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Discussion in 'The Rest of the World' started by Davo87, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. CPS2

    CPS2 [09] Warrior

    Hey guys, just a heads up about OHN now that it's less than a month away.

    We still need to secure a TV and PS3. I can bring arcade sticks and LG[infinite] has offered to bring a copy of the game, but we're still missing 2 big necessities.

    If you can definitely bring one or the other, please let me know as soon as possible. Basically if nobody can supply them, we'll have to share with others at OHN which could cause major complications, such as not having the characters unlocked or a schedule conflict. An alternative is to rent the TV and console, but I don't want to pay for that by myself.

    Ideally we should have our own setup for all of Saturday (6/12/08), and to make that happen I will need help from you guys.
  2. bludeblu

    bludeblu [01] Neophyte

    RUNIIIIIIIS! *fistshake*

    knockdown, run in, 66k/low throw/regular throw
    The lows were annoying, but at least psychologically I can deal with them.
  3. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    If someone can bring a simple PS3 AV to VGA adapter. That way another person can bring a LCD monitor which is carry-able via train. Unluckily I have work on Sat and no car still. CSP2, where abouts do u live? Im wondering if u and I live close bcos we have good connections. PM me.

    Ah, didnt get to play Peter or Runis tday. Tday was fun. I was able to get away with my scrubby NM in he seig matchup. Honestly, I think the only reason why I seem to be able to win was bcos of this specific matchup.
  4. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    I still think my Sieg came out on top in the match up, but not nearly as much as I'd have liked. My problem was I'd run in you'd crouch and THEN I'd try to throw you out of crouch. Once I actually started using 3B as a mix up with throw things started working out a bit better. The problem is that a lot of NM's moves have funny hitboxes and I don't know which of Sieg's moves go around those. For instance, against NS b:A most TC moves fail, but Mitsu's 6B+K into MST transition easily evades it. Sieg needs to whiff punish a lot more and his lack of a low knock down on normal hit is really detrimental to this match up. Sieg needs to play an aggressive turtle in this match up, which really isn't his style. I also can't seem to do agA on Bailey's controller, LOL. Against NM, Sieg isn't an ideal character, I'd much rather go with Cass or Mitsu in this match-up simply because they can actually punish unsafe stuff, which Sieg can't really do.

    Will say more later...

    And did Bailey elbow you in the face yet? Go my scrubby Amy...
  5. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    see peter? tira JS 88_22A is god! u just have to do it the instant i tell u to do it.

    sieg vs nightmare is kind of weird. i thought seigfried would be on top of this matchup cos his moves are much more versatile and you don't have to commit to every move u do. but just from the fact that he crouches and GSs so much that it became impossible to throw him made it annoying. once i got used to that fact is where the tables turned i think. same with u LG, ur win counts are inversely proportional to ur throw attempts.

    and yes i did elbow davo in the face, but only lightly, i mean i don't want to kill him. cos u know the only reason he is alive is because i let him.
  6. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior


    We really need to stop giving people advice WHILE they are the middle of the game, it seems to get people killed a whole lot. And definitely, NM spends a lot of time in crouch, especially TC or iFC when you fishing for WS, which makes things tricky because Sieg relies a lot on his throws because his lows are generally unimpressive in terms of damage. They're fine if you just want some frames and to chip away, but NM has things like 1[A] GS KK, which are better by far. The best low that Sieg has is one I still can't do consistently, it's his 22ka:2A, which is i18, I think, completely safe on block and gives great frames on hit. LOL. I've never seen anyone actually pull it off in combat though because the command is annoying to pull off. IF I can get it then Sieg has a great low, but it's still a work in progress.

    Davo: Your NM has improved in terms of consistency, in that you're doing most of the staple combos correctly, but you need to be on the look out for where you can grab some extra damage. For example, near the wall, if you knock them down look for the GS KK, especially after CH NSS K, because then they wall splat and the wind games can begin. Also, be careful with NSS, something I should have done, but didn't is simple stand still and wait for you in SBH, because it TC and GI's all of your options except for NSS B which SBH can jump anyway. Still, try remembering stuff after playing for ten hours straight. LOL. Also be aware of some other cool stuff:

    1. NSS A+B 66B is a viable alternative to NSS A+B 2A+B. Against almost all characters it does roughly equivalent damage if they stay down and relaunches if they tech in any direction.

    2. 33B6 BT B+K is probably the easiest and in many ways best combo. It does nice damage but more importantly drops them at your feet giving access to NM's powerful wake up game.

