Soulcalibur 5 a Definite Possibility?

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With the success of some community driven fighting games, it seems that Namco has realized that they too should try to be a bit more active amongst their respective fighting game communities. Since then Katsuhiro Harada, the producer for the Tekken and Soulcalibur series has been very active in talking with his fans. A few days ago, one of our local veterans, Enkindu, discovered a short mention of Soulcalibur on Harada-san's twitter. In short, he mentioned that Namco could possibly put work into a new Soulcalibur game if the interest was high enough.

Well since then, several members of these forums have been sending tweets to Harada, asking him for the game, showing him that there is indeed an interest in a sequel. Well as of one hour ago, it seems that Harada has informally responded to my tweet in which I requested a new Soulcalibur game, and that he involve the folks here at 8WayRun. I'm not sure if Namco even knew we existed, so I felt it worth mentioning. While not making any guarantees, he did say he would talk to his staff about it... and that we should be patient. A pleasant surprise waking up from Summer Jam 4 to say the least.

Harada-san's Facebook:
Harada-san's Twitter:
Jaxel's Twitter:

Well Harada-san has responded to our enthusiasm and asked us to stop anonymously trolling him. He has instead asked that we follow him on twitter and facebook before we post any comments or tweets. It looks like he wants to see a personal face to our community. He also said he's looking for a large quantity of signatures before they would realistically put thought into another Soulcalibur game. Because of this, 8WayRun member malice has set up a Facebook petition for us all to sign.

Facebook Soulcalibur V Petition:
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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It was a pleasant surprise for me as well when I finally got to my computer. I always figured that if anything was going to be announced, it would be at TGS and not E3 like people wanted to assume, plus SC4 still sold more than Tekken, so from a business perspective, why would they pass up on making another game. So we just need to be patient and wait to see what happens.
Saw that post this morning, and I think I pooped a little.

Nice to now that SC5 is a possibility at this point. Thats progress in the right direction. Would be cool to here from that director guy some more and get him more involved in 8wayrun to see that SC5 is desperatly wanted!!

Its very uplifting news! Capcom announced they wanted to dish out more and more titles a year and Im sure Namco will do the same to give the competition in sales. It would be so retarded not to include a SC5! Sooner or later its here.
That would be awesome. Maybe the crossovers have been done to death, but I would love to see maybe a Namco vs SNK instead. A Soul Calibur 5 would make my day.

BifordusMaximus as a real playable character! *cough.
Jaxel think we could make a real effort to unify those million "SC5 idea" threads and make Katsuhiro Harada aware of them. I would hate to get SC5 and have things like SC:BD Ivy happen.

Despite a lot of casual ideas that worry me, there are a few gems of mechanics that would work extremely well in 5 and its best to expose those ideas in it's early creation.
I thought general consensus was she got nerfed retardedly. I saw all unnecessary nerfs and no buffs worth mentioning...

Either way a lot of cool ideas have been mentioned that need spotlighting.
I don't think players should have any say in how devs balance characters. Too many agendas.
Again the biggest complaint about BD from most people I spoke to was the increased damage. Amy, Talim, and Raph do less dmg overall but have some hard-hitting combos still. Wall combos can be pretty amazing. Yun has the most powerful one I found way back at 184 damage. That kind of damage is way too high for Calibur imo and I don't think anyone should be able to do that. On a basic level BD is a step in the right direction: refined SG system, hitbox/whiff fixes, nerfed bubble juggles, better step, etc.

I'm biased because my mains are overall better in BD but I expect good things for SC5, especially if we're (8WR) involved in its development.
i don't support harada's involvment in the Soul calibur franchise. i support getting a new producer to work on soul calibur.
mikosu;217812 said:
Again the biggest complaint about BD from most people I spoke to was the increased damage.

No. the biggest complaint is the fact it was released on PSP. That "game" should had been a patch LONG time back. Or an add-on expansion pack...a LONG TIME BACK. In all honesty, it was a pretty big slap in the face. IMHO.
Rekano;217862 said:
No. the biggest complaint is the fact it was released on PSP. That "game" should had been a patch LONG time back. Or an add-on expansion pack...a LONG TIME BACK. In all honesty, it was a pretty big slap in the face. IMHO.

Give this man a drink. I agree 100%. Instead of actually patching the game or releasing some sort of likeable DLC in the form of BD, they gave us Xmas suits and Maid outfits. Everything that was in BD should have been in SC4 (with exceptions of course). If they actually want to dumb the franchise even more for their money avid selves, they should let it dead.
Im just shocked, and not in any sort of good way either. I thought it was fairly common knowledge that SC4 trumped Tekken6 in sales. Now maybe there is a lot more factors that contribute to actual profits than that but i still fail to see how they can freely give Tekken so much more attention than what it deserves. I guess i should just be thankful they will consider it but honestly, SC5 should already be in its later stages of development. Now i understand why many here have said namco doesnt care about this game.
Namco gave the Tales series plenty of attention and it just ended up biting them in the ass, so this isn't exactly surprising.
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