Raphael... Scarecrow or Vampire?

Lets drop the gameplay discussion off this thread, shall we? :)
This thread should discuss Raph story / background / characteristic only, we got other threads to talk about his gameplay mechanic.

On topic:
I wish he got his SC2 goatee back for his 2P costume..


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Hahaha, I agree on that.
But I also agree on the way he laugh, that is so badass.

What about the japanese voiceover? Is there any video showing them in japanese v.o?
Raph is cool in his english voice, but a lot of other character's voice sounds better in Japanese IMO, so most of my SC games I set them in japanese voice.

It's annoying to hear Mitsurugi shouts in english and hearing the high pitched women characters in english,.. so yeah.
I was hoping SC someday to be like Tekken in terms of voice, I mean the western characters speak english and the eastern characters speak japanese as a default choice. Or make it like SF4 where you could choose freely for spoken language for each characters.
I dunno, mitsurugi's english voice actor this time around is on point, sounds just like the japanese one when he yells.
Its ok man :)

Btw, how many layer of armors can you destroy in this game? Is it just single armor this time?
Because I only noticed his hat being destroyed if his armor breaks. Can he lose any more of his clothing? (Gee I hope not)

He should have 1 line of mocking the opponent if he wins without losing his hat.
Something along the lines of "I didn't even drop my hat... pathetic"

So you could only destroy equipment just once? That's good... because I hate fighting in my undies.
Yeah it'd be cool if he had winning quotes based on his armor.

Hat still on:
"I didn't even drop my hat... what a waste of time"
(walks away)

Hat off:
(picks up his hat on the ground and put it on)
"......mess with the hat!" (close up of his angry face)

I hope his story is more developed this time, too.
I want him to be as important as Siegfried, so he appears in the opening cg movie.
Come on, he's the one that stabbed Soul Edge lol.


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Info of Raphael´s Profile (SCV): http://www.soulcalibur.com/en_US#/characters/soulcalibur5/raphael

"...How long had been dreaming? how long had he climbed that endless spiral staircase? somehow, he knew her room was at the top...France had been devastated by war, and Raphael, head of the once-proud Sorel legacy, was devastated by a betrayal that cost him everything. But then he met someone, someone who took him and sheltered him his hour of need, and suddenly none of it mattered. Her name was...AMY....He awoke with a start to find himself in a dark dungeon cell, thick with grime and the stench of death. He had no memory of how he had gotten there, but that wasn´t important...he had to find Amy. When Raphael burst out the prison, everything outside looked different than he remembered...but no matter. This world was but a fleeting dream, destined to be transformed into a new and better place...a world twisted to the needs of he and his beloved..."dont worry Amy, i´ll be with you soon". A force of madness was loose upon the world, a man who would stop at nothing to find his beloved..."


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Actually gameplay related stuff is supposed to be in the SA. Story and character stuff goes in the story forum...
So yeah wuht can you use you're mod powers to merge all these redundent threads there are like 3 general discussion threads


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Your instructions are noted warui.

I'll do a larger subforum re-org once the game is actually released.

We should delegate tasks like:

Combo list:
Damage lists:
Frame data:

On day one though.


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yeah thats good. What is your reference point ? You're actually going to mathematically derive it, or just start at i13 like sach and pray you get lucky ?


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Use a move with a speed that is generally universal ie i14 2A, i13 K, And i16 BB if all else fails use a capture card to record the moves then go frame by frame to check

for impact I feel as though recording it will be best and doing frame by frame...thats how jaxel got talims frames in sc4 iirc
talim was the base line in a lot of characters testing


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should invite kolhell to come back and do it he figured it out in a day.

Just using some algebra and knowing the minimum number of possible integers between a possible list of frames.
I'm not sure you're happy or hate the 2nd outfit...
IMO, the red outfit is cool but I don't like the chest part. He should wear black shirt underneath it and it would be perfect.