~Time to Fly! v1.1~ Siegfried Combos

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[09] Warrior
This is an update and somewhat prettier looking version of the original combos thread. All credit goes to Sacharja and ICSP, as well as others who helped with the first combo list. The reason for a new list is mainly for easy maintenance and addition of new info.

Natural Combo

:A::A:- 32 Damage
Simple combo, decent speed.
:(2): or :(8)::kA::A:- 28 Damage
This is a slide input, so be quick!
:(2): or :(8)::kA::2::A:- 34 Damage
Same as above, but the second hit is low.
:(2): or :(8)::k(A):~SCH:K::K:- 46 Damage
The A hold brings you into SCH, in which you immediately press K twice. Flashy and quick.
:(2): or :(8)::k(A):~SCH:A:- 63 Damage
Both hits of the SCH A only hit when near a wall or edge.
:B::4:~:3::3::B:- 63 Damage
Quick follow up to the devastating B4.
:4::B::B:- 28 Damage
2 Head buts at close range.
WS:(B):~:B:- 36 Damage
Works without a counter hit.
:2::K::K:- 16 Damage
Two simple shin stomps. The rest only are assured if your opponent is grounded.
:A::+::K::A:- 33 Damage
Like the 22KA, but with one less damage.
:4::4::B::B:- 60 Damage
A familiar jumping attack. Good for avoiding and punishing obvious lows.
:4::4::(B):~SBH:B:- 68 Damage
Now, with Base Launcher! Good for damage and tech traps if delayed.
Running :K:(Slide)~:3::3::B:- 47 Damage
A nice combo for your running efforts.
FC:2::B::+::G:~BT:2::K:- 29 Damage
A quick follow up to Over Toss when no walls are behind you.
SBH:A::+::B:~:3::3::B:- 55 Damage
Works only if the A+B hits at a close range.
SCH:K::K:- 29 Damage
The well known 2 kicks from Chief Hold.
SCH:B:~:3::3::B:- 42 Damage
33B does the job of catching up again to finish off this combo.
:3::(B):~SCH:K::K:- 48 Damage
Ah, Sky Splitter. It will be a good friend. Here's a little combo to get you aquainted.
:(8)::(B):~SRSH:B:~:3::3::B:- 65 Damage
Sidesteps and does decent damage without counter. Use it!
:(2)::(B):~SSH:A::+::B:- 53 Damage
Good low mix up if opponent lands on time, and can cause an airspin on counter hit.
SBH:B:~:6::6::B:-76 Damage
Launcher with a follow up.
SBH:B:~:6::6::A::+::B: or :4::4::K:- 72-75 Damage
The A+B is for show, and the K is for some extra damage and ringout capabilities.
SCH:(B):~:6::6::B:- 71 Damage
A guard break plus Rook Splitter.
WS :(B):~SCH:kB: or :K::K:- 49-52 Damage
Works on side hit only. Good for ringouts and setups from base hold, should you choose to go that route.

Natural Counter Combos

:1::A::A:- 46 Damage
Double lows good for catching sidestepping a ground rolling from a distance. Tech traps to the side.
WS:A::A:- 55 Damage
Maelstrom, as it's know. A Siegfried classic for years, and sidestep killer.
:B::B:- 33 Damage
Not bad, but may leave you open at close range.
:4::K:~:1::K:- 38 Damage
Mid kick knockdown to low.
:4::K:~:2::K::K::K::K::K:- 46 Damage
This only works at very close range, and is defeated by ukemi, so use it mainly for those who stay grounded after knockdowns.
:6::6::K::A:- 47 Damage
The first hit is shakable, and the second duckable.
:(2): or :(8)::K::K:- 47 Damage
High to mid kick combo.
SSH:A::A:- 56 Damage
Like the 1AA, but stronger.
SCH:kB:- 34 Damage
Slide input from Chief Hold. Usually better in a combo, but good for stance roulette.

