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Also was just fighting a voldo online who was in mantis crawl doing a forward dash attack, and at the same time i did Updraft B and his dash went right under her before she hit the peak of the jump, and she literallyturned completely around in mid air to hit him after he dashed behind the updraft lol

idk it was just interesting to see


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I agree, these changes are not flashy on paper but they seem like they will round her out better. They’re more fundamental improvements, and I dunno, having faster movement speed in GS sounds pretty good to me.

Thank God they sorted her gs movement out, I thought for some dumb reason it was intentional as gs in sc5 moved slower too and it caused the same issues sc6 gloomy tira has, where you can't dodge moves and follows ups to the extent every other character can, was quite a big issue.

Especially against moves that can quickly be chained into a stance option is 1 example, any other character and jolly tira can dodge the stance follow up if it's not horizontal, usually gloomy tira can't step in time, hopefully she can move as well as everyone else now.

Was a big thing against soul charge moves with an additional hit from the soul charged version as another example too, especially if the 2nd hit is a break attack, jolly tira can block the 1st hit then dodge the second, against a lot of those examples gloomy tira couldn't.

Good stuff :)
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Guys! Help! Something's happening! I don't know how, but I'm winning fights as Tira! I don't know what's going on! I'm scared of change!

God must be playing a trick on me.gif


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After testing her new stuff it seems the buffs to her moves on block are great, but the buffs on hit are Meh, but atleast on CH on non low buffed on hit moves you are atleast neutral rather than minus now and you can play things safe if you think your 2nd hits of 6a / 6b strings will be countered.
6bk been safe on block is also great.

The changed animations if you hit an enemy on CH with 6a / 6b or GS 3a also help you decide whether to go for a non string follow up if you just use the 1st hits.
Only 1 I'm recognising well enough in fights atm though is the animation for CH 6a because it makes them spin around, unfortunately that 1s only neutral on CH by the looks of it.

Here's what I've found via testing but it might not be totally accurate, if anyone can confirm it would be great :

aaa - SAFE on block - great to mix up with for extra Dmg now since you never get + for hitting with jolly aa or aaa, just neutral frames

66a - +2 on CH - 16 on block
66aa - 18 on block

6b +2 NH +6 on CH, SAFE on block
6bk - Safe on block

6a SAFE on block + 0 on CH , seems to be the same disadvantage on NH as before
6ab - SAFE on block

1k hit on tip - 6 on NH and CH
1b - 4 NH and CH now instead of - 8
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Not going to lie, but it feels good to be landing with Tira again. Nothing flash or fancy. Nothing practical or consistent. But I’m enjoying it, even with the headaches.


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Guys tiras changes in the new patch are awesome, all the changes really are to do with boosting her meter gain but it was needed and I believe this will bring her in line enough with the other characters.

Her meter gain in gloomy is still half but now every hit in gloomy atleast gives you SOME meter, same goes for your moves on block etc, basically you always get something instead of nothing.

This means her multi hit gloomy moves that happened to do most dmg in combos like 66a+b and 44(b) now actually gain a good amount of meter instead of none, meaning you get more meter from those than say gs 3b 66k which was her only real option for meter in gs combos before this patch.
Because they do a lot of hits it means they also gain a good amount of meter even on block.
Gs 3a,a+b is the same because it has a lot of separate hits.

Her soul charge moves when in gloomy+ give NO METER for use still but that's fair enough I think.

Her gs and js a+b has been sped up too aswell, her js a+b has been buffed a lot and now actually seems pretty damn fast, apparently the gi window starts earlier too?? Not sure on that.
GS a+b looks to be +4 on block now but not 100% on that due to erroneous results when testing with 3b after blocked A+B

Jolly stuff -
4a+b now gives a good meter boost on hit but is - 14 on block now :(

44a+b and follow ups gives even more meter on hit now and you can move around more during the animation

But the main thing is the 2 above jolly moves can now be used in aerial combos! :)

44a+b just allows you get all 4 hits in now in the air
4a+b however bounces the opponent back up for a follow up!
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Sorry for double post and my long posts as usual! But you guys may find this informative.

Regarding the js 4a+b and 44a+b changes mentioned in my post above below are new aerial combos I have found so far with them and they actually give good meter gain imo.

66b,4a+b,4k - 38 dmg
66b,4a+b,3b - 42-43 dmg
66b,4a+b, CE only hits on ground unfortunately, 45 dmg
66b, 4a+b, soul charge might be nice too for MU & pressure.

LH JS 66a+b, 4a+b, 4k 52 Dmg or you can do 3b/CE instead of 4k after 4a+b for a bit more dmg like above

LH JS 66a+b, 44a+b,aa 61 dmg

LH JS 66b,4a+b, CE (can get full CE animation) 64 dmg - it's best to wait a little before you use CE or it can miss

LH JS 66b,44a+b,aa - 52 dmg

Can also do a 2nd 4a+b from LH 66b but Dmg gets awful, can combo with CE after 2nd 4a+b for 51 Dmg or 6bb for 46 Dmg.
At that point 44a+b,aa is better if you are really wanting max meter gain.

Seems the LH 66b options with the newly buffed 4a+b / 44a+b suck.

However the new 66b and LH 66a+b combos I've found could be worth using for good meter gain instead of the top Dmg options.

