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Discussion in 'United States: Atlantic' started by Kaotical, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Kaotical

    Kaotical [08] Mercenary

    Kaotical here. I live in Hagerstown, MD, and I remember back in the day there used to be a really good SC community in the area. There were players like Jer and Hudathan who live in MD and then Jason-L who lives in PA not far from here; can't remember others right now. I got friends of mine into the community like Jon-Irenicus (J-Vicious, whatever he calls himself now), and there were other friends I made through SoulCalibur like Kal-El and Grem. I have not seen any of these aforementioned players post on this or any other SC forum in a long time. I know I haven't shown my face around often, but still, no word from any of them.

    I say this area needs to step back into the limelight! Any players from around this area need to step up, speak up, and/or show themselves. I know people who live in Columbia, MD who play this game. Where is all the MD love? Where are the Tri-State players?? POST
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  2. wake22

    wake22 [01] Neophyte

    Tri-State Area ARISE (MD, VA, WV)

    Comin down from the Mountains of West-ByGod-Virginia! I hear ya kaotical! I might be a so-called "Young Gun" to the game but im bringin some new tricks for all you "Old Dogs"!!!
  3. SWBeta

    SWBeta [08] Mercenary

    Germantown, MD here. I have a place I can rent out to hold gatherings/tourneys and what not, but the problem is the turn out. How many people will show if we can get regular bi-weeklies or something going?
  4. PyroFenix

    PyroFenix [08] Mercenary

    Man, there's no scene in VA, especially near richmond, va .... ugh!

    Formerly of the Jersey scene ... moved down here in June '07, with some debt and need of cheaper living. Mostly play on xbox live nowadays. SC IV, Gears and Team Fortress2 are mostly what i play [mostly due to a "have to work weekends" schedule]. But having a hardcore gamer gf evens things out. see ya guys around.
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  5. Kaotical

    Kaotical [08] Mercenary

    I could probably secure a good turn-out myself. I know a lot of people and I live in Hagerstown, MD. We would have to sit and talk about specifics. I've been running video game tourneys for 4 1/2 yrs so I've built up some contacts, especially in MD. You have XBL? That would be swell. :)

    We will also have to have some offline competition just for the heck of it. I saw your Nighty vids in the Nighty section and your Nighty looks good.
  6. ExMachina

    ExMachina fails the turing test

    Anyone in Charlottesville? C'mon UVA students... you know you want to play Calibur. xD
  7. Freaky

    Freaky [09] Warrior

    Fairfax, VA here. And the GMU scene is, well non-existent. I really wish there was some kind of community around here.
  8. Saixer

    Saixer [01] Neophyte

    I'm in Baltimore, MD. I'm one of those people whose so new to the whole competitive scene (one competitive Melee tournament and one GG tournament) that even though I'm in a place like Baltimore, where it shouldn't be difficult to find people to play against, I don't know where to look. I know I'd at least TRY to play around with you guys a little and hopefully suck less.
  9. Aslyum_Beast

    Aslyum_Beast [08] Mercenary

    Chesafreak, Virginia. Not really much over here because everyone from here to Suffolk are deep in the Halo scene, so not much 'Soul Cal' Competition her.. (barely any DOA)
  10. Millionz

    Millionz [09] Warrior

    What's with all you VA people saying there is no scene? lol....

    If you're in NoVA there are a couple players in the area like Fiendchi and Tyquaius. There are also a lot of people who don't post on this forum who play other games as well (The VF Crew in NOVA also plays this game. Plus a lot of MD players play the game and they aren't too far away.

    Richmond- If you're in Richmond there is Foxfire (who posts on caliburforums.com), genesis, Tom brady and Ninja plus misceleanous players.

    In SOVA there is a pretty big scene (compared to other parts). You have Tiamat,whodat in newport news. Blackula, Ryry, Winback plus like 10 others in the norfolk/chesapeak area. And me in Williamsburg.

    Charlottesville-.....yeah you're probably on your own ;p
  11. KowtowRobinson

    KowtowRobinson [10] Knight

    Can't be THAT far from one of the others though yeah?
  12. Millionz

    Millionz [09] Warrior

    Actually it kinda is. Everywhere else i mentioned there is competition no more than 30 minutes at most. If you were in Charlottesville you'd have to drive 1.5-2 hours to play NOVA or SOVA. I think Richmond is only like an hour though....not sure

    We need to talk on Aim sometime....i wanna know your thoughts on SC4 Cervy...hes kind of annoying me lol

    oh and I can't stop looking at your avatar...i just cant stop. I have homework to do but im just staring at it....
  13. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    I'm playing SCIV. I'll play with whoever from MD. Send me a pm either here or caliburforum.
  14. misato

    misato [08] Mercenary

    I just started a similar thread on calibur forums.

    I understand everyone's frustration, for the 2nd richest area in the country, with so much population density and access, the gaming scene for Calibur as always lacked. Well, things can change. I know of a dozen decent players in this area, and that's not counting at least a few of the people I saw post in this thread already.

    You can reach me on AIM at Dan1010010001 or e-mail me at misato69@hotmail.com
    I wouldn't recommend PMs, I don't have much time to spend on the forums.

    Myself and some pals will be playing tonight, probably Arlington, and who knows what over the weekend. I am considering going up to Jaxel's NJ tournament, but want a full car to defer gas costs.

    Anyway, thanks to Kaotical for starting the thread, look forward to getting some games with ppl in the future.
  15. misato

    misato [08] Mercenary

    Serious gaming going on tonight! Me, Tiamat, probably FiendChi, Dakkon Fury, GhettoNinja, Black Steve H, possibly Millionz, who knows who else.
    A car or two might also be going up to Jaxel's NJ tournament tomorrow.
    Anyone else down? Holla!

    Talked to HuDaThaN a little while ago, doesn't seem he can play tonight, or go to the NJ tournament tomorrow. Any other MD or WV heads trying to play tonight or go represent tomorrow?
  16. ChaCha

    ChaCha [10] Knight

    Dan fucking Wilson.
  17. misato

    misato [08] Mercenary

    Wow Brian Stone, why you gotta name-fag? Lol ...

    Had some great games on Friday night in NoVa's 1st real get-together, the following attended:
    Baby Smasher
    Dakkon Fury
    Steve Harrison
    and more!

    Hope to see more people at future gatherings, start posting, there's a lot of required learning if everyone wants to be tournament ready!
  18. SplitAtoms

    SplitAtoms [08] Mercenary

    We gotta get something going...I really want to have some kinda of tournament!
  19. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    I agree, been a while Dee how you doin'?
  20. SWBeta

    SWBeta [08] Mercenary

    Where was this gathering? If possible, myself and Minerva_SC will stop by the next time it goes down.

    Also, check your PMs, Kaotical.

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