Maxi General Q&A


johNNy blaZe
GUYS!!! I've been watching Kayane's live stream for the SC5 footage. Have lotsa Maxi stuff to report from what i've seen.

33B has better bs now. BL A escapes a lotta shit afterward.
WS B is HELLA unsafe. Use only for punishing
LI A is the shit, good stagger on block
LO BK seems to be mid mid now, because it doesn't seem like it was being ducked
AA RC A, adds good pressure. RC A by itself leaves u in neutral but gives decent bs, look like minor disadvantage

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
I thought I read somewhere that someone saw LO BK being ducked!! I cant watch the stream from work but Ill be studying the re-runs when I get home



[12] Conqueror
Even though Furzy´s Maxi sucked, it was still interesting to watch SCV Maxi-gameplay.

LO BK seems to be still high. It´s just that many french players never ducked when they saw this move.. Not even during SCIII times. very strange.


[09] Warrior
LO BK being all mid would be kinda broken anyway unless they made it negative on block and cancelable like in SC2. I'm fine with it being mid-high as long as he has other tools (and especially if 4B is safe).


johNNy blaZe
more stuff!!
Hayate's Maxi!

FC 3A to neutral is REALLY fast, i mean REALLY fast.
11B looks strong
Stance cancels look faster this time around, not too sure what to make of it
ASTA IS SCARY! His 6K is mean as fuk


[09] Warrior

Great forced movement
Great block stuns
Great stance recovery

After seeing the vids Now i can DEMAND :):)
Maxi should not have dead end moves. More options please:)
Li Bg:) Please:)
REmove SC2/SC3 BL A from SC5 and Replace it With original SC4 BL A PLEASE:) For SC5

Hope Brave Edge:) For 236 K, Mark of the beast, 236 A, RC B, Fury:)
33Ba would be nice:)

SC5 PSL2 stance shifts are not the same anymore, or else im wrong and Maxi has a new RO A stance shift into LI. meaning:
Normal: RO A neutral into BL -or - Normal: RO A neutral into BL psl1 into RC [maybe its still there]
vid2 @33:37 NewSC5: RO A psl1 into LI. Old Maxi would normally go straight into RC???
im thinkin this new RO A psl1 LI, is similar to RO A Psl2 RO style input.

@48:06 & 1:00:27


[09] Warrior
Would you please refrain from demanding DustbusterGF, the Soul Cal team demands to much respect for you to use that word :)


[09] Warrior
Saitoh do you mean there are empty commands to be filled. Or does his move list feel complete but needs adjusting. Could you find no actions for commands 236B or 3B+K.

I look forward to your report.


[09] Warrior
I'm liking Maxi so far. I don't know why, but he looks to me like if he was SC3 Maxi. His new low, 1A, seems fast enough to work with. I LOVE that they made CH 6A, RO AK combo. In SC4 that would have been useful.

I don't know why I don't see too much BL mix ups, since he now has BL BB and BL KK. Is it a bad mix up?


[08] Mercenary
I'll talk on behalf of Saitoh, since he tested most of the things with me and Maxi is my main anyway.
I'll try to be precise as possible, but remember that it's only an early build.

Horizontal Attacks

A,A [Right Cross]

Still pretty much the same as SoulIV, it's almost useless.

6A [ Right Outer]

6A, RO A,K is a NCC now. Pretty beast !

3A [Left Inner ... IIRC]

It's now his old BL A from IV. So it's a piece of crap that should never be used. Hence the fact I don't remember if it's LI or BL it leads to.


Same as before.


His old WL A from before. It's quite slow, some peoples block it on reaction.


Same as before, but the following B has disappeared for no reason. So the use is pretty limited.


Didn't care, didn't try. Sorry


Mid, track both side, safe, good frame advantage on hit.
Only down side is damage, but I like that move the way it is right now. You can 4B without being interrupted.


His old 33A, doesn't cause KND anymore. Instead, the opponent will turn around. Still high, I guess safe.


Don't remember hahaha

22_88A [Left Inner]

Seems to have some good frame advantage on block since 22A, LI A is not interruptible. We didn't try it thoroughly as we should have but I'm pretty sure it's not interruptible since nobody did succeed to do so ... EVER.
It stuns on counter and maybe neutral I'm really not sure about that. 22A, LI K, CE is a (very painful) combo. 4B,B,K works too after LI K for some pain without meter. I would say it's a pretty good stance initiator, since the range is great and people fear for the LI A.

