Soul Calibur 6: Technical Gameplay discussion


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oh Sorry everyone thinks its a non issue.

SC6 "Guard Impact are Free" no more meter management, which means new gameplay tech is "GI into CE"
This was literally also in SC5.
IN SC5 your limited and have to pay attention to resources. you needed A Meter and a Half to attempt it and have to weight overall potential damage.
In SC5 you got meter a lot quicker than you do in SC6. Especially if you were a character like Pat? He could literally spend meter like it was nothing. So I'd argue it takes about the same amount of time to get 1 bar in SC6 as it does to get 1 and a half bars in SC5. Also, it's not like you can just go around GI'ing carelessly in SC6 either. If you do that after like 3-4 whiffed GI's your guard is gonna be yellow and in danger of breaking.
IN SC4 Frame Turtling was the issue.. CF tried to fix that.
I think I can say confidently that no one knows what the fuck frame turtling is. And CF was a trash mechanic. No one wants an insta kill mechanic in a game like SC.
IF SC6 is meant to be inviting to new player, "GI into CE" is going to make them Rage drop the game at Low Lvl Play.
Newbs are going to rage and drop the game over any little thing. Should we get rid of Mitsu's annoying lows? Should we get rid of grabs because they can't break them? Should ring outs get taken out of the game? Because those are also all things that make low level people rage.
At HIghLvl play "GI into CE" is the new CE Turtling tech.
Free meter system, RE giving so much meter.
Build meter, slow everthing down, "GI into CE"
Once again, no fucking clue why you are using turtling in this context. Do you mean saving meter?
RE gives a lot of meter, yeah, but just like GI you can't just throw it out there. If you do then 1) your guard is gonna break and 2) you're probably gonna die because you're gonna get stepped and whiff punished. Hard.
I hope Namco sees it.

From what I have seen even in this vid with Kilik Gi'ing Voldo CE, "Which is Bogus" Kilik Gi'ed Before voldos started CE Vid animation.
@11:03 to 11:10. Its not even reaction, Kilik saw the future and "Just Did It"
I don't understand what you think the problem is. Why is it bogus that Kilik GI'd Voldo's CE? CE's are GI'able now. This is also contradictory. It literally goes against your original point. Aren't you arguing that GI into CE is overpowered? This is literally evidence that there is a solution to that lol and it's a reGI.
#1: Gi window will be made smaller "FACT"
I also thought the window was too big at first but evidently that's not going to change considering that it's stayed the same in all the builds. It's just something we'll have to get used to, not a big deal.
#2: Everyone is saying you can re-Gi CEs after being "GI'ed into CE."
#3: IF everyones plan is to learn very characters Vid CE timing GoodLuck.
Yes... that's how you git gud at fighting games... you learn every matchup...
So your going to Re-Gi Taki's CE, or Zasa's GI-CE, or Ivy's GI-CE . That's A Big SC6 GI Window. Its Amazing. lololol
Your going to Re-GI a Video CE.. OK...that takes SOME practice.
Since their CE’s are slower then you just block after getting GI'd??? Because they’re too slow to hit within the GI window?? Or if for some reason they are within the GI window then yes you still reGI? This is why you learn the MU. If you're fighting Taki and she GI's you and you think she's going for CE, then you just block. This is why you have to know the MU. It’s a mixup, like most things in this game.
IF SC6 is meant to be inviting to new players, "GI into CE" is going to make them Rage Drop the game at Low Lvl Play.
Everybody likes to troll noobs, but it get boring. With this "Just play an entire game with only Reverse Edge and "Gi Into CE". lololol
I don't know where you get the play an entire game with only reversal edge and GI into CE from. Because that's stupid and not true. You will die so fast if you try to do that lol
You Build Meter Sit on it waiting to GI then CE.
Okay, I'm assuming this is what you mean by frame turtling then.
"And now your opponent is expected to re-GI your vid CE as a defence too it"
re-Gi'ing CEs as a defence against it??
It's.... a mixup... because this is.... a fighting game. If you think they are going to attack or do CE after you get GI'd, then you reGI. If you think they are gonna do a break attack to kill your reGI, then you don't reGI and you just block. So yes, you are expected to guess correctly and then reGI to beat the CE option. Once again, it's a mixup.
All I see is that "Gi into CE" will always Hit. then u build meter again Rinse and Repeat
This is just wrong. You can literally reGI if someone GI's you and then does CE. So no it will not always hit. It was also probably stronger in SC5 considering that you couldn't reGI, and only JG if you knew how to, which many new players didn't. Plus that meta didn't even evolve until late game. And like I said earlier, it takes a long time to build meter in SC6 compared to in SC5.
"oh no, A Gi War"," there is no Gi back and forth if someone has CE."
It's exactly the same as a GI war. Here's an example. Voldo does BB, Kilik GIs it and then does AA, Voldo reGI's and does CE, Kilik reGI's and does BB... and so on.
The Free Meter System is BullShit.
Soul Calibur never needed it. Its for the NewKids, this generation who like Flashy Supers and want to feel special.


