Mina vids?


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Actually, I htink Ivy's WP spacing game is better than mina......

When you running front[6] do 632 > A , it will become 22A.
(on block -10 = pre-GI i12 to i21 = SG dmg)
It is more better than 66A for stop you opponent running , exspecially 350z's Ivy.
He rarely do self-TC.
All my mina's attack and pressure is coming from running front > 632A. ^^;

I haven't tested FC1K CH > 44A+B, can it be rolled ??
FC1K is very hard to kill strong opponent......Actually chang's friend(monster) haven't eat once lol......
For give pressure to dead rolling. I like using 4A+K now(I saw you using).
If they start tech + jump, they will have chance to get hit by 2A+K or other similar move.

For me, 2K is a frame trap to my opponent.
2K normal hit is -4, you can do FCC after 0.5~0.75s(any direction). And then~~
If FCC(sidestep) , A+B 8A+B etc...
If FCC(backstep) , 3B combo etc...
If opponent wanna trace you, do 4A, WSA/AA, 6A+B, FC2A and other evade move....
You still can block after FCC......
FCC is very very important for mina.
Too many 4A = Danger / Loss many chance on attack.

2A still can be little evade when mina close-up fight. Only this will make 2A easily on hit......=_=
But I like using 6A+B for little evade + attack + SG dmg......


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Watched the second set.

- Yeah, he never goes into whip, like ever. Probably so he can do iCS.

- A+K RO! At the last gathering I got an A+K RO after guessing right and beating a low with it. I was so happy. <3

- 3A+B, pogo seems nice. Nice and obvious! I should have though of it.

- Just checked the Ivy wiki. Her frame data is barely there, so I don't even know what you could have been punishing. I have the same problem.

- I liked the 2k action, and the 66k stuff. I want to use those more as well.


johNNy blaZe
Johnny - After 6B+K, the best bet is to do 44A+B or 66A+B depending on what their habits are. 44A+B forces techers to block and catches all rolls except to her left, and 66A+B catches all rolls and only misses left side tech. Everytime except for once where he guessed right, I was forcing a lot of gauge damage on him. When I didn't attempt it, I gave up on force blocks and just went for damage. I didn't miss a single throw or 3A+B attempt on wakeup afterwards. There's all kinds of force blocks for post 6B+K that do damage, but lets face it guys. They're either stupid slow or too easy too see or unsafe. Like 6K, pogo, 3B....2A, 2A+B and 22K fall under the too slow category for me post 6B+K, but I would recommended them against a player whose habits you don't know, so you can test them out first.
I'm aware...but..attacks like 3A+B are insanely risky. Another issue is that BOTH 66A+B and 44A+B are slow, 44A+B especially...and very GIable if u use it regularly. Maybe vs 350z you got away with it...but against others you may not. My recommendation is to keep all possible options open. Same as post FC 1K, there was no need for him to feel that much pressure imo.
Also 3B is faster than everything you mentioned so far unless i'm mistaken. 2A slow? i haven't seen someone block this that regularly, it's faster than 3A+B i think...can't remember, i'm gettin old. Either way compared to 44A+B? I don't think slow/easy to read is the adjective u're looking for


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FCC = FC cancel......e.g.
Mitsurugi 2A, when 2A start = TC(tech crouh), after 2A end = FC(force crouh).
FC cancel means cancel the standup animation while FC then step/run away......


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So, I'll post my matches from the last tourney. I have a few things to say about them as well.

These two matches went almost exactly how I wanted them to. Aside from my RO stupidity vs Astaroth and some minor warmup issues vs Taki. These are the setups and such I'd been going over in my mind, and as far as I'm concerned I did what I wanted to do with only minor flaws (mostly defencive). My only comment on the players is that they LET me do what I wanted to do.

I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't sandbagging a little vs Russel. I don't know why, but he just threw me off, especially with the whole, "You don't have a stick," business. Nothing really worth watching, unless you just enjoy seeing me lose like an idiot.

My match vs Stryder was the most important for me. After getting two matches where I got to do what I wanted, then clusterfuck against Russel, I was ready to try out 3KK vs Crane, since I knew I still wasn't ready to step, G2. Besides that, I wanted to run the match like I had the other two.

Unfortunately, he didn't let me, and I quickly fell apart. He was rolling the wrong way, he wasn't blocking like I thought he would, he was zoning me even while I was trying to zone him. I got put on the defencive and lost my shit, especially after I realized I still hadn't figured out a good way to beat Crane. I asked him afterwards what he would do vs Crane and he told me 2A was the best thing for most characters. Anyway, it's back to the drawing board. Again. I don't know what made me think I could play the same against everyone there (though a pair of nice wins probably had something to do with it). In the words of that great thinker, Han Solo, "Don't get cocky."



