Patroklos Q&A/Discussion Thread


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I think I'm starting to get it...I need to learn more moves, though. How many should I be familiar with and which ones are just garbage?

And I wish I had a way to share replays. That would help a lot.


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Can you do WR moves after being knocked down? I've noticed that once I'm on the ground I'm totally boned because fucking everyone has an attack that will keep me there or track me if I roll away. I seem to have a lack of ground options that let me get up safely or keep my distance.
Yes, you can. But only in face up feet towards position or face down feet away position. In the other positions, you're technically BT (back-turned).

Generally, barring a few examples, the best thing to do when you get knocked down is stay there. Don't press any buttons and stay there.

Your opponent will usually run over to you and whiff because they're used to people teching (tech-rolling) immediately. When they whiff, WR punish them.

If they do hit you, when you're on the ground you generally take minimal damage. For example, Natsu's bombs/ninja cannons/etc. do 20 damage regular and 10 damage unblockable when hitting grounded. It's best to take the hit, which usually brings with it pushback, so you can get up afterwards safely with breathing room.

Some moves are specifically for hitting grounded opponents and usually you can avoid these by tech-rolling or siderolling or blocking.

I think I'm starting to get it...I need to learn more moves, though. How many should I be familiar with and which ones are just garbage?

A good, well-rounded player will know a lot of moves for many different situations. Not all of the moves in the movelist, mind you- just some.

If you're worried about having to juggle too many moves in your mind, Patroklos can play easy with that too.

AA (close step catch, quick attack for interrupts)
2A (main interrupt)
BB (main mid poke for starting offense)
3B (launcher, ground hits)
33B (evasion launcher)
66A (long step catch, whiff punisher)
66B (whiff punisher)
1K (chip low)
66B+G (power throw)

It's important to learn good fundamentals. Whiff punishing, mixups, pressure. Good blocking. Proper quickstep. Etc., etc.

There are a million things going on in the game... The last thing you want to happen is for Patroklos to get in the way of your playing.


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Once I figured out that I have a really fast GI, my gameplay improved considerably. Just beat a C2 Aeon. :D

I love finally seeing the progress I've made. And goddamn did you help me with that.

I'm guessing Pat doesn't have a huge distance closer. If he does, I haven't found it. Cervantes really gives me trouble because of it. :< But still, I'm getting better.


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66A and 66B are Pat's main tools at range. You should learn how far you can score a hit with them.

But no, he's not like other characters with bigger weapons. He depends on whiff punishing, blocking, dodging, and forward run to get in.

Keep training, keep playing. Tomorrow's a new day!


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Yep. I'm probably ten times better today than I was yesterday, and I bet I'll keep improving the more I play. :D

I wish I could upload replays, though. I just had a significantly better game I wanted to show. Bummer.

Edit: Uploaded it anyway. It's off my iPhone, so it's bad quality. But hey, look how slightly less shitty I am compared to before. :D



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Although the game is young, I'm thinking that Pat could end up high tier. Just cause he has a bunch of tools at his disposal. He's not broken, I've seen Alpha.P and Pyrrah pull off stuff that literally made me think WTF. But nonetheless Pat has alot of potential. I kind of feel like playing him is an investment. Once people learn which of moves they can punish with 236B and which moves they can auto-gi, Pat will be one scary mofo.


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Okay, what the fuck. That's just goddamn great. So apparently at least five characters can get me on the ground and just combo me to goddamn death without me being able to do anything about it. Oh, hi Astaroth. What's that, I'm on the ground? Well good, just grab me, throw me on the ground, CE me while I'm on the ground, BE me while I'm on the ground, then grab me and combo me before I can move.

Oh, sup Siegfried. I'll just chill out here while you spam the same goddamn move that stunlocks me while I can't fucking move. Excellent CE, I'm sure that took some fucking skill.

what the fuck.

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Well, I'm done with SC5 for today.

tl;dr venting about my inability to close gaps safely, fixed the problem


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too early to judge. the only case where a pretty early tier lst was right was the tier list of sf ae, but there were twins xD. character seems to me to be complete, good punishment and excellent wr punishment, good damage from combo, decent throws, only one thing it lacks for me:a long range homing move, but we're not astaroth or nm xD, so it's ok.


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Firmly mid-tier. I think so. Maybe upper-mid? Definitely not bad, but I wouldn't consider him broken 'cause of the range.

He's slow. If I'm not careful I get CH. 6BBB doesn't work on crouchers.

Damage output is good though. 100 DMG off CH 6BBB is great. Land 66B 3 times and you've won the round.

Lots of little hidden tech-crouches like his family before him.

Punishment is Cassandra tier. Hitting 236B and 236B BE as often as possible will be key. FC 236B i14 is always nice.

Throws offer great oki. Throw the other guy all day, and you don't have to let up the pressure.

But who cares about tiers? Just play! XD


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Well he ain't top 3 like Foster-mom was, but hes solid enough to be upper-mid. He might move up as the game gets older, but I suspect he'll probably go down once people really figure the game out.