Stun Combos

:(1):,:(4):, or :(7)::A:~:1::1::(B):~SCH:k(B):~SBH:K:- 79 Damage
Mighty long combo, but a good one. The last hit can be interchanged with a B for tech trap reasons. With that and some extra damage options, the combo can easily reach in the 150-160 Damage range.
:(1):,:(4):, or :(7)::A:~:1::B:- 76 Damage
The attack throw is devastating. Works only on side hit.
WS:(B):~SCH:k(B):~SBH:K:- 68 Damage
Like the above larger combo, but with a different start up.
SRSH:B:~:B::4:- 59 Damage
The B4 tech traps in all directions (except right side) after the stun. The Just Frame of B4 nets you 65 damage total.
SRSH:(K):~SRSH:A::+::B:- 53 Damage
A very important Sieg combo. This needs to find a way into may combos, mixups, cancels, and stance roulettes.
SSH:(B):~SBH:K:- 63 Damage
Works only at tip range of the SSH B.

Counter Hit Combos

:3::(B):~SCH:B:- 57 Damage
Probably the most frequently used Siegfried combo, but here nonetheless.
:3::(B):~SCH:A::+::B:- 65 Damage
Sky Splitter launches higher on counter to put out the higher damage Terror Slap follow up.
:(2)::(B):~SSH:A::A:- 75 Damage
A variation on the 22B on counter, yields much higher damage.
:1::1::(B):~SCH:k(B):~SBH:K:- 66 Damage
On counter, you can start from here for this combo. All the rules apply from the original combo.
SSH:(B):~SBH:(K):- 85 Damage
Like its normal counterpart, this only works at tip range, then hold the K.
SSH:K:~:2::2::k(A):~SCH:kB:~SBH:K:- 60 Damage
A lot of slide work for disappointing damage, but good if you are comfortable with this setup.
SSH :(A):~SRSH:A::+::B:- 60 Damage
Good damage alternative to the SRSH AA. Can be left and right ukemi'd.

Shakable Stun Counter Combos

:4::(A):~SRSH:(K):~SRSH:A::+::B:- 65 Damage
Finish with that staple low combo. Good for those that shake the first stun.
:4::(A):~SRSH:B:~:6::6::B:- 71 Damage
Good moves, strong start, though the first hit is duckable.
:4::(A):~SRSH:B:~:B::4:- 72+ Damage
Does a lot more if the opponent techs. If it hits grounded, it still does good damage.
:4::A:~:3::(B):~SCH:A::+::B:- 73 Damage
Terror Slap is back. In counter launch combos, it is a must.
:6::K:~:3::(B):~SCH:A::+::B:- 75 Damage
A quick stun kick, followed by the usual launch combo.
:6::K:~:1::B:- 74 Damage
The AT makes another appearance.
SSH:K:~:6::K:~:3::(B):~SCH:A::+::B:- 70 Damage
Slightly less damage than the above counter part, but a good direction to go from the SSH K.

Wall Combos

Back to wall

FC :2::B::+::G:~:B::+::K:~BT SCH:B:~:aG::A:- 70 Damage
Standard, but it takes a little practice to hit constantly.
FC :2::B::+::G:~BT:A::+::G: or :B::+::G:- 92 Damage
Very damaging. Make sure the opponent is touching the ground before the grab.

Opponent's Back to Wall
(Note:Any move that can achieve the same wall splat is usable, 4K is just a standard example)

CH :4::K:~:1::1::(B):~SCH:k(B):~SBH:K:~:1::K:- 85 Damage
Just like the above combo, but with wall splat and kick. Tech trap rules still apply for the SBH B replacement.
CH :4::K:~:3::(B):~SCH:B:~:3::3::B:- 63 Damage
For the SCH B, wait until the opponent is near the ground for a stun.
CH :4::K:~a+k:(A):~SCH:A:- 71 Damage
Timing is strict on the a+k[A], so you may want to forgo this for the next combo
CH :4::K:~:1::B:- 72 Damage
Easy and beautiful.

CH SBH:A:~:A::+::G: or :B::+::G:- 95-115 Damage
SBH A at its finest! Requires a little distance between the opponents back and the wall.

Opponent's Left Side Against Wall

:3::A:~:3::B:~SCH:A:+::B:- 87 Damage
Staple combo with some extra damage.
:3::A:~:1::B:~W!~:2::K::K::K::K::K:-96-98 Damage
Yes, the 1B resplats. It's not 100% consistent, though there's nothing to lose by trying
:3::A:~:A::+::G: or :B::+::G:- 107 Damage
Wall grabs return!