I guess even the LH 66b,4a+b, CE could very situationally be useful, it does less Dmg than just LH 66b, CE but if you don't quite have enough meter the 4a+b could bring you up to enough to use CE during the combo if you are really wanting to get that mood change.
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Can't say I'm not disappointed that B+K, 2B+K, and JS 3A.B weren't touched, but otherwise I'm happy with the changes.

I've got to agree, especially b+K I think needed to be changed so you didn't have chance for headaches anymore after use.
Or just make it possible to shake off her headaches to make them quite safe and so you can combo from them on hit like in SC4, maybe that's asking too much lol?

I can dream, I miss been able do that, atleast if they did that whether or not you got reward if she had a headache would be based on knowledge and skill like in 4, not entirely down to chance hoping she doesn't get a headache.

The chance of mood change is still there so having 2 chance barriers is too much imo.

Maybe next time they may sort some or all the moves you listed but I doubt it?
But tbh I'm surprised they sorted her meter gain out because it looked like they thought it was balanced because of her gs+

I'm so glad they've done this, her meter gain won't be atrocious compared to everyone else now, still less but hopefully good enough now.

Because she doesn't have that extra handicap other characters don't now I think It could bring her in line enough to compete with other characters, fingers crossed.
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Thoughts on Tira's new balancing with the most recent update?

Sorry for the long post! when I have something to say I'm always the same. XD

TLDR - apart from the changes to make gs 3ka, gs 4bbb easier to input and Update K aswell as gs 66k been changed to - 10 on block, the changes are good however very gimmicky and require mix ups to work, even then they are risky.

I think it's absolutely great, I love the buff to gs 66k on block so it's just - 10 and it is always a mid even up close now, gives gloomy some decent range play now.
Making gs 3kA easier to input means more reliable best Dmg combos from stuns or walls, and gs 4bbb been easier to time makes it more reliable to be used as a way to ring people out further away than what using her 3b combos could manage.

Making Updraft K be only - 10 on block is awesome too

Then the buff to B+K not having a chance to cause a headache aslong as you store A or B after 1 headbutt is good but gimmicky, it does mean that the opponent may expect you to always attack after 1 headbutt however which may make mixing up a 2nd or 3rd headbutt or just not attacking at all after B+K be viable at times, I've been playing around with that myself.

Thank god they buffed the range of the B+K on GI too, most moves she can hit them with the headbutt after a successful B+K GI now which should make the opponent atleast not want to be careless to get hit by it much unlike before when it didn't carry much threat, the other buffs to it mentioned below also make B+K have some threat.

The change so her B+K,a or B is always a lethal hit after you change mood from any situation as long as the next thing you try is a B+K is pretty mental, again it's gimmicky but tira now has gimmicks and tricky moves that are atleast decent-good and now she has enough of them with this new update to be quite a trickster like say voldos, xianghua or yoshimitsu but obviously in different ways and I'd say not as strong either unfortunately, but this does help in that respect.

The best thing about the change to the B+K, a and B LH buff I'd say is it gives her options for combos and therefore a chance or guaranteed chance with JS CE to mood change if needed without relying on the actual %chance to change mood of B+K or without having to get a launcher in, it essentially turns the mix up into the opponent blocking mid or low correctly, interrupting, GI'ing or evading your B+K follow ups to get the LH in rather than further having to rely on tira changing moods as well.

Unfortunately if your opponent just blocks correctly then the B+K, a is - 14 and b - 12

Again it is gimmicky but it does give her options to be annoying and tricky now but it also gives some threat to her gimmicks for a change, if my opponent starts trying to stop me following up from B+K too much you can always evade, try headbutting more than once or just headbutt once and don't attack at times, or of course just block or go for a different move when you'd normally go for a B+K like perhaps after a knockdown.
You could even try B+K then GI/ RE or a separate B+K for a GI effect

I find that because of the buffs to her in general, throwing out a B+K sometimes at random doesn't seem that bad anymore, even a cheeky headbutt or three at range because you can get the mood change and if you do then the next B+K follow up you do will be a LH as long through is the next move you try plus getting a mood change is always nice even without that new added bonus.

It is still down to so much chance whether your mix ups with B+K work, work a bit, don't or if you get smacked in the face for trying the B+K on its own or the follow ups tbh, even with mixing up and the buffs it is still unreliable as hell.

So time will tell whether clever and sparing use will work at high level play or whether it will still be a total YOLO tool and the B+K buffs won't mean a thing for high level, it does seem like its still just total YOLO atm, I can't lie and say it's still not great and fun what they have done however and of course it does still help.
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Sorry for the double post

With regards to the JS 66b, 66A+B LH and the B+K, a or b follow up LH after mood change.

You can use GI, taunt, taunt cancel and use B+K (1, 2 or, 3 headbutts) and still trigger the LH on the above moves, pretty cool and can be nasty for the opponent.

You can even for example try GI or B+K twice or more or even taunt and GI then try any of the above moves and the LH will still work!

However if the opponent makes the aGI on B+K connect that will cancel the lethal hit marker :(
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Assuming they haven't changed it in 1.4, you can also do 2B+K (even if you absorb an attack, but only so long as you don't aGI) and a basic 7_8_9B+K without it removing the lethal hit marker because those aren't registered as attacks.... Updraft can occasionally be a decent gimmick, but both of them are pretty risky lmao