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Wow, fucking unbelievable.... Probably the weakest character in the game is getting nerfed. "Oh, its a hotfix not a balance patch" - whatever you wanna call it, she will be weaker after this patch launches so its a nerf.
Im going back to Tekken 7, might come back to SC6 when/if they buff Tira - if by that time there will be any players left on PC that is.


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If by reach they don't mean tracking then it doesn't bother me.
People always try to sidewalk it rather then walk back.
But if they can just sidewalk it after the patch that going to suck :(
It's steppable but you have to do double or triple step to basically go behind them, it was similar in v, I'm assuming the ukemi trap will still be viable.


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remember when tira was the most nerfed character in SCV lol
Yes. Oh God, I can still remember that frigging grocery list of nerfs. I hope in VI we get some buffs, but so far, it's looking like they're going to be like "Quick! What should we balance?" "Uh! IDK. Nerf Tira?!" "She's not well played, so okay! Now it looks like we're listening to the players and have done something proactive."


I think Tira is designed to be played in a very specific way and once you figure that out, she is okay. Just okay, don't get me wrong...


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She plays differently in this game so idk if any experience applies, seems to me that they either had a very sophisticated idea of how to play with her or didnt know what they were doing. a bit worrying that it came to this.


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I don't think they ever know what they are doing when it comes to balancing Soul Calibur, Tira especially. They put so much effort into making Tekken great that they forget how amazing Soul Calibur rightfully should be, and that if they just put the effort into both games they would have a monopoly on fighting games.

But that being said, I believe where they went wrong with Tira is gloomy coda. It does a ridiculous amount of damage, but 70 percent of the game they have you in jolly doing barely any damage--which is unfair. They need to spread some of that coda damage across the board or they need to up the percentage of likeliness that Tira is going to switch in between her moods so that we can actually get INTO Coda. Also, I would like to see them shed a few frames off of some of her moves like A & B and increase some hit boxes, as we have next to no reach.

Losing when you've out played your opponent 10 times over because you do next to no damage in jolly and haven't gotten gloomy coda immediately is unacceptable. They really need to fix this sh*t, as it's getting old. But good thing they nerfed us first, that always makes things better. 🤣🤣🤣


Poor Tira with the no buffs, I don't get why she has the mechanic of break attack hits knocking her from Gloomy to Jolly its abit much I feel since mood management is pretty tough anyway. At least make it work both ways where break attacks hitting change her from Jolly to Gloomy lol

What do you guys think? Tira a good character in your guys eyes?


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It's their loss. I'm not buying this character so long as she sucks. Let's see what happens after the January patch. They already said they're nerfing some characters on that patch. But as of now, they're costing themselves money by making a character so blatantly bad DLC.

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It would only take a few minor changes to make her much more viable in my eyes..
6B.K into a natural combo.
3A.B into a natural combo.
Headaches removed from B+K.
Also maybe remove headaches from self damage that would've killed you and have it drain a bit of meter instead? Because as-is, you're dead anyway. You're way too open for decent people to NOT kill you.


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I don't mind the headache mechanic. It's a nice design decision. I just don't like how much jolly sucks. Low damage, slow, no evasion, and almost nightmare level of unsafe.