Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

Rex Dart

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That’s assuming you can call barely anything in this content “new.”
Did anyone see what was in the last CAS pack and think "I'm sure they put all their recycled content in the first pack just to get it out of the way. The next one is guaranteed to have all new content!"

If so,

(Personally I'm happy with the music and the extra default colors.)

Soul Knight

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nor do i but i’d start if it meant i’d enjoy these cas parts
actually, I think that CAS outfit, especially the mask, reminds me of Raven's New 52 design from DC comics.

I've been looking to create a Raven inspired, dark female knight CAS, so maybe that's why I look at that CAS outfit and think I could use some stuff.

of course, in reality, when I try to mix and match stuff from that outfit, I'm sure I'll run into incompatibility issues as always..........


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so does anyone know what pieces we are still missing from from the PS3/360 era games?

Also, at least on steam there is a minor glitch where Night Terror's battle music from SCIII is drowned out by the SCVI museum theme when you play it in the museum music selector


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... now only one remains...


it feels like we’re missing at least 60% tbh
shitttttt I was hoping we would be closer by now. Hardly many options for old 2P outfits. I could barely even string together Nightmare's SC4 2P because the skin is now a generic malfested.


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I agree. I would've preferred they port over more CaS content from SCIV and SCV before adding anything new. Then we could at least say the addition of "races" made it a strict upgrade from past games. As it stands, there is a hodgepodge of armor from still-incomplete sets littering a mode of otherwise lacking options.