[North East Pennsylvania] NEPA Powers Activate!

The B Sharp

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Awesome! Whereabouts in NEPA? Most of the people that play live in the Scranton area (I live in the middle of nowhere: Tafton)

edit: nevermind, I read you profile, heh

The B Sharp

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Well, as I mentioned a few posts ago, there will be a small gathering on the 28th to give SC4 a proper sendoff and to discuss the future. There should be at least eight people attending (I expect no more than ten), most of the Calibur players from NEPA that I know.

If interested (or if any other NEPA player I haven't already invited is interested) let me know.


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I could probably make it in 4, if it's in Scranton lol. But we'll see, money is tight.

We've got a tourney going on in Buffalo on the 11th too, but I think so does Jaxel. Might be another on the last Saturday of Feb. though, so keep an eye out.

The B Sharp

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A good two hours of sc4...
Followed my a great five hours of sc5!!

It was fantastic. Anyway, for any NEPA players interested, it looks like we'll be hosting biweeklies on Wednesdays. Not sure starting when.


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Not a lot of activity on this thread lately, mainly because we communicate via the NEPA FGC Facebook page.

However, if there are still some holdouts, here are some announcements.
Every Wednesday, we get together at Full of Win Games in Clarks Summitt (320 S State St)
and the venue is hosting an event on April 21st. I posted it here http://8wayrun.com/threads/apr-21-2012-full-of-win-games-fighters-cup-1-clarks-summit-pa.12574/
Well shit. I drive through Clarks Summit every time I drive north to family in NY. Currently in a bit of a financial low, but once I get my legs back I'd be willing to drop up there once in awhile. I knew there were pockets of community in NEPA, just had no idea where. Fucking Appalachia, being all big and full of woods and shit.


[Apr 26, 2012] Local Battles - Salty Battles Weekly (Fort Lee, NJ)

If you guys want to continue having weeklies for Soulcalibur, this is probably the LAST CANCE we have for consistent weeklies, so you guys better show up! I know for a fact a lot of you people are available on Thursday nights, since you all head to Sporko's... head to Local Battles instead and show your support for Soulcalibur!


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I noticed something about you guys meeting up in clarks summit. That is less than an hour away from me, and I wanted to see if there are still meetups. I am sick of online, and just picked up sc5 recently, but I'm getting better. I also play about every fg out (mostly sc5, blazblue, and kof13). So if there is fun to be had, get at me.

The B Sharp

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Actually, yes we do. Not too many of us left, but we meet almost every Wednesday in Clarks Summit at Full of Win Games.


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Can anyone direct me too the NEPA Facebook page, im from outside Harrisburg and this seems to be the place you guys communicate. I can't seem to find it tho so a link would be greatly appreciated.