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Of course I wasn't being serious lol. I am indeed tired of this game, but I don't really bitch about it like some people do. I just found it amusing to exploit a loophole with the 'only positivity allowed' rule. I don't blame you, but I can't relate and I consider optimism as foolishness.

I was always the second highest (now third) while an Asian player is first. I like the gameplay and used to play often, but I can't say that I like the game as a whole. I'm not going to pretend that it isn't mediocre.
I definitely understand why you and several others are put off by the game rn (myself included in a way). While those things you listed are definitely problematic, don’t forget about the lackluster buffering and the inconsistencies with the game’s hitboxes.


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Anyone getting tired of reading posts by people complaining about the lack of Cassandra announcement?

Well, then you're in luck because here's a video where you can listen to people complaining about the lack of Cassandra announcement!

But do you prefer to read instead? Well, here's a quick summary:
  • Namco has confirmed that the next patch will have the next DLC character (unless it was a poor translation).
  • Character creation contest ends on the 21st and its prize (name in credits) would require a small amount of work in a patch.
  • There is an SC6 tournament in Tokyo on the 21st of July, and EVO finals will happen on 4th of August.
  • So I'm feeling pretty confident Cass will get announced on one of those two dates, and her release date will be last week of July or early August.
That's a nice piece of art you had commissioned, would you mind uploading it here for the rest of us? Cassandra looks good and it's hilarious seeing your avatar shooting water at her shield, lol.


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I do wish the licenses were as detailed as SCV. It was really nice to get an idea of someone's style based on things such as their use of defensive mechanics.

SCVI doesn't show losses, but you can get a ROUGH idea in ranked by how their ranked points stack up to their wins. Obviously this works best if they mostly play one character, but two people can have 30k points, but one has more wins (and thus, probably, more loses.)


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Yea but Cassandra is basically confirmed. We don’t know much if there’s even gonna be a S2
Right, but I’m saying, if we’re going to get Hwang, he’d be in season two, and if we’re going to get Hilde, she’d be in season three or SoulCalibur VII. So as brutal as the wait is for Cassandra fans, it’s far worse for the bottom six or eight or nine or ten or twelve...

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02-04 - EVO
20-24 - Gamescom
11-15 - TGS
30 - 03/11 - Paris Game Week
I forgot TGS is in September. I really hope that doesn't mean that Cassandra is due for announcement at EVO as Sytus/Sectus (or was it SSFox and Sectus?) have predicted, and S2 at TGS. No offense intended to either prognosticator there: I just don't want to wait that long for either reveal and I'd additionally have to eat my words, since I've said repeatedly that I don't think Namco would possibly wait that long between releases. But at this point, they are already at that threshold.
If that was the first character of the theoretical Season 2.. it would be great.
She's got to be a candidate. After Cassandra, she is arguably the most popular character remaining from those games whose narratives have donated characters to SCVI so far (SE-SCIII), and her style is very unique (absent the presence Alpha Pat). On the other hand, season 1 was all female, so they may not want to lead a new season with another. And if season 2 is going to introduce both Hwang and Yun-seong, as many of us think it will, they may want to book-end the season with them, Hwang coming first in S2 and Yun-seong (the youngest SE-SCIII character yet to appear) coming last.
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I really thing that voices in VS screen are kind iconic and super important part of the Soul Calibur serie, this is like Fatality for Mortal Kombat, Chocobos for FF or Cardboard Box for MGS. So (again) season 2 in planned this need to come back like for real, i mean c'mooooooooon PS.
I mean, I like the feature, it's something I wouldn't mind seeing the return of, and it's even arguably one of those numerous little omissions where I don't understand why they would have axed it to begin with (other than to observe that this game was a clearly a rushed job all around, with some elements produced by outside developers). But at the end of the day I don't think it would make the cut for Top 100 topics most worth addressing; if I had Okubo's ear for a whole un-interrupted hour, I doubt it would even occur to me to bring this up--and even if it did, there's a good chance I'd not even want to spare the thirty seconds to raise the matter. I just wouldn't classify it myself as something that "needs to come back". But of course, mileage will vary; I'm sure some of the features I want to see return might be considered trivial by some.


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I really thing that voices in VS screen are kind iconic and super important part of the Soul Calibur serie, this is like Fatality for Mortal Kombat, Chocobos for FF or Cardboard Box for MGS. So (again) season 2 in planned this need to come back like for real, i mean c'mooooooooon PS.
You mean like
"Mitsurugi VS Sophitia!" By the announcer?
Or the characters making a comment in VS to each other?
If so I pretty much agree, I really liked that in the past.

In general, I'd really like a makeover for the character select etc on Season 2. I'm not a fan of the current arrangement of the slots and also (though quite a personal feeling) would like different vibe going on for Season 2.
They definitely wouldn't do this, but I'd drool over a remade SC2 character select or something more active like SC1/2/3 in the background.
I was a little sad since SC4 they toned it down with the character select background even somewhat a thing in SC5 with a camera just floating about a room though I guess that's more a case of not being very fun to stare at.

I'd like something a little less static in the future that's for sure.