11_77A [Behind Lower]

His old 236A. Not much to say about it. Still the same " meh " move as before.


His old 88A. Nothing on CH tho, no more combos.

Vertical Moves


Same as before. Useless.


Old 66B.
Spinning nunshaks is still weird and not so useful. Didn't try next to walls tho.


Launcher mid now. Seems unsafe.
I had an hard time connect anything after but 66B+K seems to do the trick just fine.


Same move as IV

1B [Right Outer]

His new magical mid poke. It's a mix between his old 1B and 3B. I'm not sure about the TC frames anymore tho, should have tried that ... sorry.
1B counter hit gives free RO A,K.
Furzy Wall combo : 1B(CH), RO A,K, W! 1B, RO A,K W! 4B,B,K 2K,B
You can replace 4B,B,K by his CE for an insane amount of damage.

4B [Left Outer]

Same move as IV

7_8_9B [Left Outer]

His RC B !
Pretty good move now ! 9B on block, Counter hit LO B,K works wonders. But now that I think about it, I got interrupted one or two times ... don't remember by who or with what. ... sorry again.


Very fast backfist in the face. High
This move hurts a lot ! Very good punish if you manage to duck a throw or an high move. Not so good at punishing lows since some of them recover crouch.
Super unsafe, so only for punishing purposes.

66B [Left Inner]

Let me introduce you to Maxi's new whiff punisher = 66B, LI A.
The common reactions you'll got from your opponent is :
1. " OMG RANGE???!!! "
2. " OMG DAMAGE???!!! "

You can almost whiff punish from mid screen with this bad boy, and it helps Maxi BIG TIME. Of course this move is probably -[insertnumberthat'llmakeyoucry] on block since you can be punish by almost anything in the game but ... there's a trick. His new B+K on stance will save you from a lot of punishment ! I'll talk about it later in this post.
It's pretty linear too, you will whiff if the opponent just sneeze. The move hits OTG too, it's a good way to be in LI stance on wake up game.

33_99B [Behind Lower]

Same as before. You'll be beaten on block like always, don't raise your hopes too high with BL A after that move.
33bA is gone now ... that's sad news.

22_88B_ [Right Cross]

His old 11B, but faster and shorter range. Still pretty linear.
You can hold B to charge it to a guard break, it's SUPER fast ! It's a very good move. Its linearity hurts it a bit but if you can manage, it's a very good tool in your arsenal, since RC has been buffed a little bit.


Can't remember it either ... I didn't 11x a lot hahaha

44B [Right Outer]

A new stance starter. Hits OTG and massive blockstun. It is pretty slow tho. If you manage to land it, it stuns on normal hit and you got RO B, RC A,B for free. It hurts like hell so it'll teach people to be careful.


Same move as IV


Same move as IV


Same move as IV


His old 2B+K,B from IV.


Same move as IV


Same move as IV


Didn't try.


Same move as IV


His old 44K from Soul1 (IIRC), a running spinning kick. Hits high, slight blockstun against some characters and tracks a little. It's a pretty good gap closer, even if it's high.


Same as IV
Awesome mid pock


Jumping knee kick in the face.
Huuuuge range. KND on hit, slight blockstun on some characters. Force crouch on block.
I don't know what to think about this new move. It has some good stats and a big range but it's so linear it's laughable. Like 66B, you can just sneeze and evade it.


His RO K,K_A.
Since you can't charge the second K anymore ... I found this pretty useless.


Guess what ... hahaha

Simultaneous press
A+B(~G [Left Inner IIRC])

First hit doesn't hit OTG anymore, that's BS if you ask me. The G cancel is now officially USELESS.
On block you get your sorry ass kicked as always.

6A+B (Brave Edge version : [Left Inner])

This move is just wonderful !!!! One of his best moves in his new arsenal.
It's a safe mid, TC, and it HURTS !!
The downside is that it can be side stepped pretty easily and the range is almost " SoulIV BL A like ".
The BE version is an instant Guard Break (LI B is almost not interruptible ...) that put Maxi into Left Inner, one of the (if THE) most powerful stance in V.


His old 3A+K.
Still blockable on reaction, high will still whiff at max range.


Can't be charged anymore.
Guard Burst, 4A+B ch, 66B+K hurts if you want to keep your meter. Otherwise it's a useless move.