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"oh Sorry everyone thinks its a non issue."
Kinda done with this topic.

Keep in mind the GI window in this build its overly large. and will be cut down by at least 60%
Did you even watch Kilik.. you realize he Gi'ed air and accidently catchs voldo's CE.
You think if Voldo Gi'ed first then CE. Kilik would have time to respond to Voldo's Vid CE Animation while still at Frame disadvantage. And still have time to Re-Gi Voldo's CE.
"oh Sorry everyone thinks its a non issue."
Kinda done with this topic. but ty @Ninjaguy446 for the detailed reply.. most clowns on this forum type 2 sentences.

I kinda also want CF back.

Im I the only one who wants "Critical Finish" back.
If I have 2 meters and I GuardCrush, I should be able to CF.

The amount of work you have to do to pull that off deserves a CFShow. And it kills Frame Turtling.
2Meters&GC=CF.. So if i chose to not Soulcharge or CE, but to break your guard and win the game thats a dumb Mechanic...
How bad a player are you? If I can pull that off...lolol.
oh no people say the mechanic is dumb. Guilty Gear calls it "Instant Kill" DESTROYED.

Ok.. An "Anti-GuardCrush" Pop a Soul-Charge so you dont get GC during your SC Duration.

OMG CF in SC6 is still a bad idea...WHY?
"The Stupid Free Meter Rewarding Issue" plaguing modern fighting games. X-Factor, Rage, Spark. The whole comeback system mechanic because we have to Reward The Loser" "21st Century Gaming Mentality".

Comeback System "Free-Meter"
The whole point/premise. Is that when your losing lets reward you with a comeback because you need help.
SO DUMB. thats like saying in any MvsC games or in DBFZ everytime your character dies you get 2 free meters? WHY???

Win R#1 & R#2
R#3: Match Point opponent gets 2 Free Meters which Helps them Mount A Comeback... everything was fair; But, in R#3 opponent gets free X Factor....
If we both got meter in R#3 Fair. but you get it first because you needed the help/boost...LAUGH MY ASS OFF
R#3 Match Point if both characters got Meter this would not even be a topic.

The Free Meter System is BullShit.
Soul Calibur never needed it. Its for the NewKids, this generation who like Flashy Supers and want to feel special.

I use all the resources I built in R#1 & R#2 but in R#3 you get 2 Free Meters to Mount a Comeback.
Then have to deal with a Comebacks from Viola or A-Pat: 2A into CE. Then when I lose R#3. No Free Meter in R#4. No Resources to Defend with.

But [2 Meters & GC=CF] is a bad Idea. I luv more options in games.
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Dont really get the complaining. The game isnt even out yet, its just theory crafting at the moment. Keep in mind we haven't really seen anyone so far really punish Reversal edges and bait out Guard impacts yet, this will change when the game fully comes out


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Namco had copies of the game playable at the VSFighting tournament in Birmingham, UK this weekend. There are some matches dotted around on various channels such as the one posted above by Andyroo.

More details to follow, as it's too late to do a massive post right now, but I wanted to talk about GI.

Andyroo and I did some testing and we are pretty confident about the following...

There are 3 levels of GI as previously found.

If character A does a GI on character B:
The weakest level GI has B fall back slightly, with one arm defensively across their body.
The mid-level has B fall further back.
The strongest GI causes a fall-on-butt stun.

As previously suggested by Signia and possibly others, the level of GI is based on which attack is impacted. It has nothing to do with the timing of the GI.

Weak attacks such as a 2K, AA, or throw cause a strong GI (fall-on-butt stun). These yield a lot of advantage - not sure of the exact amount but they usually allow a launch.

Medium strength attacks such as a 3B yield medium GI. This is not enough for a launch but enough for poke damage, again depending on the pushback. I can't remember the exact advantage given, but I think it's around 14-16f (someone please correct me if this is known). Interestingly performing a GI on Vanilla Kilik's CE gives this kind of GI (we didn't test any other CEs).