Opponent's Right Side Against Wall

CH :3::B:~SCH:A:+::B:~W!~:3::3::B:- 90 Damage
Starting a combo with this is a bit different, but Terror Slap splats.
:8::8: or :2::2::A:~:3::B:~SCH:A:+::B:~W!~:3::3::B:- 102 Damage
Difficult because of Terror Slap's range, but very nice damage.

Tech Traps (Listed damage is combined)

Works with a rolling opponent. Usually they go to block the second low, though side ukemi instead.
SRSH:B:~:B::4:- 62 Damage
Traps all ukemis except right side.
SSH:(A):~SRSH:A::+::B:- 85 Damage
Like the normal combo, can be side ukemi'd, but forward and back ukemi eat a ton of damage
CH :1::1::(B):~SCH:k(B):~SBH:B:~:6::6::A::+::B:- 130 Damage
The big bruiser. This is as basic as it gets for this particular combo, so choose any other lead in you see fit. I list 66A+B because it is the safest option for high damage. 66B isn't as strong, but if you're feeling adventurous, go for the 44K Dropkick. It can net a little more damage (MAJOR if you land on the opponent after the kick as well) and ring out, but the timing is very strict, and it leaves you on the ground and back-turned if you hit or miss.

Mini Siegfried FAQ

This is to address any questions one may have about the FAQ or Siegfried, so if you have questions, fire away. I'll mostly be explaining abbreviations and Siegfried specifics.


SBH- Base Hold Stance- Achieved by pressing :B::+::K:. This stance has Siegfried take a stationary position with his sword in front of him at an angle. The sword has a constant guard impact effect in the state, and will deflect horizontal mid and low attacks while ducking high attacks, excluding physical hits (kicks, Nightmare's fist, etc.), and retaliate with SBH :K: attack . If done early enough, you will get the GI, but be able to choose which attack you launch from SBH.

SCH- Chief Hold Stance - This is stance in characterized by Siegfried holding his sword behind his back by pressing :2: or :8::B::+::K:. You can slowly strafe left or right in this position. If done with his back turned, the sword will have a few frames or guard impact ability (horizontals), in which you can draw in your opponent and launch them with :B:.

SSH- Side Hold Stance- By pressing :4::B::+::K:, you can go into this stance, in which Siegfried is holding his sword to the side (visible side, if you are on the 1P side). Be careful, as his other stance looks nearly the same, but is very different.

SRSH- Reverse Side Hold Stance- Go into this stance with :6: or :6::6::B::+::K:. Siegfried is now holding his sword on the opposite side that he did for SSH. This stance is known for its quick low combo, so others may see it coming if it's done on its own.

Other Abbreviations

WS- While Standing- The game lists it as "While Rising". While you are getting up from being attacked, or if an attack you use puts you in a crouching position (Ex. :6::6::B:), you can input another attack unique to your rising motion.

BT- Back Turned- Simply put, while your back is turned. Commands are unique when in this position.

CH- Counter Hit- When an attack of yours interrupts your opponent's attack or sidestep.

GI- Guard Impact- Well...This should explain itself, it's been a Soul Staple for years, but it's the act of reflecting an opponents attack, with the proper input, or a stance or move that has GI properties.

That should be the whole previous list with some extras. Let me know by Private Message if there are any corrections to be made, problems, or suggestions. Otherwise, go ahead and post any additions to list here, and I'll update ASAP. Thanks for your time!


