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Yup, i think the pauldrons and ring are a great addition, so i understand if you wanna stick with them TG.
What i miss is not extra ExEq slots, though that'd be fine, it's the raccoon tail, ya know :)


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Ok, it's time to bump my thread with my new creation... well, not exactly new, since it's been in my collection for a while. But it's still new 'cuz you haven't seen it yet. lol

So... let me introduce you to... BattleAngel. Or should i say... GuardianAngel, since BattleAngel sounds like the Alita:Battle Angel movie. And as you can see, she looks quite plain, not enough details on her design, and that's because i haven't had any creative idea yet. But i think i can improve her design in the future. But for now, let's just settle for her 'beta' version.

BattleAngel / GuardianAngel / WhateverAngel

Yeah i know, that mini robot doesn't match with her design. But hey, what can i do, i can't change its look nor color... unless i change her weapon. Anyway, let's continue...

Now, time to see this badass angel kick some butt...

"I'll fill your dark soul with LIIIIGGGHHHTTTTT!!!" *quoting Dante's line in DMC1*

Prepare to...


Step into the light, please... yes that's it, good boy...

Now, EAT THIS!!!
Most fabulous and heavenly GuardianAngel you have come up with TG :D! Don´t care that much even if you mind her as a beta version, she looks very nice already ;). Your choices of facial features, race for getting those power emitting divine looking eyes and inner light emitting body tattoos and hair really give her that angelic feeling ;). The colour theme of dominating blue, suplementing white and finishing gold work in a heavenly symphony to give that truly heavinly angelic vibe. All of his is complemented By the WISE use of ExEq to give her that obvious yet working Angel ring and unique looking shoulder boards. Use of multiple Angel wings is of course a must for her being an angel and with their colour theme of dominating white and addition of blue and yellow giving that nice touch to them. The valkyrie gear set fits her well together with her head gear ornament.

Your use of 2B style looks fabulous on her :). The choice of weapon and its colouring work hand in hand with her equipments colour theme and show well her heavenly powers. Yes, the robot hovering around is annoying considering its unfittingness to her theme, but it's a necessary evil to at least have her use the style at all. Plus you have managed to hide the robot rather well in the screenshots (which by the way look heavenly as always :) ) mostly. While VC idea of a hovering mini Angel around her would really be groundbreaking, I have to confirm that the robot indeed moves around so wildly that it would be next to impossible to Place an ExEqs so that it would cover the robot. Sure maybe for couple of motion stop pose Screenshots but for the gameplay, not so much. Some more detailed patterns on her would also do miracles to make her look even cooler.

Overall, most gorgeous work with her TG ;)! You still got it my friend :D. I´m most eager to see what we will see you come up with next :).


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Well, thx for the compliment HK :) Yeah, even though i said she's a beta, i already like her a lot. If you look at her closely... she looks similar to my QueenSuccubi, except in an angel form. And i've already made some modifications on her... like some added patterns and stickers which i think she looks even better.

Oh and i've also created a few new creations as well... 3 females and 1 male. So stay tuned :)


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You are most welcome TG ;)! I can see why you like her :). She is most gorgeous sight indeed ;). Now that you mentioned it, she does bear a striking resemblance to QueenSuccubi indeed. How about showing some screenshots of a fight between a succubi and an Angel then? Now that would look most intrigueing :). Oh I would love to see her improved version :D.

Can´t wait for your next update with such promises considering it ;).


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Ok, so as i promised, here i bring you the improved / modified BattleAngel. I added a bit more details than before, like added patterns and stickers. See if you like her better or not :)

First, let's see her cool profile picture, shall we?

Ok, now is the real show... can you spot the difference?

Oh yeah, since i'm a bit bored, i have a piece of extra story i want to share... enjoy ;)

A banter between a mom and her retarded son about an angel flying above their house...

Son : "Mom! Mom! look! i see a one-winged angel!"
Mom : "What? where?"
Son : "Up there mom! can't u see it?!"
Mom : "Whe-- Oh..."
Son : "Cool huh mom!"
Mom : "Yeah... but how the hell can she fly with only one wing?!"
Son : "Uhh mom, she's from heaven, not hell... are u blind?"
Mom : "Oh dear god..."
Son : "Again mom, she's an angel! not a god!"
Mom : "..... Son, are u high? are u--"
Son : "No mom! i'm not high! she is high! can't u see her fly high up there in the sky?"
Mom : "............."
Mom : "Yeah, whatever son... i'm just gonna leave u alone here with your beloved one-winged angel there in the sky... or better yet, i hope she come
here and give u some spanking for being a bad boy" *shuts door*
Mom : *totally hearing her son screaming and laughing on his own* "Dear god... please kill me now..."