7_8_9 A+B

His old 7_8_9B from IV.
It's faster now, and DESTROYS the guard meter. 5/6 times is all it needs to Guard Burst.
No blockstun but seems safe. If you can time it right on wake up you'll Guard Burst the **** out of your opponent every round.


Same as before.
Seems easier to do tho. Less damage and BT B+K is not guaranteed.
Easier but not as good.

2B+K [Right Outer] / 8B+K [Left Inner]

His old 2A+K/A+K.
Still doesn't evade ****, still crap, will still never be used.


Same as IV.


Hits OTG and hurts A LOT.

Right Cross
A,B (BE [Left Inner])

Take the 2 ending hits of his IV LI A,A,B and you got RC A,B.
Only this time it's safe and NC. It hurts too. It end the loop.
If you BE the B, it'll give you an instant guard break (obviously HUGE frame advantage) and shift into Left Inner.
It's pretty strong now, but I fear that people will learn to Just Guard the second hit and kick Maxi's ass. Didn't try if you can delay it tho ... my bad.

B [ Left Outer]

Same as IV minus the Guard break and doesn't hit OTG anymore, that sucks.
Doesn't know about the blockstun, sometime I can LO BK CH sometimes I get interrupted. Weird.

K, K

Same as IV, minus the " jf " :k at the end.

Behind lower

Soul3 BL A.

B,B [Left Outer]

Didn't have to try that one ... so my memories of it are kinda blurry. It's two mid, on block you're in trouble, on hit you're the BAWSS ! Saitoh Edit : BL is stronger due to BL B. BL B is the same move as in SC1, shift to LO a bit faster tho. The great thing is you can do BL B, B. 2nd hit is like SC4 RO B. Shift to LO. On block you're quite unsafe, but on hit LO BK is combo. BL B,B is a NC too, but i dont remember the advantage on hit


Same as IV.
People still duck it every time.

Left Outer

Same as IV.
A low that even my cat can duck on reaction, followed by an unsafe mid.
It's just ****, never use it. Useless waste of space.


Cool on CH otherwise it's a pathetic excuse for a move.
2K,B (old 2B+K,B) is not guaranteed anymore.
B on block you'll get murdered, do the K and people will duck and massacre you.
Best part is, when you land the K on block, you don't even have frame advantage. Mitsu can A,A before you can 2A.
Useless waste of space too if you ask me. This move is an insult, Soul2 one is needed here.


A slow low sweep. Advantage on hit, I guess unsafe on block.
Kinda useless too, even if people don't react to it now due to the fact that it's new. But give them some time and you'll find yourself never using it.

Overall, LO is the WORST stance EVER, it's just horrible, this stance should be renamed to SC as SuiCide. You should never enter in LO, you should NEVER even think about going into LO.
It's a shame because 4B is very good, you have to PSL 1 to go into RC or PSL2 to go into LI to keep doing something useful. You just waste time doing that.

Need some serious changes.

Right Outer

NC now
K can be charged as always.

B [Right Cross]

Stun on normal hit. You have free RC A,B after it.
On block it's not that great, but better than RO B from IV.


Same as IV.
The second K can not be charged anymore.
K,B is gone.
Pretty slow and RO B kills 2A pretty well (with free RC A,B after) so it's not that useful now.

Left Inner
A (BE)

A powerful back fist that'll shut people up. This move is FAST, it HURTS and it's UNSAFE !
It's mid too and that's good news. You can use it as an interrupter.
You can BE it, but I didn't see anything new. It might have a better pushback but you're still unsafe (Mitsu's A,A : the first one whiffs, the second one hits ... yup the recovery is THAT insane.).
Saitoh keeps telling me the damage are buffed in BE but I can't see it, nor can I see the point since LI K in combos is far better, since it leads to his CE or whatever you want.
A good move overall anyway.

B_[B ] [Left Inner]

You can't cancel it anymore, and that's a shame, because with the cancel, LI would be perfect.
If you charge it, it's a guard break and you go back into LI.


High, HUGE block stun. (Maxi's B clashs with Natsu's A)
Stun on normal hit, CE is free after.
An awesome move over all.

LI is definitely his best stance in V, people should and will fear it ... A LOT. If Namco brings back the cancel for LI the stance will be a flawless one.

All Stance

Wavering light is gone, now it's " just " an auto-gi.
It'll guard impact ALL MID A or B. Not sure about K but IIRC kicks can go trough.
No " re GI " bullshit this time since Maxi will back fist their ass into a stun.
2K,B is guarantee after. Didn't try CE, but if it work you'll have to buffer it and be super fast. Don't think it'll work tho, didn't try either.