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Good on the CH 6BBB hit confirm.

Seek to guard Aeon BBB every time, you can interrupt between each blow with A+B auto-GI.

You're mashing 6A again... if you're going to mash anything, mash 2A or 2K. (But you shouldn't really mash, don't tell anyone I said that.)

Nice aGI. Good work.

You can't delay 6BB to confirm CH, only the last part.

Don't get into the habit of using [A+B] too much. It's very linear and it's high to boot. Use it when you know it'll catch someone, or you'll get punished hard.

Full CH 6BBB combo! Impressive, I'm proud. Hit that more often!

When people whiff in front of you, instead of hitting with 3A, use 11_77B or 66B. Punish every whiff you can as hard as you can.

Good job on the fake, stopping 6BB midway on block. That's what you're supposed to do.

When you hit the Guard Break, always, always go for CH 6BBB. Guard Break gives you CH for free so you need to make them pay.

tl;dr venting about my inability to close gaps safely, fixed the problem
Yes, just keep training.

Generally everything has a weakness in this game. Nothing is as abusable as it seems, even if it comes down to using Just Guard and Guard Impact to counter it.

Just takes some frame data and some time in the lab.

hello all. i'm new to the series so please excuse me if i may sound noobish. but basically my question is, what are patroklos general tools at neutral? and if this question has been answered somewhere, please post the link to that specific post/thread. and thanks in advance.


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Aeon hit me so many times that first round because for some reason it never registered that that attack hits low, I just assumed it wasn't something I could block. There's Dark Souls creepin' in my thoughts again.


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How do I land 6BBB more? Its an integral part of Pat's game but I just dont know when to throw it out there/


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It's not really fast so you probably shouldn't try to interrupt with it, but use it to punish whiffs. You can combo 3B 6BBB, but the timing on the Bs is really weird and they can air control out of it if they know what they're doing. (Ignore that)

It's good to pressure them with if you get the opportunity, though. You don't have to finish the combo after the second hit (although I'm guilty of spamming B even though I shouldn't), so if they're still blocking you can do a quick 6BB, cancel the combo and then a quick 66B+G. Usually they stay blocked so you'll get a free grab no problem. God I'm glad Drake pointed out that grab. So great.

And that concludes my meager advice, I'm sure Drake will give you much better help. :(


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How do I land 6BBB more? Its an integral part of Pat's game but I just dont know when to throw it out there/
6B is short. Very short.

The other guy has to walk into it, or you have to be kissing the opponent.

6B is i15, fairly fast (I use 236B [i15] as an interrupt sometimes) but it's short range, soooooo...

You need to:

a) Use it on advantage, when you know the other guy is gonna be pressing buttons. BB hit, 6B. Or, block an opponent's attack, 6B.

b) Use it in certain situations, like 1B frame trap (+0 on block), 1K hit (in this case the opponent has to press a button to move within range), 2A hit (again, short range, so it may whiff if the other guy does nothing), etc. You'll have to experiment using Training and frame data study to see what will work for you.

c) Use it when you get a Guard Burst. Guard Bursts give out free CH and the opponent is wide open for a full second, so run up and 6BBB every single time this happens.

Aside from this, there's a gimmicky part to it, as well.

6BBB is mid-high-mid. An S-class player will duck punish this every single time so it is unsafe to use it outright.

However, you can delay every part of the string. This can catch opponents unaware.

6B, wait. B. Sometimes this will catch people, but it's high, and may get inadvertently ducked.

6BB, wait. B. If people think the string is over, they get hit by the stab and you go into the full combo. Sometimes people get CH by the second B, in which case you just hit confirm and then hit B and go into the full combo.

6B, wait, B, wait, B. This is when you're really trying to bait them out. However, if the first 6B is CH, you've lost your combo by delaying.

6BBB is -16. 6B is -8 and 6BB is -13, and if an enemy dares punish 6BB just continue on and stab them.

So, on block, you can 6B, or 6BB, and stop. Since you've shown the opponent that you can delay the whole string, instead of doing anything they're going to be watching you (and thus wasting the advantage they have). In which case, mix them up. A throw is a good idea.


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Solid A Tier IMO, even after everyone figures him out. He's really consistent and able to hold his ground against better characters like Omega or Natsu.


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I just wanna say that the more I play Patroklos the more I realize 6B is bad. It's not a mixup and it only provides the illusion of pressure; the moment the opponent blocks, it's no longer your turn to attack. Moves like 1K and BB may not provide the damage when you get the hit but overall they are way safer. 6B is just very unreliable and anyone who has played against Patroklos before should already be aware of it.


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You still need to know it, though, even if it's just for Guard Burst.

But yes, it's situational, and not something you want to throw out all the time.

(Of course, I'm a bad player, so...)


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It's good to use when you know the opponent is going for something slow. And not much else. But that's fine. Because the damage is hawt.