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Tira's A+B is good for JS 6BK combo, GS 3AA+B combos, & CE combos depending.

Bit confused as to what you mean.
You can only combo with tiras js 6bk from A+B if you get the lethal hit, and even then the Dmg isn't great and there is no chance of mood change.
It is good using that to combo for a ring out though, the wall splat from it is Meh and its hit and miss whether you can hit them with 4k from that wall splat too.
CE from LH GS or JS A+B is great I agree.

And LH GS A+B you can't hit with 3AA+B from so I imagine you mean for a MU it's good if they block GS A+B?

Even if you mean from blocked A+B id have to disagree on the moves you mentioned as a mix up, JS 6bk can be punished and you can duck under the K, but used sparingly it can be good yeah.
Unfortunately it has to be CH for the K to be guaranteed though and the whole thing can be stepped.

Like vodka said, make it combo on NH and it would be much better, would be sometimes worth the risk using it then.

Using GS 3AA+B after A+B nets you a lot of Dmg if it works but you can change back to jolly for no extra Dmg if it doesn't work, plus the last few hits can be ducked and its even unsafe if they don't duck it too.

Got to admit sometimes I've been yoloing it in such situations just because it gets you so much Dmg and scares them into not stepping a bit too but every time I use it I'm praying to soul edge I don't get punished hard for it and it hits so I'm not back to jolly for nothing, probs shouldn't use it at all tbh.

You should be able to hit confirm it easier, I can't do it all, don't know if other people can?

Same with tiras other moves, you used to be able to delay to hit confirm like JS 6ab and 3ab can anyone hit confirm them. I'm wondering if I'm too slow?
Was easier before though I know that much, can't seem to delay the 2nd hits much or at all.
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I don't mind the headache mechanic. It's a nice design decision. I just don't like how much jolly sucks. Low damage, slow, no evasion, and almost nightmare level of unsafe.

Sorry for 2nd post in a row and the length of the post again. Just catching up on what people have said.

Jolly could be better than previous games now if they would buff her main moves because currently nearly all her good stuff in jolly is - 12 or more so it can be punished, and her step kills suffer greatly from that too.

She was just as unsafe in previous games but atleast with the mix up stuff like 3ab and 6ab you could delay the follow ups and hit confirms, now it's like whatever you do with those step kills you take a risk or you just take the bit of Dmg to the opponent and your - on hit which isn't exactly great.

It's like mix up with 6a 6aa or 6ab but you can punish the 6a on its own + 6aa and 6ab are unsafe and the opponent can just gi after your 6a and you will get both options after 6a Gi'd, plus 6a on its own is high too so that's a problem sometimes.

6a and 6aa are - on hit too

So then she has mid step kills 66a+b punishable again, can stop it been punished by some characters if used at range but then it's risky to use it because of back step at that range.

66a on its own is punishable and even minus on hit too and sooner or later you can even be punished for that too because they know you probably wouldn't dare follow up with the 2nd a.

GS suffers the same with the step kills I feel but atleast the high 1s are safe, but mid step kills you have 66ak or 66a on its own, 66ak can be countered by stepping and GI.
So then you go to 66a on Its own, but even that can be punished too! Plus 66a costs a good bit of HP for using it.

Then you have wr a and jump a for jolly and gloomy that's mid but that can be punished aswell, and it's just mental.
They can have trouble punishing it at range but at that point your probably better getting closer and using aa or 2a but since they aren't mids they aren't perfect either.

The thing is other characters have mid step kills that you can't punish, tira doesn't.and she already has handicaps other characters dont too, I'm used to the usual mood changes and self Dmg, I've played her well since 4.

But now she has extra handicaps of hardly no meter gain in gloomy and getting hit by any kind of guard break, even non direct guard breaks like held RE for example she gets knocked back into jolly.

Keep the less meter gain in gloomy if it means getting rid of that crap.
Atleast you could suffer some penalties for doing it but could stay in gloomy for a bit or quite awhile if you Chose to in previous games, now you can't really, the opponent shouldn't have control over her mood besides the usual auto changes below the HP thresholds.