Critical Edge

Super Fast, only one hit if it whiffs or on block. Unsafe.
The damage are huge, it can whiff punish almost any moves and Ring out.
If it connects with an opponent in the air, only the first punch will connect for almost no damage at all. Do that after 3B if you want a quick ring out or if you like punching people in the crotch hahaha

Conclusion and random thoughts
Maxi is far better now.
It's just an early build, and the character is far from finished, but what I saw pleased me. I really love that new Maxi, he needs a lot more attention, but I think they go in the good direction.

Unfortunately, Maxi is really hurt by three things :

First, everybody can walk back SUPER FAST. Sometimes you enter a stance with any move, and the next move you do will whiff if the opponent walks back. You'll be punished ... hard, real hard.
If you whiff, you're in stance, if they have the meter, it's free CE in your face, you can't do anything.
Why? Because they just hold 4. That's kinda unfair and if it stays that way, Maxi will suffer big time.

His new damage output is cool, he can bring the pain. But as always he have to work his way to it. Take Mitsurugi for instance, that guy just have to run and 2K/Whatever move in B you want to destroy anything in his path. You don't need anything, just keep poke and get some counter hit. Harass people's nerves with 2K all day and mix it with a painful mid and you're good.
What can you do against that? You'll work hard to get in his head, just to find out it's a table in the middle of an empty room, with a little note that says : " 2K/Whatever mid ".
It's pretty unfair for Maxi too. It's really hard to fight someone that can destroy you with 3 moves. It's even harder when you play Maxi and have to create a " stance riddle " in order to " ? " to death someone.

Just Guard.
It's gonna kill Maxi. For example if you do RC A,B:BE and the opponent JG the second one, which is pretty easy, you lose a quarter of meter, and get punished.
What kinda grinds my nerves to oblivion is the loss of cancels like LI ~G when they introduce something like the Just Guard. It's like spitting on the face of Maxi for no reason. It was the 3rd worst character in SoulIV he doesn't need any nerfs AT ALL, Namco ! Not even ONE !
If Maxi got more fake moves (Soul2 66A~G for example), and can delay some of his best moves it'll be ok. If not, you can switch to your second character and make it your main, because Maxi is not gonna leave the bottom tier area this time either.

Other than that, he has a very good offense now, his LI stance is brutal and helps a lot keeping people in fear.
6A+B:BE is an hardcore offensive move and will make people fear Maxi a lot.
If you mash a button : LI K, CE
If you duck, waiting for LI K : LI B, LI A
If you stay still and wait in fear : LI [B ] or LI K both have huge blockstun.

You can wait a little bit and shift to LO after 6A+B:BE but since LO is a BS suicide stance, it's useless.

When you're in far range Maxi can still close the gap with 66K or 33A. Or you can bait/wait a whiff and punish mid screen with 66B, LI A.
The loss of 44A,B hurts a little but it's manageable. Only thing that annoys me is that you can't get in with a mid, but I guess Maxi would become top tier and be nerfed. What is unfair is that you have an hard time getting closer, but when you're in, people can just hold 4 and flip you the bird while laughing since it's soooooooooooooooooo easy to escape.
I really hope Namco's gonna fix this.

Mid range you have 22_88A [LI] which is, for now ... need more testing, awesome.

On block :
If they mash a button : LI A aKa " stfu and make me a sandwich " Hurts a lot
If they stand still : LI K block stun or LI [B ] into LI (soooo same thing here : rewind and retry haha).

On hit : LI K into CE

You can 22_88 [B ] for a long range Guard break into RC.
If you're close enough you can RC A,B:BE into LI and see above.
If you Guard break long range RC B into Suicid...LO is viable. (You can PSL out of LO if they freeze or B+K Auto GI).

Close range :
1B into RO is the " a normal day at the office " move for Maxi.
If they freeze after a Guard Break you can 44B into a huge Blockstun and some more pressure.

You can have fun and do stuff like :

1B, RO A, [K] Guard break the opponent freeze
-> 6A+B: BE iGuard Break the opponent still freeze
-> LI [B ] Guard break
-> LI K on hit : CE / on block : Blockstun

You pretty much devastated the guard meter of your opponent, it should be glowing red by now.
If Maxi is good for one thing in V, it's wreaking havoc in people's guard meter. You can Guard Burst almost every round.