And so... the question from his mom of the one-winged angel was never answered... The End.


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Lol btw your battle angel is very sexy. The patterns look amazing and I have to say that the hairdo and that face go well together. She does look like a divine being to give a holy spanking.


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Oh now she looks even more heavenly and gorgeous my friend :D! Your additions of patterns and stickers really did wonders to her overall look ;). Her profile picture sure looks cool, her posing in a divine light and with a blue background that fits to her colour theme and yet doesn´t just blend her in too much, thanks to her white and golden parts in the equipments. Adding Angels wings stricker to her eyes like that looks now much better and significant compared to her older facial pattern choice and brings that much needed detailing to her previously kinda bland and empty face.

The much more significant change you made to her armor is how you patterned the blue parts of her equipment, wings, head ornament and weapons with the animal shell-like pattern. This gives those parts much more depth, brilliance armor feeling and details. Recolouring and enhancing some of the golden parts of her armor, like colouring the previously white part of her armor under her breasts to that of golden improves those parts overall look and divine, angelic feeling. Recolouring of her swords, including the blue patterned part, makes them much more convincing now compared to her beta versions ones. It was interesting to note with a bit closer look how you also applied scar stickers on her unique shoulder boards azwell as to her left arms golden Ivy hand armor to give them some impression of having seen some combat and use.

Now she truly looks like a real Guardian Angel, ready to deliver heavens punishment and blessing far and wide ;). And that extra story at the end....just insane and naughty XD.

Overall marvelous work with her my friend :). Can´t wait to see with what kind of CASs you will bless us next ;).


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Your BattleAngel is really good. I love the Patterning on her armor and weapons. The way you used the Voldo masks as part of her shoulder armor is also really clever. Overall she's stunning and look's ready for battle.


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Well, thx for the compliments CZ and Wyld... i'm glad you like her. I'm pleased and my Angel is pleased too :D

As for HK, yeah you guessed all the changes right. Indeed now she looks even better than before and appears even more divine. And i love her even more now.

Ok, so as my gratitude for complimenting my Angel, i'd like to post more of her... now in action.

Siegfried : "Hello there my beautiful angel... wanna go out with me? ;)"
Angel : "Sorry, i don't date human with anger issues"
Siegfried : "Well, i promised i'll be gentle"
Angel : "No thanks. Now get out of my sight"
Siegfried : "Oh my... you look so cute~ when you get angry like that ;)"
Angel : "I said... GET THE F*** OUT!!!"
Siegfried : "KYAAAAAA" *screaming like a little girl*

After refusing Siegfried's love...
Angel : "Glory to man-- i mean angels. Glory to angels."

Well, HK... i have a special guest for you. Guess who? :)
Yup, it's my first and beloved creation... QueenSuccubi!

QueenSuccubi : "Uhh... we're in the middle of battle here... so quit playing with that stupid robot and fight me!"

Angel : "Hey! how dare you mock my robot... now i'm mad!"

Ultimate battle! A fierce battle of Angel vs Succubus... Who's gonna win?! Find out next time on Soul Calibur Z...


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Ah, the heavenly gorgeous Battle Angel, now in full action and swing :). Oh I understand completely why you are in love with her TG, can´t blame you at all ;). The short stoy about Siegfried is just outright hilarious, the ending really fits well to the screenshot below it XD.

And I´be damned, my prayers to heavens have been answered XD! To see both of them with their stunning beaty fighting one another like this is just a delight to my eyes :D. Thanks so much for seeing the effort of making this humble suggestion of mine reality ;).


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Well... it's been a while since my last post. I think it's 'bout time for my next creation to show up. This time i'll be back with a simple design with added fanservice. lol

Announcer : "Gentlemen... meet the gorgeous yet deadly dark-skin hola-hoop dancer... her name is... CAMILA!!!"
Audiences : clap clap clap clap wistle wistle wistle

Audience 1 : "Wow, look at her man... she's so freakin' hot~ I want to be her boyfriend!"
Audience 2 : "Yeah man, she's unreal... she's like an angel fall down to earth to bless us boys!"
Audience 3 : "Damn right she is!!"
Audience 4 : "No no no... you guys are wrong, she's more like... an anime girl come to life!"
Audience 5 : "Agreed man, agreed..."