    3. Don't be afraid to go fishing with BT B+K... it's range and priority and stupidly great even if it is high - like a lot of NM's moves it seems to grab people out of TC.

    4. Be aware that GS KK Wall Splat GS KK is a combo... this has is important to remember when near breakable walls... I did this to Runis a couple of times... in fact I think I got GS KK Wall Splat GS KK Wall Splat to break a breakable wall GS KK for RO and that was on Cass... because the 44B tech trap whiffs on her more often than not.

    LOL. Next time I need to get some NM in against you Davo, because the easiest way to show you what I mean is to just do it. Bailey... how are you liking Mitsu? You seemed to do pretty nicely with him.
  7. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    i'm gonna try to get that 22kA:2A, i've never seen that one before. and fuck! i should've remembered base hold gi's and crouches all his NSS moves. why didn't i remember that, should have used it instead of closing in with iws AA.

    i'm getting used to mitsu's RLC A, B, and K distances. i remember not using that stance as much and focusing on his neutural stance game. but once i got used to seeing when RLC A will hit or not it got easier. also now that i know he still has his stab,STAB from MST my mist game got better as well. so yeah, just have to get used to using stances more than his usual 2KB, 66BB mixup.

    i might re-pick up nightmare and mitsu, instead of using them as my subs i'll use them as my mains... and zapp brannigan.
  8. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Bailey... I think I left my umbrella at your place. LOL. I need to remember to get it back next time.

    As for Mitsu... next time I'll show you the tricks of the trade because while he's not exactly the safest character in the game, his mix up and wake up game is incredible. He has so many moves that lead to tech catches on on the ground hits that its not even funny. I really need to practice him so more too, because I'm not using all of those things, nor am I always doing the most damaging combos. Ah well... more practice I guess. His wall game isn't half bad either, even if most of the combos are 7+ moves long. LOL. And don't worry about not remembering SBH Gi properties... it was a long day and besides, Davo stoped using NSS mix ups once I started advancing with 66KA, which I've found to be quite a decent way of moving forward, given that it covers a fair bit of ground, covers step and TC very early on.

    Also... 22ka:2A is not the move on the move list. The input for all of it must be done as fast as possible... if you do it right, you should just see a low that looks a little like his 1A but is faster and has better properties all around, he will not do a kick if you do it correctly. It's kind of a hidden move. Against NSS mix ups you can also go with 2A+B, because it's range is long and Sieg has a bit of TC while doing it. More importantly it's low and NM cannot block or retreat while in NSS. Its hit box is wide enough that it should hit him out of any NSS [A] sidestep attempt and it outranges NSS [K] and NSS b:A doesn't dodge it either. It's ugly but it can work and if you're worried you can go 2[A+B] into SBH just in case you whiff...
  9. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    yeah i saw the umbrella. u put it the most inconspicuous place. 22ka:2A looks weird as. it's just his 1a with a twitch in the beginning.
  10. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    hey guys, since you guys are the judges and organisers for ohn7 cant you unban vader? i dont see why he should be banned being available for both systems

    and you can all practice against him cause i can use him :P

    i know you probably cant but cant hurt to ask right?
  11. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    Nah, they prolly can't get it unbanned. I tried getting the buttons thing unbanned so that only A and B were limited to one bind, but G and K could be multiple - Ziggy and ultracrazy admitted this was plausible, but didn't want to "complicate the rules"
  12. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    Algol isnt banned here. http://www.ozhadou.net/ohn7/games_sc4.php

    As for the button binding being banned, it has been part of the rules since SC2. Dont see why it needs to be changed to cater for a few chars. Back in SC2 as an Ivy player I needed to bind A+K in SC2 for her throws bcos of pad. Not allowed to bind, so no CS. Same for B+G simply.
  13. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Algol is legal, but Vader and Yoda are still banned. The reasoning is probably that if you don't have access to the net or if you don't want to pay, then you won't have access to one of those characters. As for button binding... as Davo said, it's been like that for a while now. Besides Davo, back in SC2 it wasn't the binding that worried people. LOL. It was that super quiet Xbox controller. I still remember that... no noise at all when you were buffering SS and CS... or the flaming version of either. I miss those days... and NM's 2G.
  14. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    i knew algol was legal, i think that reasoning for vader is lame since he has been out for a while now and anyone who goes to a tornament usually goes to offline matchups so there is plenty of opportunity to vs him... my argument is falling on def ears but i wanted to see how far i could get with him :P cheers lg for reminding me of his low that for some reason i stopped using ages ago (forgot about it i think :P) and have put back into my vader game ^^

    i totally understand the button binding thing, tho i think a+k should be allowed as the only bind on a pad its near impossible to input that correctly while playing 100% of the time unless you move your hand position but then you need to put it back as then you cant do the other presses., which is why i brought a stick lol. dont need button binding for a stick ^^

    been learning amy :) tho my mix up game with her is terrible well maybe not terrible just my cousin plays kilik and he rapes me with him everytime i use amy (damn stick boy :P), but im beginning to get the 66:b down XD
  15. CPS2

