Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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I wouldn’t say that. Online isn’t all that great right now, considering the terrible matchmaking, mediocre netcode and lackluster player match system.
That just means it can be more perfect Kappa

I feel online pretty good but still can improve, the research isn´t working, I ask for 3 or 4+ bars and sometimes it gives me less, and they should include the option to find people with similar rank or any rank, like in SC5.

Also, I miss Global Colosseo.


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relax dude, John. No one is arguing here, and besides, this is a general discussions lounge. If you don't like it, there's the door.


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I made a Press X to doubt meme about that tweet, but I'm the last one to have posted in the general shitposting thread, so I can't share it.


Royal Impact Style
Something has got to give. Someone disconnected before the ranked match started and the game penalized me and removed my win streak. How is that fair or cohesive?

Crash X

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I’m sorry, I just died laughing. Even with all it’s flaws SCVI is miles ahead of tekken. Gosh, even tekken 6 is miles ahead of tekken 7. I just find it hard to believe that games like sc2 were in the early 2000s and here in 2018 we get games that half of what they should be.
The practice of DLC tends to have that effect on games nowadays. #FeelsBadMan.