Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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Ok gotta admit he looks cooler than i though he would, i like the fact that he drinks in the fight (even much nicer if it well affect the gameplay, i may even consider main him if it's the case) and his Japanese voice is cool.

Creations part tho wtf, didn't knew boxing gloves were a thing in the Medieval Era, been a while Bamco didn't drop at me something as nonsensical as this.

Jap trailer:
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So, shitty modern equipment aside, are those Ivy's earrings from SC5?


EDIT: And the tattoos on the kittymeow head are from Setsuka's SC4 costume!
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FINALLY! (Better not be an early April Fools joke). Namco's signature of releasing DLC content on the last day of the month. Haohmaru's looking good here. There's even his "Yeah" punch haha. But, yeah, er, what the hell was Namco drinkin' when they decided to add boxing gloves? There's already enough options for dumb-looking CaS haha. Something good next time please.


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Any word on if his style is CASable? Or if he himself can be edited?
Well, his weapon is editable so he's at least as customizable as Geralt.

Considering how different his model's built is compared to other characters and also the fact that the clothes included with him is not even for him (unlike 2B), I found it pretty unlikely for him to be CASable. Here's hoping his style will at least be usable for CAS though.