Very strong attacks (short of GC attacks) yield the weakest GI, and actually give relatively little advantage - probably either 8f or 9f (Taki's 2bA could land after a weak GI, but her AA could not.)

We weren't sure exactly how each move is determined as Weak, Strong etc. I think it may just be a separate property of every attack in the game. It could also be based on how much damage the attack does, or how much blockstun it causes (though these theories don't necessarily tie in with our results for throws and CEs).

I think the reason it works this way is to make GI a more useful option, and also more interesting due to the variable dynamics. As it beats throws and lows, and has quite a large window, it covers more options and so is more likely to land than in previous games. The 3 levels of GI also make it more useful against pokes and throws. This may be another way (along with RE) to disincentivise safe pokes and throws, rewarding more varied and spectacular attack mixups (especially when finishing an opponent).

As an aside, we had previously found that the new Just Guard does not appear to affect blockstun in any obvious way.
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Yo Duncan. Are any of the ole skool cats onboard? Talon etc etc...

Ill be in London December. Hope there is a tourney or house session happening.


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Are there just frames in any of the move sets so far or is that not a thing anymore? I have not noticed it in any of the game play I've seen.


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Are there just frames in any of the move sets so far or is that not a thing anymore? I have not noticed it in any of the game play I've seen.
If you watch nightmare sometimes when he lands his NSS b:A definately has a white JF spark


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Unless it has changed in recent builds, Post-GI CE is heavily scaled. Compare the damage from the post GI CE at 2:58 to the CE done at 9:10.

So earlier I pointed out that it looks like Post-GI CE is heavily scaled, but after watching Aris' new video, it seems like maybe all no-response post-GI damage is scaled. Compare the damage at 4:28 to 4:37.



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Yep.. Like I said down scaling damage to 50%-60% is the only why to control Gi into CE.. [Tech]

Guess Aris didn't know RE builds meter best.

Hopefully Namco put in [2 Meters & GC=CF] Options


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I didn't like the cutscene supers in sc5 that much. It didn't kill the game for me, but it didn't feel right for a SC game. Same is true for 6, but that much more so. I can get over it, but like aris said it's a tough pill to swallow.

The game looks great regardless of that.


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worry some issues are using RE to slow down aggressive players as well as Soul Charge burst.
Slowing down the game and knock-backs, make Poke players happy... sieg, night, Ivy have more keep out tool options. "Cerv will be the worst"
Tedious to play against... Hope "236 B" jumps through Soul Charge Burst. :) Keep people trapped wall/ringout with SCB.

CE take about 45% of life bar. 2 CEs = 90%. Does a SoulCharge CE do more damage??
Hopefully Namco puts in [2 Meters & GC=CF] Options "Destroy"
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I didn't like the cutscene supers in sc5 that much. It didn't kill the game for me, but it didn't feel right for a SC game. Same is true for 6, but that much more so. I can get over it, but like aris said it's a tough pill to swallow.

The game looks great regardless of that.
He specifically said it isn't a tough pill to swallow lol. He said unlike III/IV/V, there is nothing significantly hindering his experience at the moment.


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Evolution is a good thing. This game and all of it's mechanics are like a love letter in comparison to SC5. Cutscene supers are the new normal, I think it's great for folks initiating them to get some time to think. Those on the receiving end are in a bad spot regardless. I wish dust would stop asking for CF to return. Go for ring outs if you want an instant kill. With the amount of damage and special abilities at everyone's disposal, free meter at match point is a boon. There's so much to take into account but it's so awesome. I like the overall idea of RE and I wanna see it's role in the meta. Haven't seen it be super useful except for parrying bad pressure and when it was done by Kayane's Xianghua.


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It's interesting that some want Soul Charge to last longer. It stops time for about 10 seconds, which if both players popped it twice and everyone survived, that could be 40 extra seconds in a match! I think, in general, the idea of a limited amount of time forces people to use it in smarter ways instead of just randomly in neutral, and it better balances it for those that have a different amount of reliance on that state. The more time in SC, the more time a match can stalemate.


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Only valid reason CF shouldn't be in is the Free meter system... other than that, any other complaints just means your offence sucks or your defence is horrible...
If you can pull off [2 Meters & GC=CF] its classifies you as a different Level Player.
At High Level it wont really be possible to pull off.
Even if its not a CF, Being able to GC and Burn 2Meter for higher CE damage is a good idea.
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