Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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Sophitia is really great at making any Mid useless with 6A+B, classic i14 punish that's really effective on generic low kicks, AS K(Lethal Hit) when Duck Punishing any High, & does well in any matchup.
Too many people are selling Sophitia short, she's very, very good in this game (like she is in all games). It's not just punishing she's good at. In SC-state she's insane when it comes to pressure (and all those break attacks just make it worse).


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MK11 hell yesss!!!

In 4 Months? I wonder how the F they handle this, 10 characters reveals each month? LOL

And no 2B news. Guess there's NEC next weekend, but what are the odds Project Soul staffers will show up?
She will probably drop with the network fix Update.


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What Namco should for SC6:

- Announce Soul Calibur World Tour.
- Remove CaS from Rank (CF. Removing/Not allowing only fully created character, not customized original SC characters), or they can include a second Rank Mode called CaS Rank or something and the other one would be Normal Rank.
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Just play rank match, the activity is lively, well for Europe that is.
Nah, ranked doesn't feel right to me. People are desperate to win and play accordingly. Casual is more relaxed and experimental. I favor that.

And I refuse to believe the release of SSBU affects the scene THIS much.