Siegfried: The Whiffing (Version 1.03)

Guess what? 66A whiffs randomly against a guarding Algol... There goes the advantage, and wth, it goes through his waist :(
Same here. I cant actually find out when it happens but i believe it happens more frequently on smaller chars for some reason. They seem to have a weird hurtbox while stepping. I had my 6A go through a sidestepping pyrrha/leixia many times as well.
Same here. It sucks I lost to my opponent, watched the replay, and both laughed as my 2A went through his fucking foot...
Most 2As can be stepped under the right circumstances, actually. It is somewhat surprising to see it happen to one of the slow low ones, though.
Hmm i never had whiffing issues with 66A+B, however i sometimes have my 66B's whiffing, which is strange because that move tracks.
Dunno if this is mentioned, but when you JG the second hit of Hilde's horizontal charged move, 3B whiffs 90% of the time for the punish. I haven't tested it but noticed it in a match yesteraday.