= Teh Gatsu’s SC UNIVERSE Temple, post-quarantine edition =


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I haven’t played the game to really appreciate most of those, but they look fantastic.

Edit: Typo fix.
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Superb! May I ask how you did Barbaros' face?
@weshookhands Problem is i don't know the english names of pieces, i hope can help anyway

Face-Japanese demon mask
3d objects- long horns, metal wings, hilde's crown

Fun detail, Barbaros is not a CAS, i used Astaroth as base due him being much bigger

chinesesleeveless shirt+undersuit (the one with metal parts and a ring on the back)+new samurai (set with flames) arms
-maid headpiece for collar
-nakororu (iirc) headband on upper chest
-some earring as silver decoration on the chest
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Incredible! I bought sc6 just last week...and after saw you work i'd like learning modding too eheh.
Just one question, i saw there is a import/export program for this caws on pc. Is possible for you share a .png file importable with sc6save? thanks :)
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I wish to complete strong this collection, hopefully this special Round will be appreciated


NIGHT TERRORhttps://soulcalibur.fandom.com/wiki/Night_Terror

EZIO AUDITOREhttps://soulcalibur.fandom.com/wiki/Ezio_Auditore_da_Firenze



LLOYD IRVINGhttps://soulcalibur.fandom.com/wiki/Lloyd_Irving

ANCIENT OGREhttps://tekken.fandom.com/wiki/Ancient_Ogre

  • I know Elysium does'nt have wings ingame. Still here we are
  • Love Ezio, best guest to me... but i hated SCV costume/version choice, based mine on AC2 version
  • If you're guessing Link's hat is Nakororu headband+ rabbit ears x2
  • I already done a Spawn, is in my other thread. Don't like him much as guest though, so notion the collection
  • I switched Heiachi with Ancient Ogre, feel it's much more fitting choice for SC

@Talos79 Thanks dude but idk how to help you, i'm not much a tech guy... i just push PS4 "share" button to take screens, then shoop them together


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Going out with a boom! It's a shame to see these be the end of it, I really enjoyed your return. Hope to still see you around.

My instinctive choice for Elysium would've been Sophitia for all the obvious reasons, but man is 2B a phenomenal fit. The stickering around Link's neck is also pretty subtle and clever, really makes a huge difference compared to all those other links you see out there with the same pieces but lacking the extra texture of the shirt collar. Good stuff. Also, is that the 2B orb inside Nighterror's herlmet?


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OMG I LOOOOOVE THE OGRE ONE! 😍 One of my fav Tekken chars.... I need to steal that lol 🤩

Ezio, Link and Kratos are really dope as well 👍 Do you have a Twitter? If not, you should definitely make one and share them on there! More people need to see this greatness 😁


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I love them, it's so simple! Very smart to use 2B's style for Elysium! I didn't thought this when I was creating my Elysium CaS character! I hope that you will continue with new creations as I will do when we will finally get the two new customization item packs!
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On Elysium style:
i wanted something "special" that could counterpart effectively Inferno's style, plus Elysium have not true official style or even appearance... what we seen was just the form Elysium chosen to face Patroklos, showing itself in the shape/style of his mother

Elysium is supposed to incarnate the Soul Calibur, i thought 2B's winged weapon could have done the job if colored properly

Fun thing since also the Sophitia look was a farce at some point i considered even ignore totally SCV's Sophi as base and have my Elysium as some supernatural monster/angel being... but i did'nt wanted to alienate too much who's watching the collection. Maybe one day i will do a "True Elysium", just like SE got both Inferno and Night Terror

For now i completed the SC CaS i got, but as said before i got some different ideas on how possibly add some extra ones in future... i don't know when, but i got no holydays till 8 august, so july may see some more

The three 3D objects on Night Terror are the horn, an apple in the chest (the yellow sphere) and Voldo's mask for the tail
Inside the helmet there is the face item thief/ninja cloth mask, that way i could use 2 stickers on it: the eye and japanese devil face (upside-down)

@Kostas_Greece yeah, with new DLCs i will do some work, i think more refinement on the ones i already done than new ones

@Flow Not at the moment, i may open an instagram one kinda soon, but i will not post SC stuff there. For SC stuff i'm fine with just 8WR, even if is a basically dead forum
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hello, it's a good job. I appreciate your latest characters. Very nice your ogre, I'm missing one in my bestiary ... Continue to inspire us.
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That Ezio is amazing!!!
Great job, I hope that das not the final round... I hope a bonus stage haha
Glad you liked Ezio, is my fav of the bunch with Ogre
For now characters are over, but i'm taking some ingame pics picking the right stage/opponent... just to show how they mesh with standard cast

Btw i got some "new" CaS that i did'nt showed yet, but are not part of the SC collection, so i will post them in my old general thread to keep this one "pure" :D


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@Gatsu: Yooo these are so wonderful! Are you sure you don't wanna put them on twitter? I feel like the community is missing out :O
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Nice summary of your works ...

Thanks, more than summary the idea is show the cas thext to official cast... considering my target is to recreate Namco/SC style

There are big limitations, but so far i'm satisfied with the final result :D