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Which Create a Soul was the best in your opinion?

  1. Soul Calibur 3

  2. Soul Calibur 4

  3. Soul Calibur Broken Destiney

  1. SpellcraftQuill

    SpellcraftQuill [09] Warrior

    That would be amazing but remember that while customizing hair, the character could not wear any form of headwear. Therefore, it would unfortunately cause a lot of conflicts. I don't think it's fair that a lot of women's hairstyles would be excluded either. Hopefully they can be unlocked. Same goes for men's hairstyles even though all of them seem to return besides Kilik's.
  2. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Now that I do remember being the "con" to the feature.
  3. MyonTsun

    MyonTsun [09] Warrior

    Yea that is indeed a flaw in the feature. It would be a great feature for any character you you wouldn't give anything to for their head ^ ^
    Anyway the best thing for CaS is probably just to get some unlockables or DLC to add to our current selection. Nothing is 100% certain until we have the game in our hands.
    And darn I didn't realize Kilik's hair was missing. I use that for one of my characters all the time. Males could use more hairstyles too. I have not really gotten the chance to see a whole lot of the them though as most of the videos I see just have female characters for the demo.
  4. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    I did hear on that video with FilthieRich (sp?) that there will be more than 100% more content than SCIV, but I'm not keeping my hopes up on this one right now.
  5. I'm not worried about CaS being good. the creators of SC5 want more attention to CaS characters so I know they'll give us more than we can seem to handle. but I am afraid of all the abominations I'm going to see. I'll probably just host a room saying "good CaS or GTFO" or something like that since you can name rooms now.
  6. AngelOfDespair

    AngelOfDespair [05] Battler

    I wish I could make my male cas's bulge bigger T_T (sad panda) XD
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  7. Ryuhza

    Ryuhza [12] Conqueror

    Just make a dong with one of the special parts.

    Tah... dah?
  8. Benjeezy

    Benjeezy [09] Warrior

    Pretty sure the dong itself qualifies as a "special part" :P
  9. mirage

    mirage [02] Apprentice

    I'm going to be kinda disappointed if SC5 doesn't have every single CAS item that SC4 had, including the pieces to make the actual SC4 characters' 2p outfits. I mean, they've already made all these items, it shouldn't be too hard for them to import them into SC5.
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  10. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Another Saint's Row The Third player.
  11. FlyingMeatpatty

    FlyingMeatpatty [04] Fighter

    Its horrible how easy they made it to give characters a crotch rod. Imagine the voldo custom costumes that will come from this!
  12. AngelOfDespair

    AngelOfDespair [05] Battler

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  13. Ryuhza

    Ryuhza [12] Conqueror

    Who cares?

    Just use the feature for better things.
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  14. Luneth22

    Luneth22 [13] Hero

    They ought to really make something like Vanity for Halo : Reach (a program where you can see all possible customization options for your character - so that you can at least imagine how he/she will look like in-game if you're lazy to open up your X360).

    Make this program happen for Soul Calibur V, hopefully!
  15. nubbz

    nubbz [05] Battler

    i hope they have diffrent types of tails and wings
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    WuHT Premium Moderator

    I'm going to make a wolf-head Zwei CAS.

    And I don't even plan on learning him. I just like the idea of beating a werewolf over the head so much that he reverts to human form.
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  16. I'd rather see more new items to choose from than have them overload Character Creation with the same old gear I probably wouldn't have used anyway.
  17. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    I'd prefer Broken Destiny over SCIV, but that's just me.
  18. Leshain

    Leshain [10] Knight

    Forgot it
    Played all three, and i gotta say it's a tough call, none of them are near SCV though, obviously, but between these three, hate to say it, but CaS's first entry was the best out of three.

    Broken Destiny did good, more voice options, more face options, more options overall over SCIV, however you couldn't change body mass or size, and some things did not transfer well over to Broken Desinty, like Nightmares SCII helm, that thing was horrible.

    SCIII beats SCIV and SC:BD strictly because it had more facial options and hair style options, other then old ugly dudes and white guys, it had Asian, black, and others, was versatile unlike IV, SCIII had quite a lot of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X hairstyles as well... but then again vocal pitch or tone wasn't selectable at the time... pfft, but then again SCIII does have overall more gear then SCIV. but if were talking strictly CaS and ignoring HD Graphics vs PS2 graphics...

    My opinion is... SCIII > SCIV > Broken Destiny.

    Thankfully SCV blows them all out of the water though, because it has everything past games had and then some.
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  19. KrystalStone

    KrystalStone [03] Disciple

    Well in this CaS video I see no 1p or 2p costumes, and the content he has unlocked is sparse...does not bode well


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