You should have the power of choice with her like you always have in previous games, you already have the randomness to deal with for the mood mechanics and now the less meter gain in gloomy. And to stay in gloomy you have to cut out some strong moves and combo options anyway, but you could always choose what mood you wanted before.

It's like they've made the 2 above handy caps to balance gloomy but yet i feel gloomy was better in previous games and she didn't have those extra handicaps to 'balance it'.
And if it's to balance gloomy + that's a bit weird because getting knocked to jolly from guard breaks can get her there faster.

Atm her gloomy + needs nerfing I think, but only if they get rid of the above handicaps and make her more safe imo.
Even In gloomy + you go back to jolly for using a lot of her strong SC stuff so even then nerfing it might not be justified.

Sorry for the long post again, I just like talking about this kind of stuff and I like to know what other people think, atm I've got quite a lot to say.

I know it's so much to read but if anyone has the patience please read and reply, I'm really wondering what other people think to my opinions. :)
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She sucks. They have data. They know. Question is if they care. Recent patch suggests no. If next patch in January still has no change, then you know they gave up on her completely.


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Was just messing around with Tira in training after getting the update, and I did her JS 4A in gloomy somehow. Don't know how it happened! I was doing some stuff with her new 6A+K lethal hit and she did JS 4A. Her quote was the "damn, nobody" in case anyone's wondering lol

Has anyone else done this before?


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She sucks. They have data. They know. Question is if they care. Recent patch suggests no. If next patch in January still has no change, then you know they gave up on her completely.

Right so it's not just me then, the team really has never seemed to know what they have been doing with tira it seems, even now when imo the balances in 6 seem better than what they did overall with balance changes to characters in 5. Besides tira obviously.

Unless they actually want her to be uneccesarily over handicapped all the time and then her not having good moves to justify it either.

I mean characters that were on the weak side imo like talim and taki got a good amount of buffs, but it's like they want tira to stay weak, like you said wait till January but I'm expecting dumb nerfs not buffs like in 5 tbh.


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“They want players to also enjoy using jolly, not just wanting to maintain gloomy for as long as possible.”

I hope that doesn’t translate into nerfing gloomy into obscurity...


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Some more in depth information has been released about the upcoming balance changes. It seems like it’s from the same interview as before, just with some more information. They don’t go into specifics but it seems that Tira is one of the team’s priorities. So it does seem that they may not screw her over but I’m not celebrating just yet. Here’s the link for the interview:


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I want a new LH. I want JS BF :B+K: :B: to be a LH that pops the enemy back up and toward her for a cool combo starter. If you land JS BF :B+K: as a counter-hit, and the enemy is stunned on the ground, then the second hit would be a LH. That would actually make Tira's BF :B+K: :B: a really good move. Also, I want yet ANOTHER LH to be JS :6: after running some distance :K:. The condition would be immediately after mood switch, just like JS :6::(6)::B:. Gives her LH some mix-up potential.

I may be greedy, but I just want more reliable LH for Tira.

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"...honestly there are lots of stuff about Tira known only by the development team"
Unless it's "put in NES secret code and all her moves become unblockable" do they really think that people using her for 3+ games STILL don't know what they're doing..? That's honestly kind of insulting lmao


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"...honestly there are lots of stuff about Tira known only by the development team"
Unless it's "put in NES secret code and all her moves become unblockable" do they really think that people using her for 3+ games STILL don't know what they're doing..? That's honestly kind of insulting lmao
(off topic) Honestly, that NES code sounds like it would be extremely fun.

(on topic) Most likely the team is referring to some weird coding thing...that most veteran players would likely know anyways. I can't say much for IV, but I know I spent way too much time messing around with her moveset in V to not be able to say "I THINK I know what I'm doing here Bamco".


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This old man has been labbing since sc1 on Dreamcast. I really need to know what is it us old folks are missing. Seriously... am I that old now?

I’d like a jolly coda. Every time you switch from gloomy to jolly you get soul charge on one move like nightmare does on his charge. You lose it when you go to gloomy.

Aside from that, her jolly rage not sucking so much would be nice. Maybe let it cancel to her Soul charge throw? And after three head bangs to my face I demand a personality change!
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