Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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I expected Guest would be the last DLC character, and didn't as well expected the first DLC character to be reveal that early, but seems quite not. Wonder if that means they aren't too satisfied with the actual sales and used 2B earlier for a Sales push?
Guest first was what I thought they would do, though, generate the most hype closer to release. It makes sense.


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I'm honestly not mad at 2B at all, i like her and love Nier (without being a super hardcore fan)

- Are there more interesting Guest characters to put over her? Hell yes definitely and a bunch
- Would i prefer a SC character over? Hell fucking yes is that even a question?
- Is she's an ugly guest? No not at all she's OK and not too bad guest.


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Listing the weapons separately on that screen makes it sound like it'll be a CaS style too like Geralt's, which would be great. Having a Kaine costume, Emil's head (+ more) as CaS parts, and a new stage and bgm is pretty much everything I wanted from a potential Nier crossover.

That's the ideal way to do guest character dlc imo, so even if you don't know the character there's still a bunch of stuff to enjoy and play around with in the game.


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I'm indifferent to 2B's inclusion, but I'm happy to see we'll be getting her CaS parts and a new stage! I really hope her place on the roster doesn't block Cassandra or Setsuka, though.
It probably does, considering the female character fit the female silhouette and we have two male silhouettes left. Plus, Tira is technically part of the pass and they wouldn't want too many girls, right?


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So Half of the DLC characters revealed already a week after the launch of the game? That season pass cycle will end too fast i feel lol


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Even if it kills the chances to get another feminine character in the pass ? :-(

Ok glad for 2B fans but i would still have prefered Lizardman or Dampierre over that.
By that logic, Tira killed the chances for another female character.