    CPS2 [09] Warrior

    Just on the Vader/Yoda thing, I'm actually for allowing them, but we still don't know if the console we're using will have both characters available. That's pretty much the only reason I haven't discussed this further with Davo and LG.

    Help us out here guys plz! [​IMG] We need to organise a console + TV!
  16. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    Man you guys completely missed the point of my argument with binds - it wasn't that you couldn't bind A+K, it's that if you have X-Guard, Circle - Kick, Triangle-B, Square-A: then all four shoulder buttons must be set to blank as you are not allowed to map any more keys. I was trying to argue with OHN crew that K and G don't break Hilde - Which they admitted was the reason they chose the bind ruling and subsequently admitted, K and G are fine, but won't do anything about.
    Never had anything to do with binding A+B or A+K.
  17. CPS2

    CPS2 [09] Warrior

    I get the point, but am not sure if it's something you actually want to do, or if it's just something you want to be allowed to do in theory. If you can't hold the triggers the whole time with Hilde, aren't you more likely to just use an arcade stick with the standard layout? I'm guessing that most if not all people who enter would actually prefer:


    on an arcade stick.
  18. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Runis: Don't tell me you wouldn't like to be able to have multiple A's and B's because there isn't a Hilde player alive who wouldn't take that if the offer was made. As for multiple K's and G's...

    Mapping multiple buttons to G is a sensible ban in that it prevents people spamming G to get just ukemi. In the US, people have shown that it is possible to just ukemi Mitsu's 2KB with virtually 100% success by assigning the bottom three buttons to G and then sliding their fingers across all three once the 2KB hits, because unlike a lot of JF's the window doesn't close after the first input. And this isn't possible to do against just Mitsu's 2KB, with practice it can be done to any move to which just ukemi applies. May think that doesn't matter, but at the very least it gives a person with a stick and three G buttons a significant advantage over someone on pad, where sliding across multiple G buttons fast enough is virtually impossible, or someone who hasn't multiple bound.

    I'm guessing you want multiple K simple because you want to be able to hit A+K, which is almost impossible on a PS3 pad using the conventional set-up. If that's the only thing that you want, then you really are better off just using a stick anyway, and you're arguing for something you want to be able to do, rather than something you'd ever do in practice.
  19. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior


    Kilik is vicious. It's no accident that he's come out on top in several large US tournaments recently. 2A is one of a handful of lows in the game that is not only useful, but actually safe. His 2K is also very, very nice for a 2K. Then he has WS B, which combined with his lows makes for a mean WS mix up game. His 66B is also a strong mid. Then there's his throw game... the command throws have smaller break windows, do great damage and ring out. And finally... there's Ashura. It tech jumps, it tech side steps and did I mention that it also GI's non-kick mids? It also happens to be natural combo, ring out and quite damaging. The only weakness to the move is its safety and steppability, but those are things a skilled Kilik will compensate for by only doing Ashura when he anticipates it will hit. The only thing prevent Kilik from walking all over people is his woeful punishing game. Unlike Sophie he can't simply wail on you for almost a quarter of your bar every time you do something unsafe.

    But it's not like Amy hasn't got tools. Her mix up game with things like BB, 6BB, 1A, 3BA, 33B and so on is first class. Up close there really isn't anyway who can match her speed. Don't worry if it takes the whole round to chip him to death, because with Amy that's how you're going to win. It won't be like with Vader or Algol, both of whom can do large chunks of damage through combos. Instead, focusing on two things: distance and pressure. Amy's lack of range is what gets her killed but up close you can exert pressure and if you look at her frame data, most of her pokes even give her a few + frames or a few - frames... however her speed means that even if you're at slight disadvantage you can usually keep poking anyway. Don't forget that she not only has a small hit box but excellent sidestep and evasive moves as well.
  20. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    I'm arguing purely on principle, and yes I do want multiple A's and B's, I just know that I'll never get it.

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