Guard Burst :
22_88B, LI K, CE
Like I said = It really HURTS
If you don't have any meter left, after LI K you can 4B,B,K or 1B,RO A,K into a wall for a huge damaging wall combo.

That's really Maxi's main strength and the reason why people will fear and try to mash buttons or Just guard or waste meter in Guard Impact.

More fake moves, more delays, some real changes in some stances (LO I'm looking at you), 3B+K low into LI (mouahaha) and other character that'll not just hold 4 to kill Maxi and you got yourself the best Maxi ever made.

Hope you'll find this post interesting, and sorry if I made some mistake here and there, english is not my natural language. :)

I'd like to remind you that it's not the final product, and all that I said may be succeptible to change in the future !
What is written in my post is about Maxi in the DEMO/Beta version of SoulCalibur V.


[09] Warrior
How unsafe is LI A? It looked like it pushed back pretty far when Maxi was mid screen, but against a wall or ring edge it looked pretty punishable.

Oh, and I think oosaka said RC A, B could be delayed to reduce the risk of JG. Also, don't know what this is worth but I saw a lot of Maxi's stuff get JG'd in the vids and he was able to score a counter hit afterward. Maybe they weren't using the right moves? Ugh, I can't wait until impressions from Devastation.

One more question: Any idea if Maxi has any advantage on block if you BE 6A+B and just go to neutral?


[08] Mercenary
I think people would be able to do their best punish after LI A, you almost FEEL that you can't move for a time after doing it. Same thing for WsB.

If it can be delayed it's awesome. I think people will need time to see if JG can make or break a character. People are not used yet to that new gameplay mechanic, so they don't do the best their character can after JG a move. We'll see about that I guess. But he definitely needs delays and fake moves anyway imo.

After BE 6A+B you have to go into LO first then you can guard.
You can't cancel LI faster. So, safe guess, you'll not have any advantage if you go to neutral.


[09] Warrior
Agreed on the cancels and fakes. I'm still not that worried about JG, but I'll see after some other people have weighed in.


[10] Knight
Hajin' pretty much said everything, but my POV on some things :

BL is stronger due to BL B,B. It might be a real mixup now. A single BL B to LO might be viable too, due to BL B, B threat.

LO is not THAT bad, a single LO B shift to RC faster than before, and the new WL is WAY better. LO K is decent.

LI is indeed very strong but LI A atm is REALLY unsafe and the stance is not g-cancelable. You have to shift to LO before going back to neutral. So stuff like BE 6A+B~LI to neutral is not viable.

New RO is very strong too. RO A [K] is VERY fast, and RO A K is a NC. 6A~RO A,K is NCC, it kills step badly. But 6A on block is still very poor.

RC is good but I think old RC B gave better frame on block. RC A, B is great 'cause delayable. RC A seems safe. RC KK still evade high.

Overall all the stances cancel way faster than in SC4, except LI of course.

The loops have changed, for example 4B PSL1 does not shift to BL but RC now. It was quite confusing.

PSL3 was not in this build, but I cant see a single good reason to get ride of it, so I guess Maxi is still a work in progress. I really missed my PSL3 after 4B or 1B etc haha

He lack a low available from standing that lead to stance like old 3B+K~RO. FC 3A,A,A to RO is VERY fast ! You can go to RO after 1 or 2 hits too, making the transition even (a little) viable on block if opponent sleep a little.

4A with no follow-up at all feel very "not done yet bro! ".

236K TC faster than before and do good damages.

Concerning Just Guard :

I'm not sure it will destroy Maxi at all. A lot of stuff you can delay or cancel. RC A,B for instance, you can do only the A if the opponent try to JG it every time and you keep the advantage. JG IS risky. You have to let the G button go for a while and that's dangerous. Stuffed a lot of JG attempt on RO A [K] with a slighty delayed [K] for example.


Maxi destroy the guard meter. Really ! If they try to JG all day and if you're smart about it, be sure they'll be soon flashing red. Guard burst give shit like 22A, LI K, Critical or meter less ch 4A+B, iWS B (so stylish damnit!) so yeah.

Not in the game atm (I may have forgotten some moves, ask away) :

SC4 RC A / SC2 66A aka Tiger Pounce
Dragon kick :'( aka SC4 LO K
SC3 2A+B / SC4 WL A
SC4 9K
SC4 66A