Official 8WayRun Podcast Finally Coming?

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Yeah, we've actually been wanting to do this for a long time; but with the lack of news in Soul Calibur IV, as well as the inability to get people together, things just never came together.

Well now its 2 years later, and a new Soul Calibur is coming! New information is coming out regularly and interests are peaked. The first episode of our new podcast will be recorded live over Justin.TV sometime after E3 this week.

Naturally, the topic will be the recently announced Soul Calibur V; what we can speculate, our hopes and what this really means for all of us. The planned speakers during this first episode are set to be myself, and Idlemind over Skype. The system I have put together works on Skype, so in the future we could potentially do some conference calls; hopefully with Project Soul and Namco themselves. If you have any topics and/or questions you would like answered, feel free to mention them to us.
Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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Jaxel, ya dun goofed on your proof read.

"Naturally, the topic will be, the recently announced Soul Calibur IV." Just a heads up.
Jaxel and I are soon planning to record the first 8wr podcast, focusing on:

E3 Soul Calibur V Impressions, Predictions and Reactions.

It entirely possible and very plausible that NamcoBandai is listening; so I would like to give some voice to YOU, the community (and also because I'm unecessarily long winded at times)!

So please, if there is anything you would like to hear talked about, speculated upon or just brought up- post it here!
I would like to hear speculation on what will be done with sidestep. It looks like it might be beefed up from the videos.
Ivy being confirmed, first and most importantly.
Other, less important characters being confirmed.
News on when/where new videos/pictures are coming up, though that's on the homepage.. Uhm...
Yeah. Good stuff. -Don't forget about Ivy!
Talk about how important an arcade version is for a healthy international competitive scene. Specifically how important it is for asian players such as LAU, myself and especially the Japanese. Talk about how if there's no arcade version top players are more likely to just play other games at the arcade rather than overextend themselves trying to get games on a console-only game.
Mention how important it is to have a Random Weapon Character like Charade or Olcadan.
Mention how important it is to have a method to not only increase your own gauge but to decrease the opponents gauge. Mainly to prevent storing up gauge and turtling until the perfect time.
And mention how CF's were nice in SC4... and how awesome it would be to have it back - either use your stored up gauge and risk being CF'ed or not - risk and reward. Reward those who are excessively aggressive who can prevent themselves from being CF'ed while dancing on the borderline.
Like I mentioned before, talk about whether Namco is going in the right direction with SC5. Also talk about if what we've seen so far is enough to appeal to the current fans of SC, people who are looking to get into SC, or those who are fans of a previous version of the game, mainly SC2 since there's people who loved SC2 but vehemently hate everything afterward. If not, what do you think should be added or changed about the game to appeal to the most people as possible.
You could look at the threads about specific topics and highest views/replies and talk about those topics. That's a quick and easy way to check what people are more interested in.
I'd like to see Chronicles of the Swords and/or Weapon Master mentioned. Team Battle would be nice too.
some things that should go in :

how will namco support the game ? e.g patches
this might go for the first , but how will they react upon balancing issues ?

will changes go in the direction of SC:BD ?

and such . blah blah blah .
perhaps some discussion on the feasibility of using the NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) or Project Epoch to play soul calibur on the WII U.
Someone should post an announcement on the front page now that the first episode is finally up. Just sayin'

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