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K, 2K? Both worth a shot. I need something I can spam when I go into CR brainfreeze.
Also, I used to use 2A+B all the time after KD. Then one day I just stopped. Can't figure out why, but I need to fix it.


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WTF? XD hahaha thats ..thas...ah i dont know what to say..hahaha i just camt stop laughing..mina ready for a blo.....j..b loooool XD


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From our June tourney. Probably my most interesting match that day.

I was still having a lot of input issues, playing on a pad, and when I get flustered or see a flashing gauge I tend to BBB and 6BB way too much, even though my plan had been to use it at the right range, or use BB to train them (only really used the setup once, with BB into 6B+K).

Unrelated to this particular video, but I've been working on my post-GI. Often I'll GI and do something dumb like AAB or 4KB, since I have trouble staying focused and I'll fall back to mechanized inputs, who I'm training myself to go straight for 6B+K, or if they're re-GIing, 44A+B. Hopefully it helps me to actually start using GIs more.

Nothing spectacular, but I won, so there. Hopefully I can record some casuals at the next gathering, since I think I usually play better there, when I feel free to fuck around a bit more.

Rza Flux

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Hey, I saw your vids this morning. Felt like I should comment a little bit about them.

You have a very nice Mina, the vids show that it's your main as you use a lot of nice set-ups.
You use her pokes quite well. Really getting annoying with them.
You did some very nice stepbacks, but you didn't punish her whiffs with 3B/66B (depending on the range).
Some nice set-ups I learned too, especially on the wake-up game.

The Talim player was a little bit GI-happy - which is understandable playing against Mina... - you should counter that strategy with some B-cancel & some slow moves (8A+B/66A+B or even 6B) as he was not guard impacting the visible moves but rather the fast moves you do after guarding her safe moves.
Maybe you should have GI-ed more too, since all Talim moves are basically at the same speed. And after the GI, do a slow move to avoid the Re-GI (I do 66A+B 9B+K6B).

You got punished a LOT for doing 6B+K on guard (you were probably trying to punish I guess) as it is very easy to duck the second move and punish. I know I don't use it a lot, except for punishing the moves I'm sure it will punish easily (like -16 and more) since I get punished for 6X damage against some of my opponents...

Rest is some anti-Talim stuffs, and I don't know her frame data very well.

Keep them coming, pretty rare to see some Mina on youtube :p


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Ah, I understandwhat you're saying. Well, considering it's Talim, you have little to fear from a WS move(besides her WS(While Standing)A which can RO)), but yes, depending on the char, you can eat an exceptional amount of damage. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


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Well just for the heck of it thought I could mention it here. Babalook's done an online community project, showing techtraps/combos from a bunch of characters and players, and I've got a Mina section in both parts. Not the most practical stuff, but some of it looks cool regardless, just thought I'd give the links.

Part 1
Part 2


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Here are 5 matches against a Tira player I play against pretty often. I think it was 1 win and 4 losses, some good moments and some "What the heck was I thinking?" moments. Well, here they are.
(I played Angol Fear)


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Well here are some more vids of me in casual online matches. Note that they are casuals and that's why I sometimes throw out a random 9K or something, since it's just such an awkward move. Anyways, guess you all can see how I'm horrible against Cervantes, such as me randomly ducking right as he uses the guard break, spamming 4KB at times just hoping to impact one of his A+B combo starters, stuff like that. I did win one match against his Cervy that he recorded, but he lost the video and therefore didn't put it up (hmm...). Also a match between me and a Sophi player (the one where I lost to him wasn't recorded/put up for some reason), and another between me and the Tira player (I won this one).

Vs Cervantes (babalook)

Vs Sophitia (ShakunohaChaos)
(Don't mind the consecutive 7K's, I'm pretty sure I was trying to do something else and that came out, atleast for the second one.)

Vs Tira (xIMTx Dragon)


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I might do a combo/techtrap/blocktrap video sometime with Babalook. I dunno how useful it'd be but it'd be fun to do, and probably useful to atleast some people. Might even have Auto-GI's or something in there too. This is all if I ever get around to getting Baba to record and I get all the ideas I'd want.


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Moonflower: Are these your vids or someone else's?

This actually inspires me to work on another project about beating other character's stance transitions. I have a bunch in my head that I use but I don't think I've really ever shared or talked about them. What I should do is probably make yet another wiki article on it after I'm finished working on the others.
yeap. i recorded it myself

but right after that i found that mitsurugi could duck while relic and punish mina's 8a with relicA. but still, worth a little.. i hope

if mina uses 7B instead, she can cover every cases exept relicA+B+K, since not like jumpA, her jumpB's attack after landing..