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Discussion in 'Nightmare' started by Tiamat, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Anid_Maro

    Anid_Maro [01] Neophyte


    Actually, GS K BE has been already discussed and shown to not combo into itself if the opponent performs an ukemi. Tiamat broke it down in a post above.

    Personally, when I'm testing and searching for combos in Training I make sure to set up some particular opponent settings:

    Action 1: Nothing
    Action 2: Guard All
    Ukemi: Random
    Air Control: Random

    The result is that they stand open to attack as usual, upon being hit they attempt to guard all following attacks, if they are knocked down they immediately "tech" back up, and if airborne they move when able.

    If a combo still works on these settings, then I try the "combo" mode in Training to see how well it works when an opponent does not tech.

    Shortens the combo list quite a bit, and the few I've found on my own have already been listed. :)
  2. quandaghost

    quandaghost [01] Neophyte

    i tried it on those settings and the computer couldn't get back up i also played another player and used it and asked him, he said he couldn't tech out of it so its pretty legit i just don't wanna tell anyone anything wrong or stupid since im new here
  3. Anid_Maro

    Anid_Maro [01] Neophyte

    Huh, I dunno what to say then.

    I just gave it a spin myself and confirmed Tiamat's post. By both repeating GS K (BE) on a dummy with the aforementioned settings and putting GS K (BE) on record and teching it myself, the GS K (BE) was blockable on ukemi and guard as well as outright avoidable on a left/right ukemi.

    Though if you played someone online I could imagine the frame delay making it a combo for all practical purposes. Maybe you had the "Practice with Frame Delay" option on?
  4. page

    page [11] Champion

    Don't test random ukemi, test left and right. Especially left. That's his weak side.
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  5. SilentWall

    SilentWall [10] Knight

    I can't believe 3B->1K is the only guaranteed combo and (CH)3B->3B is a combo. lol..

    So far the best combo for 66B I found:
    66B(close) -> 3B
    66B(tip range) -> iagA

    About GSB, it is GSB -> iagA.
  6. Panther

    Panther [09] Warrior

    GS B -> GS B -> GS K (BE) -> 1B

    Is this combo viable? Seemed untechable to me.
  7. SilentWall

    SilentWall [10] Knight

    Yes, GSB6 -> GSB6-> GSK(BE) is a combo. I'm think 1B is not within the combo, but for Dead People. :)
    For tech-trap, GSB6 -> GSB is a combo, no GSK.
    Tech-trap -> GSB6 is character dependableness.
  8. Panther

    Panther [09] Warrior

    Without the 1B, I recall the damage from this combo was already half-life. Not sure if iagA does more as an ender though.
  9. SilentWall

    SilentWall [10] Knight

    You mean GSB6->GSB->iagA?
    I just know GSB -> iagA (75). I think it also good for wall combo.
    I remember GSB6->GSB->6A doesn't connect. I will test it with 6A and iagA tonight.

    I found 22K -> StepF A+B (tech & dead) so funny. (just for fun)

    Can someone confirm that Slide K -> 2A+B works on every characters?

    Can someone confirm that 4BB ground hit works on every characters? I remember it seems one of character can tech the second hit. Not sure.

    (CH)6K (tip range) -> combo?
  10. Anid_Maro

    Anid_Maro [01] Neophyte

    Mostly. As said, the 1B can be teched but it's otherwise golden.

    I use it all the time myself, even throwing out the 1B. Most situations, they'll be far enough away from me that if the 1B is teched it does me no harm.

    It's also really solid to throw out if your opponent's guard is in the red. If they're in the red and you've got some space do GS B, if they block and don't break do GS B again, this time they'll probably* break and you can follow through GS Bx2, GS K (BE), 1B.

    *If their guard doesn't break, don't repeat a third time. You'll wiff badly. Also, aware opponents will pick up the pattern and possibly GI/JG your second GS B.
  11. Cohen

    Cohen [01] Neophyte

    So dont know if it has been mentioned, i dont think so...

    2B+K BE 6(B) NSS K 2A+B

    it need meter to start but you regain it thanks to 2A+B.

    It start as a low so it can surprise people.
  12. Frog3frog3

    Frog3frog3 [01] Neophyte

    dont they have to be very close for that to work?

    i need to learn more 2B_K BE followups, all I know from stun is 3B
  13. Cohen

    Cohen [01] Neophyte

    They cant be the farthest of 2B+K BE yes but not natsu range close either.

    from GGKBE you can do 1B if they try to roll they'll get it.

    Also i have a question. When is 1aK usefull? it whiff on crouch it's a 30% bet only (punish only jump counterattack) and since it's not so fast it get beaten by most jumping attack :/.
  14. Albator

    Albator [10] Knight

    This might've been asked before, but what are good followups to 33_99b BE? I was playing around with 66A+B and agA but I'm not sure which followup is the most effective both with and without meter involved.
  15. Anid_Maro

    Anid_Maro [01] Neophyte

    66B is decent. If you delay a bit it'll double hit for a lil' extra damage and push them a bit farther out.
  16. Mavericks42O

    Mavericks42O [07] Duelist

    I use 2 a+b to rebuild meter or if u need that little extra damage 4 bb is nice.
  17. Dullyanna

    Dullyanna [10] Knight

    Just a note in case you have difficulty with 4KK w! WR B combos, you can replace the WR B with 3B b:A which is easier + more reliable for a paltry loss of damage (Though of course you gain much less meter).
  18. page

    page [11] Champion

    Since the cat is out of the bag now anyway I may as well lay down the silly and dumb tech trap I found.

    3(b), gsb. Catches everything but left. You have to delay the gsb slightly for it to relaunch. I do a full half circle to keep the timing proper. With this you can get the full gsb, gsb, gsk BE if your timing is right. If they tech left you can gs and time a throw/wr(b) mixup that will beat everything they do except block.

    The problem is that 3(b), b:a does more damage than 3(b), gsb if they don't tech. This means that there is never a reason to tech after 3(b).

    Still, it's a lot of fun when it hits.

    Against people who don't tech start throwing out 1bs. 44a, 1b. 3aa, 1b. gsk BE, 1b. Keep doing it until they tech. The damage is worth it, and when they do start to tech you can run in for throw/wr(b) mixups.
  19. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion

    I wanted to mention something. page brought it to my attention that 44A > GS K BE is a combo and it is indeed a combo unless you are too close. it works at roughly round start distance. however, GS K will be left techable. So I figure GS K BE has better tracking than GS K. Please keep this in mind and let me know if that affects any other combos
  20. Anid_Maro

    Anid_Maro [01] Neophyte

    Re: 3(B), GS B.

    As Page said, there's some tight timing to be done here and clever players will figure out to just not tech. Got to the point of reliably using it in training, but I don't think I'll be tossing that out on a regular basis.

    However, you can do this combo off of a wallsplat. Because your opponent won't get a chance to tech, the 3(B) GS B GS B GS K (BE) combo becomes much simpler to pull off. The way I figure, unless you're short on meter or it'd be overkill, there's really no reason on wallsplat to not throw out the requisite 4KK followed by the 3(B) GS B etc.

    I'll have to try it in a real match, but I practiced quite a bit last night in training on a variety of ukemi and air control settings with and without the frame delay. Seems real solid off a wall hit.

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