Kanye West interrupts MTV VMAs


[10] Knight
lol you'll have to explain the fish sticks thing to me, I don't keep up on the latest news involving douchebag egomaniac rappers who interrupt 19 year old white girls.


[09] Warrior
Fish sticks/Gay fish is from an episode of South Park -

Not that I like any of Beyonce, Taylor, or Kanye's music, but that was a dick move.


I Knew It!!!
If he had a problem state it after the show during interviews. You don't fuck over young girls in their one moment of spotlight. That cat needs to get his ass whupped.


[12] Conqueror
as much as i'm upset with kanye's behavior,

i can't say i never wondered what it would be like if someone did what kanye did tonight.

The Landslide

[13] Hero
On one hand, that program has no good music whatsoever. On the other, all of the musicians also worked hard and deserved any awards they got. Kanye, I love YOUR music more than anyone else that I saw in that video and you are such a fucking asshole that I lost a lot of respect for you. You don't take someone else's moment.


Super Moderator
What did you expect from MTV? Crap like this happens at every award show. It never fails.


[13] Hero
Does anybody even watch this shit anymore? MTV is about as cutting-edge as Morse Code.


Yes. Like it wasn't staged. They just want to try to give people shit to talk about and in some way try to make themselves seem relevant. They are tracking every google hit and website post and rubbing their hands together before their presentation to their sponsors. Hey kids! Don't miss the next VMA's who knows what kind of crazy shit might happen? Maybe Ashton Kutcher will punk Jack White? Maybe Mickey Roarke will grab Pink's boob! Maybe Megan Fox will bend over. OMG wouldn't that be cool? NO? NO! Okay maybe the last one.

The point remains the same. They're an archaic delivery system that doesn't even deliver what they promise, music. There is some charm for hearing a song you love on the radio, and knowing millions of other people are hearing it too. MTV doesn't really have that. Add in the existence of the internet, the preponderance of adds and the vapidity of their universe and you have a surefire formula for making sure nobody cares. Staging these little stunts is what they've really come to? How sad. How professional could your security be to allow such a thing to happen? Entirely. They probably took his bottled water at the t minus 4 mark.


[09] Warrior
Well, I do hate Taylor Swift... I was rooting for her to trip when I saw her coming up for that garbage 'pop country' song that spews all over the airwaves. Then, I saw Kanye. What a toolbag.

This guy thinks he's king shit, the world knows he's not. He's been out of the spotlight for awhile and probably thought this stunt would get him a little publicity, which it did, but I'm not going to listen to 'Flashing Lights' for the 9 millionth time because of it.

I like what the Today show said, "That guy needs to find his place in the universe."

EDIT: Oh... and this.



[09] Warrior
What a prick. >:( Not that i watch the MTV bs; however, i'd picture him doing the same thing at the Grammys. :p This is just as bad as when he tried to declare himself The King of Pop.


[14] Master
Kanye West must be banned from award shows.
Sure he's got talent, but his attitude sucks so bad.
Can somebody post a Kanye West picture with a ban sign over it?


[09] Warrior
MTV award shows have become nothing but self-congratulatory pool parties for people to come to and declare how awesome they are, centered around some "it" moment that's completely staged. Eminem getting teabagged by Bruno. Shit was staged, son. Seems to happen at every show.

I miss music.