Audience 1 : "OMG!!! she's looking at me!! her eyes are looking straight at me!! i think she loves me!!"
Audience 3 : "No no no... she's looking at ME!!!"
Audience 2 : "Pfftt... you guys are silly... of course she's looking at me... not you..."
Audience 5 : "Hell no, i think she's looking at--
Audience 4 : "Oh for f' sake!! will you guys shut up already!! .....she's mine!!"

Audience 1 : "Damn... dat smooth sexy legs... yummy~"
Audience 2, 3, 4 : stay silent with mouth open wide and drooling
Audience 5 : "Hmm~ i wanna tap dat booty and spread dat legs!!"

Announcer : "So boys... you wanna see how gracefully lady Camila moves that hola-hoop?"
All audiences : "F' YEEAAAAHHHH!!!"
Announcer : "then sit tight and enjoy the show!!!"

Announcer : "And... DONE!!!"

Announcer : "So... you boys like what you see? then let's give a round of applause for the beautiful Camila!!!"
Audience 4 : "F' YEAAAAA!!! Awesome!!!" clap clap clap
Audience 5 : "HELL YEAHHH!!! That's my girl!!!" wistle wistle wistle
Audience 2 : Drools
Audience 3 : Nosebleed
Audience 1 : Faint


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You really nailed this character very sexy and playful. I hope I'm not being too forward or presumptuous but she has an "exotic dancer" vibe going on that I am really digging and the pattern on her skirt is very appropriate.


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Well, let's continue where i left off... the sexy hola-hoop dancer, Camila.

You know... she's actually not human, but a... devil. Yes, she has a devil form... which i name her DevilCamila. Well, you can say she's also a succubus. Wanna know what she looks like? then here she is...

Well, what do you think about her devil form? and which one you like more? her human form or devil form? and why?

Oh wait, before that, how 'bout i show you the two Camilas battle each other...

"Begone!! evil me!!"

"I'll send you back to hell!!"

"O really?! well... i'd like to see you tryyy... weak human!"

Ok, since the battle is not ending anytime soon... let's just end it with a special finishing move, which is a final kiss...

Or should i say... a kiss of death!"


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She looks very intimidating and sexy as a devil. You did a good job hinting at her nature with out giving it away in the previous post. I also like the patterning on her clothes and the snakeskin pattern on her wings really makes her stand out. Now you need to have DevilCamilla fight your BattleAngel.
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Thx for the compliment Wyld :) What makes you think she looks intimidating? her face tattoos? her outfits? or a combination of both? or perhaps something else? ...and do you prefer her human form or devil form?

Well, i'm not making promises... but i'll try make her battle my BattleAngel in the future. Though i did have her battle with my QueenSuccubi... if you want to see it.


[07] Duelist
Thx for the compliment Wyld :) What makes you think she looks intimidating? her face tattoos? her outfits? or a combination of both? or perhaps something else? ...and do you prefer her human form or devil form?

Well, i'm not making promises... but i'll try make her battle my BattleAngel in the future. Though i did have her battle with my QueenSuccubi... if you want to see it.
I think it is a combination of all those things plus the devil wings and horns that made her intimidating. I definitely prefer her devil form more because I have a preference for demons and devils and I would definitely like to see her battle with QueenSuccubi.


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Yeah, i too have preference for demons and devils... oh, and succubus too.

Anyway, here's the battle of DevilCamila and QueenSuccubi... but they're kinda random and switching places too.

DevilCamila : "Ok... let's have some fun then!!"


"And now... "




QueenSuccubi : "Had enough? Good... now it's my turn!"

"Prepare for punishment!!"

"Hahaha!! How's that! you can't defeat me... yes, me... the queen of the devils!!"






"Yes... good... bow down to me and i will spare your life. Hahaha!!"

Just an extra shot of the sexy devils powering up...

Sorry DevilCamila, i still prefer the queen. But hey, don't be sad... we can still have some fun ourself... you and me... and the queen as well of course. That would be sooo... much fun. wink wink

Btw, i have a teaser for the next one.

Yes, it's another female and she has Sophitia style. But you can't see the her appearance yet. What do you think she look like? ;)


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Nice fight with a somewhat expected outcome. I have to say I am a bit disappointed that Camila lost, she seemed like a bit of a tease which I kind of like. As for your teaser for your next character it is kind of hard to tell with the silhouette but if I had to guess she looks like she will be knight based off of the shield.