Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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Tekken 7 season 4 releases in the fall before SC6 season 2 even finishes! I’m going to go insane like Nyte at this rate!


How lovely that they give us a “spring 2020” release date for Samsho just like haohmaru.

Oh and good luck getting people to play your game through the epic game store! If samsho isn’t dead, it sure will be by the time it finally hits steam
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Two characters simultaneously releasing would also mean two customization packs simultaneously releasing with our current season pass model. It’s not reasonable to expect this to happen on any level. The most we can realistically hope for is an announcement of who the other characters are, with no trailers and no release dates. But that would also break the model they’ve used thus far, so I doubt this even too. We’ll get Haohmaru and the customization pack D, wait a month or two, then get a trailer for the elusive pink one.


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Well, given Tuesdays and Thursdays are their most common days of the week for news still if I'm not mistaken, guess we just have to look to tomorrow morning if there's any chance of him dropping this Thursday still. Otherwise, they also broke their habit of releasing characters within a week or 2 of updating the Steam files. Not exactly optimistic by this point, but I still would love for it to be this week. After all, it's been 4 months exactly as of the 26th, so if we assume for 4 months between each release which seems plausible from the looks of things, waiting any longer wouldn't really make sense.


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Honestly, we're probably not going to get news for a good while with the pandemic going on. I wouldn't be surprised to see if development on SCVI was halted not unlike Smash Ultimate.

No they are still working on development. Japan has a handle on the pandemic, in fact Tekken 7 Season 3 is dropping its last DLC content in the next 24 hours.

What they lack are their stupid World Tour events to physically announce their DLC projects at. Really though at this point who cares if the content is ready just announce it or tease it, tournament or no tournament.


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Honestly if 3rd character is ready they should just drop both him/her and Hao Maru imo. Now that would be super duper dope.

In any case i feel some news are coming soon, T7, SFV and MK11 all got their updates (maybe other FGs too but idk for sure)

In other note, super excited about next gen, obviously there will be huge leap forward in graphics but also loading, in games, and precisely fighting too should profit hugely from it.


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  • Final Round (Mar 20-22, 2020):sc2mit3:
  • The Mixup (Apr 18-19, 2020)
  • Combo Breaker (May 22-24, 2020) DLC: Pink
  • BAM12 (May 29-31, 2020)
  • CEO (Jun 26-28, 2020)
  • EVO 2020 (Jul 31 – Aug 1-2) DLC: Gray
  • VS Fighting X (Agu 21-23, 2020)
  • Rev Major
  • Finals :5:Season Three :5:

I swear if we have to wait until April 18-19 for Haohmaru then they will have gone beyond failure into a new realm of disappointment....


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I hate to say it, but the coronavirus pandemic is likely slowing down development. And sadly, Namco is going to prioritise Tekken 7 over SCVI no matter what. I wish sometimes that SoulCalibur could have a different publisher, so that it stops living in Tekken's shadow.

Though Haohmaru should've been ready back in like... February.