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Haohmaru being released in March makes a certain amount of sense, considering that he's the second one. This would put the first character release likely in late November or early December.
I'd be gobsmacked to see a character release in November, though it would be nice to see some sort of release then, even if its just a slightly plumper than usual patch with the first of the gameplay tweaks, some balancing, a few CaS items, and various content minutia. Biggest thing I can imagine seeing them surprise us with in November is maybe a decent sized drop of the new moves. I suppose a new stage is a remote possibility, although probably no more likely than a character by that point--though I wouldn't be shocked to see a few of the existing stage variants.

But for a major content release (new character, new stage, roll-out of a major game new gameplay feature), I'd expect January at the earliest, if I am honest. I'm happy for to be wrong and for things to proceed more quickly, but realistically I think we are getting the vast majority of season 2's content and the gameplay upgrades in 2019. In any event, I agree Haohmaru could easily be a spring release, though I would expect that the cherry blossom visual aspect is a bit of fortuitous timing rather than something the devs were strictly speaking planning for all along.
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Can we make it to 2000 before the first DLC drop? Quick someone say something controversial!
Most, if not all, of Grøh's most criticized character design points are also applicable to Ivy and Tira, and yet the everyone still loves the latter two. I can't quite put my tiddy on why...

I mean finger.

Can't quite put my finger on why.

brb running and hiding for cover


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Speaking of controversial stuff I got a @Crash X exclusive image Kappa
If yutotto lose the World Invitation you will be exposed.
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