy.
    I was hoping this text would confirm my theory that "Pyrrha's shard = Sophitia's shard", and thus reveal that Sophitia may have either severely injured or killed herself. Still, it sort of implies it anyway, so maybe I'm on the right track.

    Tira Note: "Tira's time in the "Bird of Passage""
    Tira received training in the arts of assassination from a very young age. By the time she turned 9, she was a "Bird of Death" that has claimed countless lives. Afterwards, she was incorporated into the force of a man named Solnhofen, which was left with the most dangerous missions in the assassination of VIPs, "extermination and clean-up of the escort". Due to her severe mental unstability, Tira often caused unexpected accidents. The troops treated her like a plague, and yet it seemed her skills were still needed.

    Tira Note: "Watchers"
    Watchers are beings similar to familiar spirits, generic animals malfested for the sake of collecting shards and gathering information for Soul Edge. Even before Nightmare used them, Cervantes employed both a small shark and a black hawk.
    Using a fragment of the evil sword, Tira is accompanied by a large number of crow watchers, examining information from several locations while she awaits for a chance to "take over the evil sword".
    Lol, a small shark. I want Cervantes to have a CE with it now! *_*

    Relationships Chart Quickie.
    I've been taking potshots at the charts, and gathering some of the more interesting facts off it for a quick rundown:
    + Dampierre stole several national treasures from Wolfkrone during his escape 17 years ago (aka, his BD profile)
    + Dampierre is also the one who sold Pyrrha into slavery, after "smooth-talking" her (the bastard!)
    + Cervantes has a very healthy relationship with Dampierre too, selling him the stuff he gets from looting.
    + Hephaestus has given out new oracles and a new set of sacred warriors has been born. They have a secondary objective besides the destruction of Soul Edge, fight the "beast who devours people" (aka Aeon).
    + Ares is confirmed to be the one who bestowed Aeon with his new powers. Apparently, he and Hephaestus are now enemies (seems poor Aeon can't get any breaks, right?)
    + Ivy has received information about the alternate world (aka Astral Chaos) from a "mysterious supporter". Hmm...wonder who he can be? : P

    Well, this is it for now, Taki and friends are next as requested. Then...
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    I'm fairly certain Ivy's "supporter" is probably either Zasalamel or Edge Master.
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    Didn't Ivy's SCIV profile say she found a man doing prayer rituals at the ruins of the Ling Sheng-Su Temple, and he was the one who told her about Soul Calibur? So it seems more likely to be Edge-Master to me. For a guy who is supposed to be silent about what he knows, he sure blabbed a lot to Ivy.

    Also, does this mean Solnhofen is the "leader" mentioned in Tira's SCIII profile who lost his mind to the Evil Seed, leading to her escape from the order?

    Also also, isn't Ares the true God that Astaroth's cult worship as "Palgaea"? Seems like he wasn't done with Aeon even though the cult that worships him were.

    Thanks a lot for all this, Tuzark.
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