Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


[06] Combatant
I tried to have my cas cleavage showing in a spy robe with ivy suit I couldn't do it anymore because of taki lifting her leg in the winning pose its really ugly there, it looks like a ps2 area. Anyway I swap to cotton bandage, man I swear it could've been better and more options.
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Soul Knight

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It's not just online/network lag on the Xbox. It's OFFLINE lag just navigating through the menu/ui and longer load times playing OFFLINE matches.

Also, the music is muffled on the Xbox compared to the PS4.

they really did a bad job of optimizing this on Xbox, even though the game does look better playing on the Xbox One X.


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I'm no expert but I get the impression she's superb at applying pressure but that gameplan can fall to pieces when you GI her.
Historically she's been good at punishing things other characters cant because of 236B and 236236B. The reach and speed is good. There's usually a just frame input with those that'll stack damage. It also a very low tech crouch that goes under a lot of things. Thats what i remember from most games and i doubt this one changed any of that.

Rex Dart

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I’m sorry, I just died laughing. Even with all it’s flaws SCVI is miles ahead of tekken. Gosh, even tekken 6 is miles ahead of tekken 7. I just find it hard to believe that games like sc2 were in the early 2000s and here in 2018 we get games that half of what they should be.
As others have said, older games didn't have to devote resources to adding functional online.

They were also usually ports of arcade versions, so most of the core content (gameplay, stages, characters) was already finished.


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Do you think Sophitia is top tier? Or middle-top tier?
Sophitia is really great at making any Mid useless with 6A+B, classic i14 punish that's really effective on generic low kicks, AS K(Lethal Hit) when Duck Punishing any High, & does well in any matchup.


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I'm getting a lot of connection lost, I dont follow on Twitter or some stuff on here cause I was off for awhile. It was fine when the game first came out but now connection lost and network error, must be that Black Friday surge. I curious of the actual numbers.
Edit: Is there an actual penalty for leaving a patch. I swear I just played one and it was running smooth and just a lost connection right when I was going to win.
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