[09] Warrior
Sieg has mad potential with wall game

with opponents back against wall:

CH 4K, 11_77 B~SCH, k~SBH, K, 1K (I`m not sure if the 1K is Guaranteed, I rather use the SBH B instead of the K because if you hit 11 and they fall with the head perfectly towards you rather than slightly off axis, the B is free and techs all sides leading to extremely stupid dmg), (Also if you do SBH K at the end, you can try for 3B which will re-launch them unless they tech left, if they tech left then you whiff the move completely, all depends on how well you opponent knows sieg)

CH 4K, 3~SBH, wait til opponent nears ground~B(Stun), 33B

CH 4K, a+k[A]/22_88 k[A]~SCH, k~SBH, K or B (******The first combo is easier to hit and does more dmg)

CH 4K, a+k[A]/ 22_88 k[A]~SCH, A

CH 4K, 1B (So far this and the first combo that ends with the K does the most dmg)

With opponents left side against wall

CH SSH K, 6A, 33B

I'm sure there may be others but I hope I have opened up possibilities for those that didnt know this and to those who already knew, lets use this to scare the hell out of the opponents


[09] Warrior
kPc just to add to your combos, you can substitute a variety of moves for CH 4K depending on what side they're on being 3A if the wall is to Sieg's right, 66KA_a:G:A if they're on sieg's left. And a note on sieg's left, if they Ukemi and the SBH B catches them (because in this case they can't tech right) you can a:G:A after SBH B and they will be wallsplatted again which leads to more wall madness and you can do another 11 for wall madness. Siegfried has a metric ton of wall potential.


[09] Warrior
I was just putting one move in to use an example

and JagA does not re-wall splat, best option is 66B


[09] Warrior

Here, I made a video (sorry for crappy quality) but the inputs are
a:G:A~W!~11~SCH k~Tech trap all sides SBH B~a:G:A~11~SCH K...

Yes i screwed up the last command, but there's proof that a:G:A can rewallsplat


[09] Warrior
alright every time I tried it I wasnt near a corner so maybe that has something to do with it but I'll test it later, thnx


[09] Warrior
Heh, if the opponent doesn't know about the tech trap or accidentally keeps holding G, the wall combo will continue to loop.

a:G:A 11 SCH k SBH B rise repeat.


[09] Warrior
Heh, you can tell I made that comment a LONG time ago. I shall remove it post hast, and add any wall combos you post.


[09] Warrior
I saw this on an NM post, FC B+G, W! Backgrab!!! It's disgusting, better than any other option aside from corner a:G:A into the next wall :P Don't bother G turning just back grab right when they start sliding down.


[09] Warrior
its not better than any other option. If your quick enough you can do FC B+G, quick turn, 11, k, K_B


[09] Warrior
You're consistently guaranteed 92 damage off of FC B+G, W!, Back throw. The G turn is inconsistent at best, at least for me, and as much as i rely on tech traps 92 damage guaranteed is a better gamble than waiting for a tech trap, I also recall saying right there that if there's another wall or ring edge BT SCH B, a:G:A is a better option for RO/ wall hits depending on the circumstances.


[09] Warrior
alright alright I didnt mean that last post as an attack. and that back throw leads to 92 dmg?


[09] Warrior
BTW zero those two combos in the CH combo section,

SSH , SBH [K], this isnt guaranteed, the opponent can tech leading to a block or even a tech that will dodge the move completely

SSH K, into the kA combo- this also isnt guaranteed since the opponent can block after the K, so far the only moves that I know of being available after SSH K is 6A and 6K, I could be wrong though, Anyone else hit that combo mention on the first post?


johNNy blaZe
SSH K, into the kA combo- this also isnt guaranteed since the opponent can block after the K, so far the only moves that I know of being available after SSH K is 6A and 6K, I could be wrong though, Anyone else hit that combo mention on the first post?

That's incorrect, do it faster.

SSH K(CH) -> a+kA stuff is a combo definitely, but it's INSANELY hard to do. His hardest combo period.

RSH B -> B:4 doesn't tech trap roll right
RSH B has many nice traps to it, they include B2A etc. Many things combo here.


[09] Warrior
I've never hit it but then again I dont really concentrate on combos that I wouldnt be able to hit all the time in tournament. I`ll take your word for it.

I thought 1AA was a trap and you could block the A in B2A.


[09] Warrior
Speaking of moves that lead into wall grabs, 3A can lead to grabs off the wall. And on a far hit SBH A can lead to both front grabs and back grabs! putting the damage from about 90-110. Just find a way to make SBH A useful :P


[09] Warrior
Whoo, finally updated...Thanks for all the help, Pyro, kPc, and nickkelz. Please let me know if there's anything else you want added or changed.
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